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Ice Age Start-Up Phase I, 45% Complete (part 2)

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The intercontinental bridges will then also serve as global development backbones for floating agriculture and floating cities along the way. All of this is totally possible. The materials exist. The technologies exist. Even the energy resources exist in abundance.

These types of development projects will become the horses of the future, and they will fly.

The great projects will all be built, and many others like them, not because the Ice Age Start-Up forces us to build them. The option still exist for us to lay ourselves down to die when the Ice Age resumes, as all human species have done in the past.

Instead, I think we will built these infrastructures, and many like them, including 6000 new cities for a million people each, because it is amazingly exciting to recognize that we have developed ourselves as human beings to the point that we have the power on hand to do all of these things, and to do them with ease, and with joy for one-another in honor of the greatest treasure we have, which is the humanity that we all share.

Of course, we will also create ourselves a new renaissance on this path, a renaissance of abundance that will serve us secondarily also as a means for meeting the Ice Age Challenge, as we have no choice but to be ready for it when it happens.

Oh yes, the Ice Age will happen, and will happen soon. The first phase of the startup is already 45% complete. We can't get away from that. But we can move with it, and with a faster pace than that of the solar collapse.

We can escape from the areas that the ice will claim, that become ice deserts almost instantly when the third phase of the Ice Age Startup unfolds. We can escape from it in time, moved by the knowledge that we now have.

We didn't have this knowledge at the time of the Little Ice Age. If the Full Ice Age had begun at this time, we wouldn't exist today. We had not the faintest idea in the 1600s how fragile our world had been then, and how devastating the Full Ice Age becomes. We had lived in a climate dream state then.

What we had thought to have been big climat changes in the past, which were large enough to affect the course of civilization, do all pale into insignificance in comparison with the Full ice Age conditions to come. What we face is so immense, according to the ice core records, that the known facts almost defy our imagination, while they are very real according to exact scientific measurements obtained from the ice core samples.

In fact, we had no comprehension of what we are really facing until the 2000s, when the numerous, large ice coring projects were completed in Antarctica and in Greenland, and the measurements of Ulysses revealed features of the Sun that weren't even imagined before.

** Reality Unlocked by Science

Most people see Antarctica and Greenland as relics of a distant past, instead of sentinels of a near future. The great ice desert of Antarctica, thus stands more as a proxy for conditions that we need to respond to, which are even now still not fully understood, though far better than they ever had been understood in the past.

Much of the continent of Antarctica is presently covered with an ice sheet that is more than 10,000 feet thick - a blanket of eternal ice, covered in snow, eternal as it seems.

As strange as it may seem, this perception is incorrect.

Antarctica hadn't always been an ice desert.

For most its existence, until 35 million years ago, Antarctica was ice-free. That's when the Earth was warmer. The topography of Antarctica at the time, may have been similar to what is shown here.

Antarctica began to freeze over 35 million years ago when the Earth began to cool. A while later it thawed out again, as the Earth warmed up for a season. It remained ice-free for roughly another 10 million years, till it froze up again 15 million years ago. It remained frozen from then on as the Earth continued to cool.

The Earth is presently at the coldest state it had been at in 440 million years, and it is still getting colder on the larger scene of long-term climate history.

During the modern deep cold epoch, termed the Pleistocene Epoch, that began 2 million years ago, the great glaciation conditions on the Earth extend a long way from the polar regions into the subtropics, with permafrost conditions reaching all the way south into the regions of today's Beijing, Madrid, Washington DC, and possibly Los Angeles.

The reason why these areas are presently ice-free, is due to the grand anomalies, termed the interglacial warm periods, with which the Pleistocene deep freeze gets interrupted periodically, like with a holiday of wonderfully warm climates, such as one we presently enjoy, which is ending.

The warm holiday periods typically last 12,500 years. The current one has lasted 12,800 years. With its ending, history may end, should we fail to respond to the challenge. The entire history of civilization has unfolded during the last 12,800 years of the current warm period that has enabled agriculture to be developed, and humanity to become an enormously advanced productive and creative people.

Our history developed in this brief span of the current warm period, so it seems. It is as if no prior history exists. Now, as we face the end of our warm period in which our history unfolded, what we call our history may end, and with is much of humanity will perish when it enters the coming Ice Age unprepared. Our existence presently depends on the large-scale agriculture that the current warm period enables, which, in an Ice Age world, will largely cease.

