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The coming Ice Age with an inactive Sun is real

"Are you saying that the Sun going inactive for the next Ice Age is not just a theoretical possibility, but is going to happen with the same certainty with which the slave boy in the Meno Dialog knew that he had doubled the square," the girl might interject. "Is this what you meant when you said that I should be afraid for my life? Did you mean this as a consequence of the Sun going inactive?"

Kepler would nod. "What we can see as the expression of universal principles is real. The coming Ice Age with an inactive Sun is real. The harsh consequences that result take astrophysics out of the academic domain and into the real world. Yes my dear, you should be afraid of loosing your life, because you will starve to death with absolute certainty if the infrastructures are not built for continuing agriculture under an inactive Sun. We are on the path already. The great phase shift to the next Ice Age is already in its pre-stage. We are moving towards it. It will happen as a sudden event, possibly in the 2050s. There are resonance cycles happening in all the big plasma streams, like the resonance cycles of your swing set. We can see their effect. When the big cycles come together at their minimal points and interact, big effects happen. The timing is predictable, and the consequences are predictable too. The plasma Sun is loosing steam. NASA's Ulysses spacecraft saw the beginning of it. The plasma density is fading fast. In its inactive state the Sun will diminish and become a red star, as the inactive stars are called. In its inactive state the Sun won't support agriculture as it is known today, even in areas that are not covered in ice" 


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