Text and images transcript of the video Galactic and Solar Systems with Ice Age Evidence - part 2 by Rolf Witzsche 

Galactic and Solar Systems with Ice Age Evidence - part 2

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** The Efficient versus the Practical

In common perception the Old-World concept of the isolated, internally heated Sun, is deemed highly practical, isn't it? Here the Sun is a sphere of hydrogen gas that is compressed by gravity and heated to millions of degrees, which causes hydrogen to fuse into helium. The concept is so simple and practical that one can trust it to be true, without one having to explore exotic universal principles, and effects that no one can actually see. The internal heated sun theory is so simple that it is hailed by the simple minded. It is so simple that one can describe the universe with it in 3 easy sentences, and move on from there to better things. That's being practical, isn't it? In comparison, the plasma Universe, with its electrically powered plasma Sun, is deemed totally impractical. It is deemed so impractical that no one even tries to understand it.

Indeed, the plasma Universe and the plasma Sun are impractical concepts that require one to get out of the easy chair and to focus on what is efficiently real. The Universe is not simple in this respect, but it is efficient. It is so efficient that it actually functions, while the Old Sun concept is a nice tale that's physically impossible. 

The old tale is so impossible that the world's science community has not been able to replicate the theorized high temperature internal fusion-power process that is deemed to power the Sun. After several decades of laboratory experiments in many countries in the world, none have succeeded to replicate the internal heating of the Sun, for the obvious reason that such a process doesn't happen in the Sun. In every experiment the fusion product diluted the fusion fuel and blew the process out. The world record established by the Joint European Tokomak experiment, is a fusion burn of slightly less than a second, or slightly more than a second at half power. The failure illustrates that the world aims to replicate a solar process that actually isn't happening in a sun. That's what is called the leading edge of practicality. 

A sun could never operate on this self-defeating basis. Its fusion core would have been clogged up with its fusion product, eons ago. The heavy atom o helium would have congregated at the core and blown the Sun out forever. Obviously this hasn't happened.

It is plain to see that the Sun operates on a platform that actually functions, that is so efficient in its design that the atomic elements that are produced in the fusion process on the surface of the Sun, are dynamically vented into space in the flow of the solar wind and accumulate on the planets. That's efficient. The entire solar system is created on this basis in a process that still continues. That's creative efficiency.

While the solar comparison is extreme, let me illustrate the critical difference between the efficient and the practical, with a less extreme example.

Consider the case of implementing the long-desired railway transportation link between the Eurasian Continent and the American Continent. How would one create such a link that would bridge the isolation of the two continents and their people?

One way to create such a link, would be to construct a 100 kilometre long tunnel under the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia, and to lay down railway lines to the far North on both continents, to link up with the tunnel. The building of the project would be a wonderfully practical option. Wouldn't it be? Putting the spade into the ground, so to speak, for such a project is totally practical, isn't it? 

As a national effort on both sides, the construction could be completed in a dozen years. Hundreds of trains could then make the journey each day. The link could serve to economically develop the regions in the far north near the big trunk line. All of this can be done. 

All of it is totally practical, even though the resulting long and slow howl over the top of the world in the barren landscape that only the military finds useful, often at sub-zero temperatures, especially in the winter, and much of it crossing difficult terrain, might add up to a rather long journey of many days, if not weeks. But it is all practical to do.

In contrast, another option for meeting the stated objective to connect the two continents with a fixed link, would be to lay down a 10,000 kilometre long floating bridge across the Pacific, such as from Shanghai to Los Angeles in California. Such an immense project would be considered highly impractical, right? Indeed it would be that, by the definition of what is practical. But it would be efficient. 

