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It is possible for seven billion people to live

It is possible for seven billion people to live under such harsh conditions, and live richly. But this is not possible on the natural platform that can support but a few. It is only possible on a artificially created, energy intensive, high technology platforms operating in the tropics, interwoven to some degree with large extent indoor agriculture in artificial environments and lighting. These infrastructures can be easily created in automated, high-temperature, industrial processes, together with thousands of new cities and new industries, most of them becoming located afloat across the equatorial seas. In the course of the implementation, a completely new high-temperature industrial revolution would unfold, with basalt as the feed stock. It would revolutionise economics, and with free high quality housing and public facilities, it would revolutionize culture in every respect. We could create the brightest renaissance under an inactive Sun. Anything less would be insufficient. But will we raise ourselves up to that level and become human beings in the highest sense that our humanity enables? Will we grasp the only option we have and live? I think we will, and we will do it before our Sun joins the rank of the 300 billion inactive stars in the galaxy.


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