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Plasma cosmology gains a life-critical significance

With this consideration we face the point where the academic significance of plasma cosmology gains a life-critical significance in the real world, because, if the academic recognition is not sufficiently achieved to impel the relocation of most nations of the world into the tropics, together with new forms of agriculture and new cities, and this before the phase shift begins, then very few people living today, including their children, will have a chance to remain alive. The entire world becomes radically altered when the Sun becomes a red star and joins the rank of the roughly 300 billion red stars in the galaxy, most of which are red dwarfs that might have been once brightly shining active stars. 

The large volume of the presently inactive stars in the 4,000 degrees range in surface temperature, in the field of our galaxy, is not really surprising if one considers that our galaxy is presently at its weakest state in over 400 million years. 


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