Consider that the entire sea-bridge could be produced in large scale automated industrial processes, utilizing nuclear power and heat-shaped basalt to create the bridge modules. On this automated basis the bridge could be created with very little laborious effort, and in a relatively short time. Of course, one would have to create the automated industrial infrastructure for it, in order to facilitate the construction process. But once the infrastructure is up and running, it would require little human labour to produce the floating bridge. The perfectly level sea bridge would also enable high-efficiency mass transprt, and very-high-speed passenger service. It would enable trains to be placed into vacuum channels for speeds exceeding 10,000 miles an hour. The transit time across the Pacific would thereby be reduced to less than an hour. In addition, the sea bridge would serve as a trunk line for a completely new type of agriculture, laid afloat onto the sea. Networks of floating agriculture would be extending outwards from the sea bridge for as far as the need for more food would require it. It would be constructed together with thousands of floating cities along the way to service the agriculture. The vast benefit in every direction would make the project efficient.

Since the automated bridge production process for this type of infrastructure is inherently immensely efficient, the revolutionary freedom in physical production that such a process enables for mankind, would subsequently be applied to all kinds of industrial processes that are not even considered yet, as for example the mass production of complete housing units that cam be manufactured with such a great efficiency that society can provide high-quality housing to each other for free as an investment into itself. 

Quality housing is after all a critical component for raising the creative and productive potential of society on the recognition that the human being is the most precious asset that a society has, being the measure for everything that has true value. The striving at the leading edge in civilization to advance human development to the utmost, is the most efficient path in civilization to increase the quality and the power of society's living. Practical considerations would close the door to all that. We need to step past the sad limits of perceived practicality.

Sure, the very concept of an intercontinental sea bridge is considered impractical, even impossible. Indeed, who would pay for such a massive effort? In the current world of small-minded thinking, nothing is deemed practical unless one has the money to fund the effort, in addition to funding universal swindlery, profiteering, looting, and monetarist gambling orgies that have imprisoned entire nations into debt-bound concentration camps with strangled economies. In this landscape of what is deemed practical, nothing can be built for the well-being of society. This consideration renders the intercontinental sea bridge, totally efficient. The sea bridge is efficient, because, contrary to all practical considerations, it would raise humanity's power to live, to new levels of freedom and self-development. 

In comparison, what is limited to being patently practical is inherently destructive, as it denies the power and the nature of the human being. The small-minded practicality is literally destroying humanity. It has destroyed society so deeply that nuclear war is accepted as a reality that has no solution while the clock is ticking that has brought the world closer to nuclear war than at any time in the past. 

The practical world has become so small that the masters of empire now dare to demand that 6 billion people, out of the 7 billion world population today, be killed by famine, diseases, war, and other means of genocide, while society supports the insanity. That's the face of what is deemed practical.

Now extend the comparison still further. Let's choose an even more-efficient route for the sea bridge. Let's take it all the way south to the equator where we need to have much of the world's agriculture located in 30 years when the next Ice Age begins with a 70% weaker Sun and disables agriculture in all regions outside the tropics. The equatorial sea bridge would be significantly longer, of course, but it would be immensely efficient in that it would enable humanity to continue to live under the dimmer Sun in a colder world. That's the measure of peak efficiency.

Another example of an efficient system, this time in politics, is a project that takes us to a still-higher level far above the level of the small-minded practical concerns. This project is the restoration of the Glass Steagall system of legislation that is designed to purge the fabric of civilization of the infestation brought upon it by the forces of empire that are well known by their ugly hallmarks.

The hallmarks of the dying world are swindlery, profit looting, and monetarist gambling orgies, and so on, which have imprisoned entire nations into a debt-bound concentration-camp system that strangles the dying economies where nothing works anymore that supports civilization, so that people die in large numbers from the consequences as they once had in the Nazi concentration camps that some may still remember. 

The criminality in the private camp system is so extensive and so deep-reaching that the highest ranking justice official in the USA has publically announced to the world that the extreme criminality cannot be prosecuted, as any attempt to do so would immediately collapse the entire western financial and economic system from the Euro to the Pound to the Dollar. The speech implies that the criminal system is rotten to its very core with no hope remaining for its redemption, so that the national justice system has simply capitulated before it. 

Thus, the hailed practicality of the evermore deadly economic criminality that is increasingly supported with floods of public bail-out money that the public takes on as debt, has its deep-core criminality officially legalized from the highest ranks of government. And this is deemed practical. It is as practical as a march of the blind-folded over the proverbial cliff, which it actually is.

