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The Model of Man - video 4: Healing Adam and Eve

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Suppose that Mary Magdalene would have asked Christ Jesus in conversation one day, if he, the healer of humanity, ever found himself in a situation where he had failed to achieve a healing.

How would he have answered?

He might have answered, as he always did, that God alone, is omnipotent. He might have added that he is not God, but is merely a leading-edge explorer of the Christ in which the fullness of God comes to light.

He might also have added that he rightfully assumed this title, because the title pertains to everyone of humanity. He would say that he had always identified himself as an Exemplar of the Christ, but never as someone standing apart from humanity, or above it.

He might say that he is pioneering the title, Christ, for everyone, because somebody has got to get the ball rolling to inspire humanity to lift itself up to the Christ level that is its native domain.

He might further add in conversation with Mary that there is a lot of healing yet to be accomplished on this path.

He might site as an example, the case of the healing of the Biblical Adam and Eve that is far from being completed.

He might begin with saying that the story of Adam and Eve is the story of humanity squirming under the thumb of empire, and under the heavy hand of the system of oligarchy.

Oligarchy is a system of empire that maintains itself with debilitating terror that is forcing humanity to keep itself small, docile, impotent, and impoverished.

In this context, the Adam and Eve story illustrates the tragedy of a victimized humanity, and its willing subjection to a process that is designed to destroy it from within.

In the Adam and Eve story, the names ADAM and EVE are synonymous with a grand rape inflicted on the human soul, which is still continuing, including society's willing subjection to the process.

The grand rape on the soul is the core of that story. Rape on the soul is the worst kind of rape there is. It can't get any worse than that. Sexual rape is a mild part of the process. Nor has the Adam and Eve case, of this rape, yet been fully healed.

The Adam and Eve story was wr tten a long time ago. Some people see it as an alternate creation story. In real terms, it is far from being that. The divine creation is done and complete in the sequence of the Scriptures where the Adam and Eve story begins. Nor does the story make any sense as an alternate creation story.

In the story, God fashions a man out of a pile of dust that he breathes life into, and then takes a rib of the dust-creature and fashions a woman from it that he gives to the dust creature as a play thing.

He also builds a garden for them both, rich with a profusion of fruit trees for easy living, but with a tree of 'poison' standing in the middle that he commands his created people not to eat of, lest they die.

He also creates a snake that inspires the woman to disobey the command and eat of the forbidden tree, saying to her that this wouldn't kill her, but make her wise, as wise as God himself, to know good and evil. The story tells us that the woman ate of the wisdom-fruit and gave to Adam, her husband, who ate likewise.

Having done this, both find themselves naked and ashamed of it.

When God recognizes what they had done, he responds with anger and banishes them both from the garden of easy living. He condemns them to scrape a living from the raw Earth.

That's how the Adam and Eve story ends.

In real term, the story doesn't end here. It really just begins to unfold. The story comes to light as a satire with a great paradox that the writer of the story invites society to resolve.

The writer fields a story of grand deceptions, oppressions, and denials, all of which run totally against the grain of the spiritual concept of God as Love, and a creation that is good. So, what about it?

In the story God lies, he deceives man, and sets up a stage for conflicts. He also creates a tempter who urges disobedience. Then he punishes his divine creation for its disobedience. He punishes its quest for wisdom. In the face of this failure, the god in the story explodes in a range and forces the expulsion of his creation.

Does any of that make sense? No it doesn't. Nor is it intended to make sense. This is evidently so, because the God that is portrayed in the Adam and Eve story, lacks all the features of an intelligent and benign creator, and of a creation that reflects the colors of divine Love. In other words, the story isn't designed to make sense until the paradox is resolved.

In the way the story is written, it becomes recognizable to an alert reader that the story is a paradox by intention, because the god in the story is termed the 'Lord God' - the god of the lords, the masters of empires, who in their arrogance assumed god status; the assumed divine right of kings to rule humanity, to enslave humanity, to subjugate humanity. That's the kind of Lord God that we are dealing with.

