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We will see the photosphere simply go dimmer

When our Sun goes inactive, its operating photosphere will likely become transformed to a lower intensity state, rather than vanish as the innermost primer fields collapse that focus high-density plasma onto the Sun.

Most likely we will see the photosphere simply go dimmer, and the space around the Sun become fuzzier, as the solar winds won't sweep the synthesized atomic elements away as efficiently as they do now. Some form of solar wind will likely continue after the photosphere transforms itself. 

Should the photosphere vanish completely, the previously synthesized atomic elements would no longer flow away with the solar wind, but would fall back onto the Sun by gravitational attraction. When the attracted elements fall deep into a Sun, a point will be reached when the increasing gravitational pressure will crush the atomic structures of the attracted elements. In the resulting nuclear fission process the previously invested binding energy would become released. The released energy would create a luminous fuzzy shell within the original plasma sphere. Both potentials are possible, though at the present stage the nuclear-fission potential is extremely unlikely, 


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