Greece is an example of a nation trapped into the choking practicality, the practicality that has turned the Euro Zone effectively into a concentration camp where society is imprisoned without hope in sight. Greece is a nation of 11 million people. Almost 300 billion Euros in debt has been forced onto the nation to bailout the banks of the camps system. In the bail-out process the swindlers claim the gold, and the people pay for it with having their life decimated and destroyed. Each person now owes a debt of 32,000 Euros for loans that went directly to bailout the banks that now choke the nation to death with interest payment demand and fascist conditionality.

The Glass Steagall system of legislation that had in its time protected America and the western world, but which was repealed, remains still standing in principle behind the horrid scene to be re-applied at the present time to serve as an efficient system of regulatory means for the urgent task of closing the private imperial camp system down. 

Sure, Glass Steagall isn't practical for the thieves as it doesn't allow any attempts to reform the highly deadly camp system into a less deadly camp system. Glass Steagall stands as an efficient means for protecting society and civilization against all forms of financial criminality, new or old, and to restore thereby the needed freedom of humanity to pursue its self-development and its happiness. Glass Steagall effectively rips the practicality out of the hands of the masters of war and depopulation - the two deadliest of the hailed flagships of the camp system of empire.

In the small-minded sense, where practicality has nothing to do with reality, the Universe stands as totally impractical. It operates on a higher level than practicality. There is nothing small about the Universe, weak, isolated, disconnected, or running down. The Universe is extremely efficient in all its aspects. The concept of practicality is far out of sight. Instead, the Universe is light, which means, it functions immensely.

Life itself, is not practical either, in the modern sense. Nothing about life is small. Life is efficient, big, profound, dynamic, progressive, expansive, forever new and evermore grand. 

Life is an 'image' of the nature of the Universe. It defines the New World that beckons us to leave the old world behind. Life is God, so to speak. God is not practical. God is big, real, amazing. There is nothing small or simple about God. 

Life, in its highest sense, is humanity, the very measure for all that is grand, is man. 

Life is not practical. Life is beauty, poetry, literature, art, music, drama, song, happiness, joy, love, honesty, care, science, creativity, productivity, honour, truthfulness, and many more that together have become the measure of the absolute of life, defined by man far beyond the practical, whereby life becomes efficient. 

Life reflects the Universe that is efficient. Love is its quality that cannot be weighed, compressed, or quantified, but which flows in life as plasma flows in the Universe and powers every star.

** Efficient Economics of the Universe

Consider economics. The Universe operates the most-efficient platform of economics that one can imagine. In the solar dynamic process, plasma is used up in vast quantities by every sun. Plasma is packaged into atoms that construct the planets. But in the very process of using up plasma, a process is set in motion that draws onto the scene more plasma than is being used up. By this self-expanding process the galactic system expands as a whole. The Universe itself expands electro dynamically. The force of gravity plays no role in the larger context. It is a local force with local effects. 

On the enormous scale, 99.999% of the mass of the Universe exists as plasma and is electric in nature, so that it interacts with the electric force that is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than the force of gravity.

 Atomic mass is extremely rare in the Universe. Only the planets and asteroids of solar systems are atomic in nature, and the fusion products of their respective sun. The remaining 99.999% of the universe is plasma. Streams of plasma in the universe are moved by the electric force, by which they extend across near infinite distances.

The force of gravity, in contrast is a field-force that diminishes with the square of the distance, because at double the distance, a gravitational field acts on a 4 times larger area. The force of gravity diminishes thereby so rapidly that it plays no role at all beyond the stellar cradle on, the immensely vast galactic scene. 

Plasma streams in contrast, are streams of discrete entities that push each other onward by their electric interaction with one another. A plasma stream is comparable to a water pipe. A water pipe is filled with discrete atomic water molecules. It may have its source in the mountains. When a bucket of water is drawn from the pipe, all the water molecules in the entire pipe move towards where the water is drawn. 