The Adam and Eve story presents the colors of the psychological warfare by the masters of empire against humanity. It is twisting the divine creation into a weapon against humanity. The writer of the story presents to us in vivid illustrations what the psychological warfare process looks like and how it operates, that is typical for every form of empire, for which it turns the divine creation upside down.

On this train the story begins with an image of man as nothing more than living dust. Every ruler of every empire that ever was and ever will be, sees humanity as creatures of dust with no intrinsic value whatsoever, and inspires humanity to see itself so likewise. On this debilitating platform society it easily ruled, and more so when the ruling is enforced with death threats and is twisted with lies that are all designed to keep society small in its own sight, confused, docile, and compliant to be enslaved.

Once this underlying intention is recognized, the Adam and Eve story unfolds as a well-designed satire that illustrates to humanity the nature of its submission to the systems of empire and oligarchy.

The Imperial, Oligarchic, 'Lords'-god Manifesto:

*Man is formed out of dust.

Because dust has no intrinsic value, consequently, neither has man.


* The murder of 100 million people per year, or of 1 individual,

are functionally identical, as nothing of value is lost in both cases.

*** Living with closed eyes and mind, breeds insanity. ***

The biblical story may have been written by an insider of the oligarchic system, or someone who understood it, who aimed to expose the inner emptiness of this system, and its great danger to humanity that few people were aware of even at the earliest stages of the dawn of empires.

There might also have been a time when the Adam and Eve satire was more generally understood, when the system of empire was less veiled, when it was more openly anti-human.

The writer of the Adam and Eve story symbolically staged the story in the Garden of Eden with the forbidden tree in the middle. This might have been significant even then.

The Garden of Eden as a metaphor can be recognized to reflect the Great Model of God and Man that has Soul standing prominently at its center, with everything in the model flowing into it, and through it. This means that the writer who created the ADAM and EVE satire may have correctly understood that the greatest danger that any oligarchic system is facing, and ever will face, is the sense of Soul that all the divine aspects flow into, and flow through, which brings together what constitutes our humanity for which the concept of the soul serves as an interface.

The writer describes the concept of the Soul as a great tree standing in the midst of the garden. The tree represents divine Soul reflected in man, and represents everything that is linked to it. It is described as a fruitful tree.

Its fruits are the fruits of intelligence, manifest as substance in life. The fruits of intelligence are cognition, discoveries, science, understanding, creativity, power, development, beauty, sublimity, and so on. Each one of these is substantial. They are the substance of civilization. Everything that humanity lives by, is the substance of its creativity built on its scientific self-development. An oligarchic system that exists on the platform of stealing rather than creating, cannot exist in a highly developed humanist environment. Consequently, the masters of empire use every means they can imagine to squash our humanist development. That's where the real ADAM and EVE story begins.

ADAM and Eve represent humanity. The oligarchy, declaring itself to be God, says to humanity, you must never, ever eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. You must never taste the fruit of your divine soul by which you become divinely human. It must never happen that you open yourself up to your soul. We won't allow it. Be sure to note, that on the day you disobey our order, and eat of the fruits of you soul, you will die. You will die, in this case, because we will kill you. We have no choice in this. We must kill you when you reach out to develop your humanity, because when you do this, when you become divinely human, you will invariably endanger the entire oligarchic system and doom it to oblivion. We will not allow this to happen. We have the means to destroy the soul.

And this is exactly what Rome is saying to humanity in so many ways. We have the means cultivated in society itself, not merely to deny its soul. but to obliterate its soul.

The death threat by terror or war, is a message that apparently has been the same throughout all ages, and will continue to be the same for as long as any type of oligarchic system is tolerated in society.

By being obedient to the dehumanizing demands of empire, uttered under death threats, humanity keeps itself small, poor, docile, and undeveloped. Society has thereby conditioned itself well to be kept in chains.

The demanded obedience under terror creates the very apathy that all the criminals, who operate systems of empire, desire, which in fact they absolutely require in order to be able to exist. The response of obedience in society literally allows the criminal systems to exist, which feeds on humanity. It's as simple as that.

The Material Mortal Manifesto

- slandering spiritual sense -

* Man remains dust, though being alive, and is ruled by dust.