We face a choice therefore. We can choose to lay ourselves down to die with the fading of the current warm epoch, termed the Holocene Epoch, by doing nothing to secure the future.

Inversely, we can also choose to build the infrastructures that enable us to continue to exist under Ice Age conditions when the livable zone on the Earth shrinks to the narrow belt of the tropical zone, as the Earth as a whole becomes radically colder. Thus, the question needs to be asked, how much time do we have left to prepare ourselves for what we know is to come, and how harsh will the conditions be?

Ironically, until just recently, we had extremely little scientific data available to answer these questions. For this lack, exotic ice age theories had been created. Even the greatest explorers were severely hampered by this lack of decisive physical evidence.

As I said before, the long standing scientific uncertainty began to fade when the North Greenland Ice Core Project reached bedrock in 2003.

This 5-years drilling project on the Greenland ice sheet had confirmed that the previously discovered large climate fluctuations in ice from the last glacial period, which had been discovered at an earlier drilling site hundreds of kilometers distant, were not anomalies, but were totally real. Our perception of the world began to change from this point on. We began to see with new eyes. A basis for a new perception became established.

The enormously large fluctuations take us from deep glacial conditions to near interglacial conditions in extremely short periods, measured in decades.

Exotic theories have been invented to rationalize the phenomenon without scientists opening their eyes to consider the Sun being the cause for them, which, in mainstream science is still regarded as an invariable constant, contrary to all available evidence gleamed in great discoveries. Naturally, the effects that have been discovered are far too enormous for anything but the Sun to have caused them. Nevertheless people have their opinions and like to cling to them. Thus the new stage of reality, that numerous measurements of the Sun have literally forced on us, still remain largely rejected in the box of consensus mediocrity.

The Ulysses space mission, too, stands at the fore-front of the new stage. It demonstrates the Sun to be a plasma sun, emitting solar winds with rapidly changing intensity. It demonstrates the Sun to be a variable star, which a plasma sun necessarily is, by its being externally powered and its being affected by variable external conditions that its dynamics reflect.

The Ulysses mission even demonstrated the Sun's connection with its primer fields that focus plasma onto it. It provides us a valuable vista into the plasma-flow dynamics in the solar system.

Subsequent solar observatories in space have added to the basic knowledge of the Sun being a variable plasma star, such as the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite, and the famous SOHO satellite, which observe the Sun in colors that are invisible to the eye, which technology now makes visible.

In the visible colors the advanced observatories enable us to see vast dynamics in electromagnetic effects that no eye has ever seen, occurring on the Sun, or can see.

With the aid of advanced telescopes and satellites we can now visually observe electric dynamics within the plasma sphere surrounding the Sun.

And as I said before, we can see voids developing in areas of weakened conditions, and we can see the voids getting larger and more frequent in occurrence. We thereby can now literally see the universe in motion, and its Ice Age Start-Up unfolding.

** Seeing the Galactic System

With the recently gained knowledge we can now also understand the dynamics of the galactic system in which our solar system is located as a minuscule part of it.

We can see our galaxy as but a node point between large and very long intergalactic plasma streams.

We see each of the connected plasma streams having its own electric resonance cycle; one with a cycle time of 31 million years per cycle, and the other with a cycle time of 150 million years per cycle.

And we can see the two long cycle times overlaid on each other throughout the galaxy, with its effects on the solar system and the climate on Earth.

And we can see thereby our present epoch to be the weakest in 440 million years.

We see us existing in such a low-level energy background so that glaciation now covers much of the Earth for 85% of the time.

We can also see ourselves presently existing in a brief anomaly within the vast ice landscape of the last 2 million years, of which only a quarter is recorded in the ice of Antarctica.

And we see ourselves existing entirely within this warm holiday period as if no prior history existed, because everything prior belongs to a landscape that very few of humanity have previously survived.

On this course we have come to a phase shift in our development as human beings.

For the first time ever, in the entire history of our planet, we, humanity, have the capability developed as a living species to live through the Ice Age cycles unharmed and to prosper by meeting its challenge.

** The Great Phase Shift in Humanity

We have developed the capability to see into the future that has not yet been, and reorient the present towards the future in accord with what we now know.

This is all new. This has never happened before in the history of humanity, if not in the history of life itself on this planet.