In space, plasma is drawn from the cosmic plasma environment in large streams by every sun. The sun consumes plasma in atom-synthesizing nuclear fusion. The consumption of plasma creates a sink effect that sets the entire plasma stream into motion. 

In the galactic system the motion of plasma is so massive that the resulting magnetic fields cause the entire galactic disk to rotate, slowly as this may be, and to cause the stars within the spiral arms to rotate axially within.

** The Universe's Music Tone

Also, as I said earlier, the movement of the electric plasma pinches the plasma streams themselves into discrete entities, and so, as discrete entities of mass with an electric charge, they begin to resonate in the wind that motivates them. They ring with a distinct tone, as it were, that is determined by their size and their density. The resonance, of course, is felt strongly at the node points where the effect is concentrated.

The principle of resonance is utilized in musical instruments. Different tones are produced by different length of strings, as in the case of the piano. A violinist produces different tones by pinching the strings against a plate at different distances from the sound bridge. In both cases, when the A note is played, the agitated string vibrates at a resonance frequency of 432 cycles of movement per second. 

In a similar manner, the intergalactic plasma streams that connect galaxies with one-another across intergalactic space, have their unique resonance 'tone' that reflect the length of the plasma entity.

For the extremely long plasma streams that are extending across several millions of light years, their internal resonance tone is measured correspondingly in long time frames, typically in millions of years for a single cycle of 'vibration.'

For the case of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, one of the plasma streams rings with a frequency of 150 million years per cycle. The connection with the M83 Galaxy is hypothetical to illustrate a principle. The shorter connecting stream, hypothetically connects with the Andromeda Galaxy, resonates at 31 million years per cycle. The interacting resonance of the two very long cycles, affects the plasma density at the node point where the two streams come together, where our galaxy is located. The resulting plasma density fluctuation affect the entire galaxy over these long time frames, which, of course, also affects the climate on Earth with climate fluctuations occurring over the same long time frames.

Evidence for the two long-term climate cycles have been found in ocean sediments. There, we see both tones of the intergalactic plasma streams coming together, being overlaid on one-another. The combination of these tones, in more recent time, has caused the climate to cool so extensively that Antarctica froze up roughly 35 million years ago and remained frozen for few million years until the upswing of the short cycle caused it to thaw again.

With the next down-swing of the short cycle Antarctica froze up again 12 million years ago and remain frozen. We are now at the stage where both, the long and short cycles, are approaching their low point. In the course of the weakening plasma density in the galaxy, with it being affected from both sides, the epoch of the ice ages began roughly 2 million years ago, which will likely continue for a few more million years till the next upswing of the 31 million year cycle begins an takes effect.

Our electric universe is a dynamically operating complex of great power. Naturally, the interacting dynamics also produce correspondingly great effects. In addition, as one would expect, the principle of the dynamics that are expressed on the galactic scale, are also expressed on the small scale of the solar system which has its own plasma resonance effects that further affect the climate on the Earth. The ice age cycles result from that.

Because the stars within the galaxy are similarly interconnected with each other with interstellar plasma streams, the long galactic resonance tones are further modulated with the interstellar resonance tones that have a frequency of one cycle for every 120,000 years. The numerous glaciation periods of the ice ages in the last two million years result from the effect that the interstellar resonance has on our Sun. As the result of this interaction, the glaciation condition produced by the long galactic cycles, get periodically interrupted with the nicely warm interglacial periods, as the one that we presently enjoy, which, unfortunately is ending.

What does this all mean? It means for us that with the galactic plasma density being at a historic low point, the interstellar resonance that draws its plasma from the galactic environment, drops for long periods below the minimal threshold line that determines the plasma density that is required for the Sun to remain active. When the plasma density diminishes below the threshold line, an Ice Age glaciation period begins. The glaciation period typically lasts for 90,000 years. All evidence tells us that the Earth is presently in the boundary zone towards the Sun going inactive and for the next Ice Age to begin, which is likely to occur in roughly 30 years going into the 2050s. 

