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Any size of star can be formed with plasma concentrations

In the plasma universe, any size of star can be formed with plasma concentrations, and have evidently been formed as we see it in the case of UY Scuti. The star is 1700 times as large in diameter than the Sun, which makes it 5 billion times larger in volume, while its mass is believed to be barely 10 times larger than that of the Sun. As one researcher has put it, the mass of this giant star is so thin that it is almost a vacuum.

It is hard to imagine, even in mainstream cosmology, that a star with this extremely low mass density would be able to exist as a hydrogen star powered by nuclear fusion that is caused by gas-compression. Only a miracle could cause that to happen, and to cause the resulting fusion to make the resulting star 340,000 times as luminous as our Sun presently is, with only a 10 times greater mass.


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