* Disease is a phase of dust returning to dust. The dust is speaking: I am tired!

* Death is dust fully retired, in the mortal cycle that no one can escape.

*** Man is not mortal. Man is spiritual ***

Of course, a man is always a man, no matter how great the threats are. The divine Soul unfolding in man cannot be imprisoned with any chains that will ever be forged. Spiritual sense keeps on nagging consciousness to rebel. This too, will always be the case.

Eve's Manifesto: I am not a dust creature!

"I will not bow to a dust-god."

* "Then eat of the tree," urges the much slandered snake. "You have the power to get out of the dust - be free!

The lords'-gods own the dust, not you. They are mortal by it. Give them the finger, and choose to be alive!"

So it is, that whenever spiritual sense stakes its claim, when humanity tastes the fruits of its soul, the masters of empire do react, and they do react sharply.

Jesus points out that they must react, because their very existence is at stake at this point. They really have no choice but to react sharply, unless they would allow their systems of thievery to be shut down by humanity. They sooner shut humanity down.

Sometimes the masters of empire react with war. In most cases, however, they react by slandering the spiritual sense of humanity.

They slander the spiritual sense of man. They slander it viciously, by referring to it as a lying snake. One can hardly imagine a more slanderous analogy than that.

The spiritual sense of humanity is nothing less than the Christ, which is God's self-revealing Truth, speaking to consciousness. Thus the masters of empire literally slander God's Christ reflected as humanity's innermost voice, by calling it a lying snake.

Great tragedies result for humanity when society swallows the slander.

The tragedies are rarely imposed directly. They typically happens as a consequence when humanity follows the masters of empire's slanderous script, with which humanity commits rape upon itself. Typically, society follows the script to the letter. It lays itself down to die at the master's feet.

As a consequence of the script of the empires, represented by the Adam and Eve story, the fruit of the soul remains rejected by humanity and is thereby kept out of reach.

Society thereby rejects every item of its profound spiritual sense, as a lie.

The Spiritual Living Manifesto

I am the face of Truth, eager to discover myself.

Then eat of the tree of the divine Soul and you will see.

Then you will know all Good as it really is.

Then you will also now the face of all evil at it really is.

Eat the the tree of divine Soul, and you will understand yourself in Truth.

*** Life is Spirit - Spirit is God - God is Soul ***

The resulting deep, deep sin, of society rejecting its own soul in following the script of oligarchic doctrines, which demands society to never eat of the tree of the soul, is the greatest form of sin that is possible, if not the only actual form of sin. When people speak the word, sin, they rarely ever recognize what it really means, that it signifies their failing to eat of the fruits of their soul that reflect the boundless good of divine Soul. Sin, thereby means that people keep themselves tied to impotence, smallness, and poverty, enforced by lies and fear.

Mary may ask at this point if this is really what happens.

Jesus may answer her that she can go to any Roman officer, or other military officers, and ask them this question, and they will confirm with total conviction that love is a lie on the entire front of human experience. He may add that there is no such thing as love; that only indifference, rape. and lust are real.

They would say that almost everyone who is born into the world is born on the platform of lust and rape.

Jesus would differ. He would clarify at this point, that it is the voice of empire speaking in such cases, the voice of a society that has destroyed its people routinely to be able to murders out of lust. Empire is inherently at war with humanity, and always has been. The resulting lust for killing is not condemned in the halls of empire, but is hailed. The deep raping of humanity is termed power. The warring legions go out on their missions to plunder and murder and to enslave in grand orgies of military might in support of the empire that owns them. They legions of the dead at heart destroy everyone in their way who lack the means to resist. Love is not allowed to be a factor on the fields of power, to interfere. Whoever speaks of love, is labeled a snake, talking treason.

On this path, Rome became amazingly successful in destroying civilization, by which it is now destroying itself. The masters don't realize that the sword is recursive by its very nature. It always is, and has been that, and will be so for as long as the sword is wielded, because murdering is rape on humanity on a grand scale, and is recursive because it blocks humanity's connection with its soul. The rapist, thereby, whether it be an individual or nation, is invariably committing its rape against itself that diminishes its sense of humanity. That's what causes empires to fall.