It is truly amazing in the sight of all that, to realize how tall we now stand, as a people in productive capabilities and scientific knowledge, who can live with the dynamics of the universe no matter what the dynamics may turn out to be, including the deep ice ages.

In the sight of this realization it is NOT scary to note that the first phase of the Ice Age Start-Up is already 45% complete.

With the capability that we now have at hand, we are able to transform the world scene from a scene that would normally be scary, into an invitation to us all to become fully human, more than we have ever dared to become, or have even imagined to be able to. All of this now lays before us as totally realizable.

And still, the question remains, will we do it? Will we do what is necessary for us all to survive? While the field is rich with evidence that our solar system is in a steep decline, akin to a free-fall collapse, many people still close their eyes and say nay. They say nay, in spite of the evidence, and they say that what has been discovered by many people standing at the leading edge, isn't happening. They say that they have their own opinion, their own beliefs, their own axioms. They look their children into the eye and say nay to them, to their future, to their future existence, vehemently clinging to axioms that are not real, and often intentionally so.

While they close their eyes, they do however speak of making discoveries, of discovering the unknown. They hail the concept, theoretically. But then they say nay when the discoveries challenge old opinions.

They do this to themselves without ever realizing that by their very nature, advanced discoveries bring to light what is new, the discovered facts that bury the old concepts of which there are many. That's the principles of making discoveries. It is always progressive, and leads to astonishing results. Discoveries bring to light aspects that have never been recognized before, which invariably overshadow false prior assumptions.

The advanced discoveries enable society to get itself out of the forest of dead horses, the horses that never were viable, that lived only in the imagination of the beholder.

The Orbital Cycles Ice Age theory

The Manmade Global Warming theory

The Hydrogen Fusion Sun theory

Confinement Nuclear Fusion energy concepts

The Orbiting Stars theory

The Gradual Glaciation theory

The NAWAPA water diversion project

The Bering Strait Tunnel project

Advanced discoveries enable new paradigms that open the door to an unlimited human future.

The human quality that enables the making of discoveries and our power to move with them, is a feature that is more critical to human existence than most people care to acknowledge. But it is critical for understanding ourselves as an infinite species, and what makes us distinctly human and sets us apart from all other forms of life.

New materials resources (basalt)

High-Temperature processing (nuclear)

Automated large scale industrial production

Worldwide water distribution

Floating tropical agriculture

Intercontinental bridges

6,000 new cities (free universal housing)

Cosmic energy utilization

Monetarist-free economics

The making of advanced discoveries is this human feature that at the present stage has equipped us all, as a humanity reaching for the sky, to achieve the near impossible by building on the leading-edge discoveries that our collective efforts have brought forth, and to step up from the resulting tall platform to still higher ground, to where we face the Ice Age Challenge with a smile, and master it as the first people in the history of the world who have dared to do this, and have dared to win.

** The Barrier Against the Daring to Win

We have come a long way forward in our understanding of the nature of cosmic phenomena that affect our world since the time when Professor Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski had warned in his 2003 paper "The Ice Age is Coming" that the end of the current interglacial period is already overdue by 500 years. While he couldn't have known the reason for the delay, because the scientific data for it hadn't been available in 2003, he had been right on the mark with his forecasts in almost all respects. His contribution deserves to be honored.

He had suggested that the transition to the next Ice Age could begin at any time and without warning.

We know in retrospect that he was right. The transition began in 1998 with fanfares blazing as had been measured in Irkutsk.

Professor Jaworowski had also forecast that the transition may unfold over a 50-years period, or a 20-years period.

His general estimate matches accurately the combined duration of the 1st and 2nd phase of the Ice Age Start-Up that we have multiple conclusive evidence for, of which the 1st phase is in progress and is nearly half complete and may span slightly more than 30 years, with the second phase being slightly less than 20 years, for a total of 50 years.

He also hinted that the really big change could happen over the span of only 1 to 2 years. Modern data suggests that the third phase may actually be a bit shorter.

It appears that Dr. Jaworowski had been closer on the mark than he may have realized himself. Still, he didn't spout doom when he made his scientific forecasts, but he did suggest that the time has come to face the future with open eyes and respond to what is scientifically known, and to prepare the world for it. For this, he faced strong opposition from the mainstream small-minded world.

Small-minded thinking is evidently the tallest barrier against our daring to win, which too, needs to be recognized and be overcome.