The process that is unfolding here is similar to what we see happening in economics that is in a transition towards total collapse that happens when the threshold line is crossed. In the solar system the plasma weakening is only minutely felt. A system of internal regulation that is reflected in the solar-wind pressure, keeps the solar fusion process operating steadily to within a fraction of a percent of its output level. But when the reserves for this built-in regulating system become exhausted, the entire process disintegrates in a chain-reaction collapse. At this point the dynamic primer fields collapse that focus plasma onto the Sun.

The equivalent stage in economics can have many causes. When a certain threshold is crossed in recognized economic value, nothing works anymore. The interlinked processes no longer function. For example, when the value of money becomes so uncertain that the price for products become meaningless, as no one knows what the value of money is or will be in an hour, then the stores simply close, the banks close, the electricity supply stops, the gas pumps stop, food is no longer delivered, cooking food stops, people starve and die, or shoot each other for food. The collapse chain-reaction may begin one morning when traders in financial markets can no longer trust the value of money, because, when nothing much remains standing in economic products that the value of money inherently represents, then the value system is dead. At this point, when the bare reality becomes obvious, the entire commercial process simply shuts down. This may take only hours, and by nightfall the system is dead. This potential exists.

The operation of the solar system can collapse just as quickly. When the primer fields collapse that focus plasma onto the Son, the interglacial period is over. The difference is that unlike the solar collapse into an Ice Age, which is cosmic in nature and cannot be avoided, the economic collapse process is manmade, resulting from insanity in policies, so that the collapse process can be reversed with saner policies. But will we do this? Also, will we make preparations for the coming Ice Age? Our existence hangs in the balance on both counts.

The astrophysical 30-year estimate reflects the enormous weakening of the plasma density in the solar system that has been measured in numerous ways, from space with measurements of the solar wind pressure, on the ground with simple solar cycles observation, and in the Arctic with magnetic-pole drift measurements, and so on. 

Our response to the measured weakening dynamics, in conjunction with the measured consequences in historic ice core samples that suggest a 70% reduction in radiated energy from the Sun, should be, to shift our living into the tropics before the enormous Ice Age transition begins that renders most areas outside the tropics uninhabitable in an extremely short time once the Sun goes inactive.

Here the factor of practicality comes to the foreground again. While we lack the means to affect the vast cosmic processes that act on the climate on Earth, we do have the power to affect our actions as a society in response to cosmic dynamics that we have scientific evidence of, even to the point of understanding the consequences. But will we act?

It is obviously considered totally impractical in the present small-minded world, to even consider to relocate Canada, Europe, Russia, and so forth, into the tropics, with nothing more practical than scientific data and scientific recognition as an imperative. This means that today's small-minded practicality that has become a near-global phenomenon, will most likely cause humanity to become extinct when the world's food supply infrastructure that is keyed to the warm interglacial climate, becomes disabled worldwide without new infrastructures having been created that enables the continued existence of humanity.

The design of the human species and its continuing development is as big in power and potential as are all the systems of the Universe. We have gigantic capabilities at our finger tips. We have the scientific and technological capability to shift the entire global food supply onto indoor agriculture, as an option. Likewise, we have the technologies and resources at hand to create a system of floating agriculture spread across the equatorial sea, extending from world-encircling equatorial sea bridges. Building such infrastructures would be an efficient response to the now ongoing Ice Age transition. It would be efficient, because it would enable humanity to continue to live, which would otherwise become likely extinct. That's an extreme example of the difference between efficiency and practicality. On which side will we weigh in?

The 'practical' approach to humanity's future is presently determined by a transnational club of liars, swindlers, and thieves who who project the myth of manmade global climate change and are fast destroying under this myth the civilization that humanity has built. Their lies are now shaping the human response. The lies keep the vision of society small and narrow, while they subject the world to looting, poverty, starvation, and war under their club's long-standing depopulation doctrine that is deployed to protect the club's empire that is essentially already dead. This is the sad face of the practical world. On this platform of extreme 'practicality' the world's zero-response to the Ice Age imperative is almost guaranteed. Whoever raises to topic is considered an idiot. Countless excuses are being dredged up to make the Universe and the human being appear small, docile, and simplistically unchanging. Consequently nothing is being built. Nothing is even considered. Just ask anyone. 