Of course, the ADAM and EVE story doesn't end here. It doesn't end with the showers of destruction when the path to the soul is blocked. It just gets going here.

The ADAM and EVE story stands on higher ground than subjection to empire and the forces of inhumanity, because the spiritual sense of our divine humanity cannot really be blocked and be defeated. Eve is portrayed as a spiritually sensitive person. She is sensitive to the voice of spiritual sense, the voice of the soul that the dragon cannot touch. Nor does she regard the voice of soul as the voice of a snake.

She welcomes the voice that speaks the truth regardless of all the world's slandering against it.

She welcomes its presence. She welcomes Love and reflects it in loving. She doesn't deny the fruits of the soul, but reaches out for them. She cherishes her unfolding soul-sense, and the wisdom that flows from it; its beauty, loving, intelligence, creativity, productivity, even the fire of passion for living that she feels in her heart. In this loving she inspires the world to join her. She invites all to experience the loving of all that is human and divine, including the richer world that it creates.

In the story, ADAM responds to this type of offer that is presented by spiritual sense, conveyed by EVE with love. Of course, Adam and Eve wisely hide themselves from the Lord's God of empire, in order not to enrage the masters who claim the status of a god to become murderers in the folly of their blood lust.

When the masters of empire catch up with them, they respond furiously and indict them with the crime of 'nakedness', of having shed all imperial notions. They know that whenever Love uplifts the soul, inspired by loving, a person becomes naked of all the crap that empire demands, and this not with shame, but with joy.

The joy is natural, because a man who is naked in imperial terms, because he cannot hate, rape, steal, murder, destroy, and wallow in self-pity and small-minded poverty, is committed instead to human development, to the up-lifting of the world with the power of the soul that is not a fake power in this case, but is real power and has no equal.

Whenever the masters of empire catch up with such a naked man, they scream at him, "What have you done? You have betrayed our trust in you. We trusted you to never open your eyes. To never touch the fruits of soul. You disobeyed us. You rendered yourself unfit thereby, for your continued living in the whorehouses of empire where everyone is routinely raped, and rapes himself, and looses his soul in the process.

Instead, you cherish your soul! You say your soul reflects divine Soul! You have become its champion. You have tasted the joy to live by it! You have thereby become a traitor against empire. You have disqualified yourself from ever setting foot in anyone of our whore houses ever again.

So get out of our sight, out of our country, out of our world - the world we own and rule. Then see if you can live without us, without money, without property, without status, with eternal pain. That why we will not kill you this time, but make an example of you. We will inflict the greatest punishment on you that an empire can inflict. We condemn you to having to live by love alone. This means that you will have to scrape your living from the dust of the Earth. That's a fate that we consider in the imperial world a fate worse than death. And your partner in crime, whom you have listened to and allowed yourself to be inspired by her love, must suffer the same fate with you."

"So Mary, what do you think ADAM would have answered to such a charge and sentence?" Jesus might ask.

"Adam would have laughed at the masters of empire, the would-be gods of Olympus," Mary would say. "Adam would have answered them, saying, you have no power over me.

You have only power over a people who deny their soul, and in the same breath deny the Soul of God, the Soul of the Universe.

In the sight of people who wake up from the dreams of empire to the freedom of the soul, you have no standing, no status, no might. To these, you would-be masters are but little men. You cannot rule over an awake human being. In fact, you have no place to exist in such a society.

Therefore, I banish YOU all, you imposters, in my capacity as a human being, I have the power to do this. So, be-gone. Be-gone whores of Babylon! Be-gone and take your whore houses with you - your swindlers with money, your legions of rapists and murderers, your swords and your crosses and gallows. Be-gone with them all. Be-gone, witches and witch-masters. And let me assure you that you will indeed have to scrape your living from the dust of the ground, because as soulless thieves you lack the skills and the wisdom and creativity to create a living for yourselves. All civilized living is soul-created living, inspired by love."

"The masters would answer with indignation," Jesus might say. "They would cry, you ungrateful traitors, can't you see that it is us who gave you everything you have and are?