** The Shock-Wave Barrier

The task to prepare the world for the near Ice Age Transition has become increasingly critical in recent years, more so than Professor Jaworowski could have recognized in his time. Not only do we see the steep solar collapse happening that he had suspected with his 50 years forecast, we see the collapse also happening towards a potentially much lower minimal background than that of the Little Ice Age at the Maunder Minimum.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the down-ramping of the historic background that began more than a thousand years ago has continued, so that the 3rd phase of the Ice Age Start-Up will happen in a much weaker solar environment. Current scientific proof projects that the 3rd phase, with which the Ice Age begins anew, will happen in the 2050s with a high degree of scientific certainty.

This puts us on a collision course with the astrophysical dynamics. Humanity is rushing into the Ice Age barrier that no one has experienced before nor can imagine for the lack of historic experience. Is anyone prepared for the great shock?

** Breaking the Sound-Speed Barrier

The terminology, barrier and shock, has a familiar ring to it.

A sound speed barrier had once been envisioned that was deemed to make supersonic flight impossible. Attempts to break the barrier have caused many an aircraft to be ripped apart by the resulting shockwaves.

The air is a fluid. It normally flows around an aircraft. It slips out of its way. But when an aircraft is pushed forward faster than the air can move out of the way, the normally operating principles of fluid dynamics no longer apply. The air becomes compressed so rapidly that it cannot escape. Things become chaotic at this point. An enormous amount of pressure builds up by the relentless compression. The building-up pressure that would tear the aircraft apart if the universe hadn't created an alternate principle that comes into play in such situations. Under this rescue principle, the building up pressure is transformed into a type of high-energy-wave that escapes sideways in the form of an intense shockwave that expands multiple times faster than the speed of sound. The shockwave expands so fast that the shock-front moves almost abreast with the vehicle or aircraft that causes the shockwave. At higher supersonic speeds an aircraft flies directly into its own shockwave, by which it becomes easily damaged. Many have evidently crashed. As a consequence the speed of sound had been recognized as a limiting barrier.

As it was, the perceived sound barrier was soon broken in the minds of alert scientists, who corrected their approach to aircraft design. It became recognized that 'new' physical principles come into play when the flight of an object in the fluid of air exceeds the speed of the fluid's propagation wave, which determines the speed of sound. It was discovered that higher-level principles apply in extreme circumstances that cannot be observed in 'slow' flight. The scientific recognition paved the way to improved aircraft designs that keep the aircraft operating safely in the shadow of the destructive shockwave. By the resulting advanced perception of the dynamics involved, the sound barrier became reduced to nothing more than just an engineering challenge.

Eventually, the challenge was so effectively overcome with the appropriate efforts that nobody talks about a sound-speed barrier any longer.

Hypersonic aircraft that exceed the speed of sound multifold, in this case nearly 7 fold, have since then been flown.

With advanced scientific understanding, aircraft engineers are now able to develop designs that were once deemed totally impossible according to the nature of the then known fundamental physics. The supersonic marvels became tactical aircraft, like the Blackbird shown here that is capable of 3 times the speed of sound, of which 32 were built, and only 12 were lost in accidents during its 33 years of active missions.

It has been amply demonstrated that it hadn't been the Universe that had stood in the way of breaking the sound-speed barrier - that it had instead been the prevailing narrow perception that had once erected a formidable barrier. The barrier had been created by a false concept of the laws of the Universe.

The breakthrough that resulted is generally regarded as a great victory in aviation engineering. It was that. The Concord became the most successful supersonic transport in aviation history. It flew for 27 years. One of the aircraft had logged over 22,000 hours of flight, when it was retired in the year 2000. What had started as a dream, had become reality.

Was the achievement recklessly won? Some, who dare to win in this field, who put their life on the line in exploring the unknown along the way, have developed a saying that if it isn't dangerous, it is not worth doing. The Concord few on the culmination of 25 years of research and development efforts, trials and errors, breaking down barriers, and some sheer daring

But can we apply this type of high-risk attitude that has brought the marvelous success, to our meeting the Ice Age Challenge?

The presently on-going, almost-free-fall collapse of the solar system that is evident in numerous ways should be forcing a phase shift in society's perception and its response to it, towards a risk-free approach; risk free in relocating entire large nations into the tropics. Risk free also means to get started in time so that the task can be completed in the 30 years we may have remaining. The Concord proved that immense barriers can be overcome if we care to do so. But can we inspire us to care for one-another, universally, to such a high degree, or to even get started individually? It is here, where the future presently looks grim.