Debt, profit, and war, are the issues of the day, with the depopulation policy standing in the background for which society has been educated to massively burn its own food resources in automobiles as biofuels - a process by which 100 million people are starved to death each year, with nearly everyone taking part in the murdering in some form. 

The focus in practicality is not on protecting humanity, but is on destroying it. The cosmic Ice Age, and the science for its timing, are no longer issues being considered in the dying landscape of small-minded dreaming.

It might be possible that our exit from this small-minded trap of dreaming can be inspired by our growing scientific recognition of the dynamics of the Universe that are immensely efficient, and unimaginably powerful and creative, which contrary doctrines are designed to hide. While the club of the small-minded of the Old World would have us believe that the entire universe exists as atomic matter that was born in a hypothetical Big Bang explosion, for which no evidence exists, from which the universe is deemed to have condensed into galaxies of stars and clusters of galaxies that are powered by their own energy within, which is now winding down, the real evidence that does exist points to far-more efficient realities. It points to a universe that is dynamically its own inexhaustible energy, by which it is building itself, and is progressively expanding, quantitatively, and is developing qualitatively. We, as human beings, as a part of the Universe, are our own evidence of the process with our scientific understanding that takes us efficiently far beyond the visible and 'practical' on a path of efficient development that enables us to see the Universe evermore richly.

We see a Universe that doesn't need the Big Bang of the small-minded origin theory. We see a Universe that doesn't merely produce the energy by which it exists, but is a Universe that IS energy itself. 

The leading-edge theoretical physicist, David Bohm, whome Albert Einstein had recognized as his successor, describes a universe that is not primarily empty space as we seem to experience by flying spacecraft in this space, but is itself a vast sea of inherent energy that has an efficient implicate order and expressed explicate order. The evidence for David Bohm's concept of an implicate order may be found in the specific propagation-speed of light that is not inherent in the light itself, but is the same for all 'colors' and for all levels of energy from which the light is projected. 

The evidence for what David Bohm referred to as an explicate order, which he likened to ripples of energy similar to ripples on the surface of the sea, may be the source for all the electrons and protons in the Universe that flow together into the plasma streams that power the galaxies and all the stars within them that create their planets with the fusion of plasma into atomic elements. 

It is well understood in nuclear physics that the electrons and protons are not basic entities themselves, but are themselves the constructs of combinations of quarks that are recognized in nuclear physics as organized moving points of energy.

Thus, the recognition that we live in an extremely efficient Universe has, as a concept, an amazingly solid foundation. 

Of course, what unfolds dynamically from this foundation, has some major practical implications for our living on a planet under an electric Sun that is a rather mediocre sun, which in edition is located in a thinly populated area of our galaxy. Both factors render our Sun susceptible to marginal conditions, as we presently experience in the form of Ice Age epochs and cycles, and interglacial periods.

It could well be, in this context that the local interstellar plasma streams, which do carry a large physical mass and have a built-in resonance that has has a major effect on our Sun, may be the reason why we exist at all. 

The interstellar resonance has the effect that it raises the galactic background plasma density above the solar cut-off threshold periodically, which interrupts the galactic ice epoch and enables the amazingly warm interglacial holidays, like the one that we presently enjoy, which stands as an anomaly in the dark glacial environment with an inactive Sun that has been the norm for 85% of the last two million years. 

This means that the ice ages that render the conditions for life on our planet so harsh that only a few million people have emerged from the last Ice Age, are not the result of interstellar oscillations, but are the result of intergalactic oscillations, while the interstellar oscillations effectively boost the solar system periodically above the galactic background, which gives us a holiday on Earth to recover ourselves. 

It may well be, that without these recovery periods from the long glacial night, we might not have had the means developed to exist. As it was, in spite of it all, quite a few distinct human species have become extinct in the long sweep of human development that occurred entirely during the galactic glacial epoch.