Obviously we made a mistake in giving you a woman to comfort you.

In India, we have inspired the people to feed their girl babies to the crocodiles, or to have their warriors chop them up at birth. Women are polluting the Earth with too many babies. We corrected this in India.

We failed by being tolerant with you. We let you keep your woman as a play thing. And what do we get as a reward? We get betrayal upon betrayal. Your play-thing inspired you with the poison of love. Sure, it was our fault to let this happen.

And since it was our fault to give you your woman as a play thing, we will overlook your transgression against us, this time, if you denounce your soul and everything that comes with it, including love."

"I think the writer of the story left EVE's response out of the story," Mary would say. "Or the response was stricken from the script in later times."

"In this case, what do you think her response might have been?" Jesus might ask. "How would a Prometheus have answered Zeus, the chief of the gods of Olympus who represents all the masters of empire in ancient mythology?"

"Prometheus would have answered the false gods, I am the Christ. I am the image of the living God. I represent all that God is and I will freely inspire man to recognize what man already is and has. God is reflected in man. I, Prometheus, inspire humanity to understand itself and to be in love with what it sees, because man truly already includes all.

The Christ Manifesto:

of the Allness of God, good

* Man is the infinite image of God:

* Man is the Son of God in as much as a calendar month is termed the son of a year.

* Man is the highest form of value, by which the concept of value itself becomes obsolete.

*** Man is divine ***

I, Prometheus, are nothing more than an Educator, a Revelator, an Exemplar.

The divine Truth inspires great love in humanity for one-another, and thereby for the fullness of God's creation that is reflected in humanity to be acknowledged, and to be developed, for evermore. This includes all men and women on a lateral plain, not as playthings for one-another, nor as opposites, but as complementary by design, because the nature of good is complementary in all its infinite aspects. All that is good, flies on two wings. We are winged with love in our diversity. How can we be anything less, when God is Love?

"What would Zeus answer to that?" Jesus might ask Mary.

"Zeus would crawl into a whole in the ground and vanish from sight," says Mary and laughs.

"No, he wouldn't," says Jesus. "He can't crawl into a hole, because he has no real existence.

Zeus exists only in the imagination, as does the system of empire that he represents.

Once society recognizes the deep emptiness within the nature of empire, and thereby stops bowing to it as if it had any real power, the myth of empire would simply vanish. This overturning would end wars forever. Wars are inspired by the dreams, dreams of empire that exist only in the imagination. When the myth is dealt with, wars end. Wars end at this decisive point, because the deceptions that empire fields are overcome at this point. Of course until this point is won, no one stands secure.

Even I stand not secure, because the decisive point in recognizing the truth has not yet been won. The ADAM and EVE story has not been fully healed in society. Too many devils still roam in the minds, singing the empire song. Only the Christ itself is secure, because the Christ is rooted in God. The Christ cannot be murdered. The Christ is the divine idea, man. In that we find security. I represent it. You, Mary, represent it. Everyone of humanity represents the Christ. Christ is the first name of humanity. Christ is the name for our spiritual sense, our spiritual self-awareness. This fact is secure. It can never change, no matter how vehemently the masters of the lies slander our spiritual sense with the imagery of the snake, we stand secure. We have come a long way to where we now stand.

Let's not forget too, that ADAM and EVE themselves, in the story, have initiated the healing process that will make the world secure. Both of them gave the oligarchic system the finger right of the bat, when they ate of the tree of the soul in the midst of the garden, liberally.

They have experienced in the story that the embracing of spiritual sense, the sense of soul, does indeed make one wise as the much slandered voice of inspiration had suggested, that spiritual sense makes one wise to know and understand that the divine alone is real, with real substance and real power, and that the mythological opposite is but an empty dream that one simply lets go to fall into oblivion.

The healing of humanity that was started in the Adam and Eve story will be complete one day. This will happen when it is no longer deemed a mortal sin to love; to partake of the fruit of soul in the midst of the garden of Eden.

When the sin that says no to the soul that reflects God, is overcome, which may be the only form of sin that exists, then the world will be at peace and a new era of civilization will begin. How long it will take for this point to be reached, cannot be foretold. It is not a function of time, but of humanity's awakening to its spiritual sense, the sense of the soul. The healing can unfold in a day. Or it may take thousands of years to complete.

