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The white-dwarf star stage

The white-dwarf star stage might have been reached in some places. Some areas in our galaxy have quite a few of them. Our Sun might have been a disconnected white dwarf once around 700 million years ago, when, as it has been theorized, the Earth froze up completely, and had remained a snowball for a few tens of millions of years. That's just a theory.

 Examples of white-dwarf stars are encircled in this image. At the star's dead stage, the pinprick of light appears to be caused by a type of synchrotron radiation that emits light under conditions of extreme plasma pressure, without any atomic elements being involved for the emission of light.

In mainstream cosmology, the white-dwarf star is regarded to be a burnt-out star past the helium stage that has lost thereby its ability to main its nuclear fusion process within. It is believed that electron degeneracy then allows its atomic material to condense, and with it its remaining thermal energy. It is believed that a white dwarf is as dense as if all the mass of the Sun was packed into the sphere of the Earth, which then would glow brightly until it would cool into oblivion. Of course, the electron-degeneracy theory is just a theory that like an epicycle is needed to uphold the hydrogen-Sun theory in the first place, which has become a doctrine in modern time that stands like a giant in denial of the plasma cosmology concept that is actually supported by a large body of evidence.

Another form of white-dwarf star is also possible in plasma cosmology, in a different manner, which may be what is actually being observed. The mysterious white-dwarf star might simply be a brown-dwarf star that exists in a region of high-density interstellar plasma, in which it becomes an active star. This possibility is the most likely one that we see evident here.


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