The Ice Age Challenge is similar to the challenge of breaking the sound barrier and building the Concord all rolled into one, and in record time, while the rider in the in this case is the whole of humanity. The old approach, of let's try it and see what happens, is no longer justifiable because of the consequences involved. Science is projecting a world with a 70% cooler and dimmer Sun. The current wait and see and do-nothing attitude amounts to a near-certain death sentence for almost everyone who expects to be alive in the 2050s, including all the children yet to be born.

The dynamics of the Universe has placed our world onto a collision course with a shock point that ushers in a new reality that no one has experienced before. A totally changed world lies before us when the Sun's radiated energy is reduced by 70%. At the shock point agriculture, as we know it, ends, and with it ends the food supply for humanity. That's what humanity is presently rushing into, blindfolded, without care, by which it is doomed.

The doom can be avoided when society begins to live with open eyes, by which new agriculture is developed for the new reality, and is placed in areas where agriculture remains viable.  But who is willing to dare to go that far? Living with open eyes means that it would impel a fundamental change in the design of civilization, a change to match the changing cosmic dynamics and their consequences for human living.

The relocation of all nations from outside the tropics, into the tropics, likely requires the building of 6,000 new cities for a million people each, together with new agriculture, with most of it staged afloat on the sea for the lack of available land. The task is so vast in scope that it requires a new design for civilization, economics, finance, culture, and the self-perception of humanity. And time for that is running short.

But nothing is happening. Nothing is moving. Nothing is done. The challenge is not even acknowledged.  

Zbigniew Jaworowski, a man with 50 years of experience and with standing and clout in the scientific community, had nevertheless failed to inspire a movement in the sciences and in society to have people open their eyes.

While the redesign of civilization is still possible, the window of opportunity for action is closing fast. It takes decades to build 6,000 new cities and create new agriculture for them. We may have only 30 years left for this - and that's not for getting started, but to have the project completed. Obviously, nothing gets completed if we won't get started.

The infrastructures for breaking the Ice Age barrier can be built. The redesign of economics is possible for this to happen.

For supersonic flight the infrastructures were implemented eagerly in the form of design changes.

In economics, the necessary 'infrastructures' need to be a platform that rises far beyond the chokehold of monetarism, and with a daring-to-win that raises the value of human life to such a high levels of value that the recognition of this great value inspires the means for its protection. Nothing less will be enough for humanity to survive.

So far, too little is being done. The barriers are protected, instead of humanity.

Society is presently committed by narrow minded perceptions to smash its 'world ship' with 'hypersonic speed' into the next Ice Age without the slightest preparations for it. We rush into this with nothing prepared that would break the impending doom that would kill us all with few exceptions.

To achieve supersonic flight was a matter of choice. The overcoming of the Ice Age barrier with world-development is likewise a matter of choice. The difference lies in the consequences. We could have lived perfectly well without breaking the sound-speed barrier in avionics, while almost no-one will survive without humanity breaking the Ice Age barrier in its mind in all its numerous aspects and gets started with building the infrastructures for it, while we still can. The bottom line is, we have no choice in this matter.

This doesn't mean that the future of humanity is grim. It only means that a decisive choice needs to be made in society, for it to become more fully human. That's what it means to dare to win. It means that we find value in human existence, enough to keep the whole of humanity alive, no matter what it takes.

It requires the whole of humanity working as one hand, to build the infrastructures for a new world for human living in the tropics. The failing to rouse ourselves to the task is synonymous with the intention to commit suicide. Inversely, should we thus dare to win and make the breakthroughs, the brightest future would unfold before us with the greatest, scientific, economic, cultural, and creative renaissance ever imagined, for which the potential is already in our hand.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what specific theory we apply for the cause of the Ice Age. The physical evidence that we have already recognized hould be enough to spring us into action.

We see the long down-ramping in solar activity starting more than a thousand years ago. We see the massive up-ramping of the Sun for 300 years that warmed the Earth and ended the Little Ice Age. And we see the free-fall collapse of the Sun towards a weaker background than we had at the time of the Little Ice Age. These physical measurements are measurements of the state of the world, no matter what theory one may apply for them. Our house is collapsing. It is time to build a better one. That's the shape of our dominion over the Solar system, with which we have the power to say to the fast collapsing system, we can live with that. The specific theories only come into play for reasoning out why the solar system is collapsing. The fact that it is collapsing is no longer just an academic theory. It is measured reality.

