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The crime of 'nakedness'

When the masters of empire catch up with them, they respond furiously and indict them with the crime of 'nakedness', of having shed all imperial notions. They know that whenever Love uplifts the soul, inspired by loving, a person becomes naked of all the crap that empire demands, and this not with shame, but with joy.

The joy is natural, because a man who is naked in imperial terms, because he cannot hate, rape, steal, murder, destroy, and wallow in self-pity and small-minded poverty, is committed instead to human development, to the up-lifting of the world with the power of the soul that is not a fake power in this case, but is real power and has no equal.

Whenever the masters of empire catch up with such a naked man, they scream at him, "What have you done? You have betrayed our trust in you. We trusted you to never open your eyes. To never touch the fruits of soul. You disobeyed us. You rendered yourself unfit thereby, for your continued living in the whorehouses of empire where everyone is routinely raped, and rapes himself, and looses his soul in the process.


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