In the allegory the process has started. The healing process started with one alert person reaching out for the Christ, the vitally important scientific knowledge of the All-ness of God, good, and the corresponding emptiness and nothingness of evil. EVE started that process. She was the first Christ-healer in the biblical sequence. She was the pioneer who reached for the vital scientific knowledge on which the freedom of humanity rests, which all the lords in the world, and their lord-gods have screamed throughout history, must never be touched. EVE defied them as a human being, as a Christ representative. She eats to the full and is healed thereby. Also, she gives to ADAM thereof, and he does eat. However, he does not reach up to the divine tree by his own initiative. He is merely dragged along by EVE. This means that the full healing of ADAM, who represents society at large, remains yet to be accomplished. Had he reached up by his own initiative, he would have stood beside her actively, instead of remaining passive. Thus, the writer of the Adam and Eve story correctly identifies the challenge that humanity must meet for its healing to happen. And he was correct in presenting the challenge in the manner it is presented. History has born him out on that.

Every spiritual pioneer in the history of humanity stood alone on pioneering ground, attracting at best a few passive followers, for a season. That's why every renaissance in history has faded into oblivion. The writer of the story seems to say that the greatest obstacle that humanity is facing, is not the fascism of its oligarchy, but is its own smallness in mind with which society keeps itself passive, which allows fascism to have its mythological existence that the small-minded tend to bow to.

The editors who compiled the Bible as a book were also correct in placing the Adam and Eve story immediately behind the actual creation narrative, with which the Bible begins, and which is the only creation narrative that actually exists in the Bible. This narrative of spiritual creation is likewise scientific and symbolic. It is a profound spiritual narrative in which all is good, and God is All.

Naturally the scientific model that we have developed in Mother's Academy, the Great Model of God and Man, reflects all the essential aspects of the days of creation, from divine Principle to God's full expression. Nothing unfolds passively here, anywhere on this line.

In this context the Adam and Eve story presents not a revision of the divine creation, but presents the great challenge that we cannot evade, of coming to terms with the divine creation, proactively.

The divine spiritual sense, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God, helps us with that.

It gives us the scientific knowledge of the nature of both good and evil, which comprises the knowledge of the allness and fullness of good as God creation, and the intrinsic nothingness of all forms of evil including sickness, sin, and death, by them being devoid of the colors of good, of God's reflection.

"I have learned to heal on this basis," Jesus might say. "I have healed with the knowledge of the allness of God and its all-encompassing good. And this is accomplished with the complementary knowledge of the nothingness of evil.


The All-and-Nothing Manifesto:

Knowing the Nature of Good and Evil

Complimentary Wings

Knowing the absolute Allness of God, good.

The intrinsic nothingness of evil, disease, sin, and death.

*** God is Truth, Life, and Love -- Nothing is Dust ***

This means that evil and disease are not contrary to divine reality in the scientific sense. They simply have no reality, no standing, no existence, no claim, but that of an empty myth. The knowledge of the intrinsic nothingness of evil compliments the knowledge of the Allness of good, of God, and God's creation.

On this complimentary basis I heal the people easily. They come to me in droves, and they do walk away healed. The power for the healing. of course, is not in me. It manifests the dawning recognition of the forever complimentary duality of the Allness of God and good, and the necessary nothingness of evils, such as sin, sickness, and death, which don't bear the colors of the divine. This complimentary knowledge closes the door on any possible knowledge of a personal evil or Satan, or devil as a reality to be reckoned with, including diseases..

The complimentary recognition of the Allness of Good and the nothingness of evil, is the breakthrough that Eve has pioneered, when she reached for it and ate it up, from which the real story unfolded. She ate up the Christ knowledge to the full, and she lived with it actively.

One day society will awake itself out of its passive mode of looking at God, to active spiritual being. Society will then wake itself to the Christ that is already a part of it and is forever established, which the Adam and Eve story does bring a bit nearer towards the yearning hearts in society for the dawning of the truth.

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