And the 'destination' too, is measured reality. We have numerous measurements made by leading edge teams that tell us unmistakably what the world past the Ice Age startup looks like. The theories only flesh-out the details that stand behind the measurements, that relate to specifics of what we have to face, and what we are dealing with.

** The Color Barrier

The color 'barrier' is an example of where the theories can aid us. They can aid us with breaking the barrier in the mind. The color barrier is a part of the mental barrier that bars the recognition of 99.999% of the mass of the universe that exists in the form of plasma, instead of as atomic elements. This recognition is useful in recognizing the type of the challenge that the Ice Age imposes, such as the recognition that the radiated solar energy will diminish by roughly 70%, from which the Ice Age conditions do result. The color barrier is significant in this context, as a secondary-type barrier in the mind.

For example, if one was asked, how many colors can be seen in the rainbow? One would answer, seven, because that's what one sees in the rainbow.

The answer is important as it proves that the Sun cannot be a sphere of hydrogen gas heated by nuclear fusion from within, because if it was, one would see only 3 colors according to the hydrogen atom's emission spectrum. But that's not what we see. The sunlight that we see consists of a seamless spectrum of colors. This tells us that the sunlight is the composite of the emission spectra of a wide range of atomic elements, all emitting light with different spectra at the solar surface where the sunlight is produced.

The only physical process that makes this complex composite possible is the process of plasma-powered stellar nucleosynthesis happening on the surface of the Sun. That's a phenomenon that the Hydrogen-Fusion-Sun theory cannot facilitate. With this recognition we mentally break away from a major, long standing barrier in the mind, and begin to acknowledge what is actually real, for which the Plasma Sun concept is the leading candidate and the only one for which scientific evidence actually exists.

Attempts are made to rescue the archaic Hydrogen Fusion Sun theory, by assuming that nucleosynthesis is occurring within the hydrogen Sun, primarily near its core, where heavy elements are said to be formed ranging all the way up to iron, including oxygen and carbon along the way.

The attempt to rescue the old Hydrogen-Fusion-Sun theory breaks down by the fact that the synthesized heavy atomic elements would be gravitationally drawn to the core of the Sun, and create an immensely heavy core there (for which no evidence exists), instead of the heavy elements being lofted to the solar surface to enrich the spectrum of sunlight there, which even then would still be insufficient to match the spectrum that we actually see.

The sunlight paradox is a part of the mental barrier in cosmology that bars the recognition of the role of plasma in the Universe.

The barrier, which is a barrier in the mind, renders all observed phenomena as the effect of gravitational attraction, because when one denies the existence of plasma and its vast range of electromagnetic effects and their effect in the universe, then gravitational attraction is all that one has left to work with, and is allowed to acknowledge. This adds up to a huge barrier. The barrier bars the recognition of 99.999% of the actual mass of the Universe and its 39-order-of-magnitude-stronger electromagnetic effects in comparison with the effects of gravity. The resulting mental barrier thereby causes a wide scene of science delusions, but nothing more than that.

The mental barrier doesn't change the weight of the physical measurements of the ongoing collapse of the solar system.

The mental barrier fulfills a specific purpose of a more general nature. Mental barriers have an intention standing behind them, for which they have been created. This is evidently so, because barriers in the mind are not a natural feature of humanity. History tells us that the barriers created by intention, result from a long-standing political projective that requires science devolution in the defense of the systems of empire. The intention has been openly stated in numerous ways, going back centuries in some cases. A phase-shift in thinking becomes necessary therefore, to cause a breakout from the artificial barriers. Some evidence exists that this type of breakout too, may have already begun.

The concession that have been made with the proposition that nucleosynthesis is occurring within the hydrogen Sun, is a significant step away from the Big Bang theory of primordial nucleosynthesis. That's a big step forward.

The next step forward is a step towards the recognition of the Plasma Sun and its full range of nucleosynthesis with the fusion of plasma in surface reactions, where the conditions exist for such creative fusion to happen as we see evident in the sunlight.

Thus, slowly as it may be, one by one the mental barriers fall, from the most simple to the most complex, that have been built up over centuries.

And as the barriers fall, the joy that one feels with seeing the barriers to disappear, is a significant element on the critical path before us of our daring to win.

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