We are the eighth human species, and the only remaining one with a mere 200,000-year history. The other species may have all perished in the unfolding long glaciation cycles, even while some, like homo erectus, had survived a very long time. The high rate of extinction may be the result of the potentially fast transition to ice age conditions when the Sun goes inactive. Without being prepared for such results the surprised societies would likely have been decimated to extinction by the changing conditions. We may suffer the same fate in out time if we allow this fate to come upon us by keeping our eyes closed and our mental vision confined by a shallow sense of practicality.

 But why should we fall into this trap when the evidence that we live in a plasma- electric Universe, is all around us?

** The Ecliptic

That the universe is completely and fully electric in nature at all levels, is evident by another major feature of evidence of electric dynamics that is found everywhere, from the galactic system, to the solar system, and is even reflected in planetary systems. A typical galaxy, for example, exists in the form of a thin flat disk of stars, often with a slight bulge at the center.

 For our Milky Way Galaxy, for example, the disk of stars is estimated to be between 100,000 and 180,000 light years wide, containing a field of approximately 100 billion to 400 billion stars, which are all solar systems of various types. 

We've seen this when we looked at Saturn, for example. Saturn is surrounded by a disk-like planetary ring system. The disk is a mere 20 meters thick, but is 120 million meters wide. 

Also, as is plainly apparent, Saturn's thin ring system is perfectly aligned with the planet's equator.

The ring system is also the ecliptic for Saturn's moons that all orbit on the same plane or are huddled close by.

Do we see the same force expressed here, that on the larger scale compresses a galaxy into a thin, flat disk? The similarity suggests that this is indeed the case.

The concept presented here is a highly simplistic view of electromagnetic compression from two opposing directions, to illustrate a principle.

The real ecliptic effect is likely magnetically produced by the very large galactic primer fields. In an experiment, the researcher David LaPoint, placed a number of non-magnetized steel balls on a sheet of glass between two bowl-shaped permanent magnets of opposite polarities, similar to what one would encounter in cosmic primer fields. In the experiment the steel balls spaced themselves magnetically apart from each other and formed two concentric circles.

In another experiment David LaPoint placed two of the steel balls on a sheet placed in line with the axis of the two magnets. The result was that the two balls, no matter where they were placed would seek out the line of the ecliptic and would oscillate along this line until they reached a specific point.

While David LaPoint's experiments do not prove that the galactic, solar, and planetary ecliptics are electromagnetically organized, the experiments nevertheless suggests such a potential, especially if one considers that these static experiments agree with observations made in high-power dynamic experiments, as indicated in the previous slides.

There also exists yet still another set of evidence that suggests that the solar system's ecliptic plane, and the ordering of the planetary orbits is electrically organized and has been electrically maintained over extremely long periods. The potential proof lies in what would happen if the ordering effect of the primer fields would be removed, as would be the case during the glaciation periods when the Sun is inactive. What would one expect to happen? The planets would maintain their orbits by their mass, gravity, and orbital velocity interplay. All asteroids would do so likewise. However, with the small asteroids having a large drag to mass relationship, their velocity would dwindle over time, and so would the radius of their orbit. As a result one would expect to see radically increased asteroid impacts on Earth towards the end of each glaciation period. Not surprisingly, this is exactly what we see in the ice core samples from previous glaciation periods.

We see in Antarctic ice samples from the four last ice ages, large dust accumulations occurring in the latter part of each of the glaciation periods. We also see that as soon as the interglacial begins, the dustiness suddenly stops, in every case. While this doesn't prove that the phenomena were caused by missing primer fields during the glaciation periods, the potential that this might be so is nevertheless interesting.

Another potential evidence for the ecliptics being caused by the primer fields, is found in areas of the galaxy where large congregations of stars exist outside the normal dynamics where large-scale primer fields should not be found. In these areas stars have congregated in globular clusters. The clusters are spherical in nature, as one would expect for non-organized congregations of stars.

Globular clusters appear to be congregation of stars that were swept out of the spiral arms by the vast tangle of plasma currents that surround the galaxy like a halo. Observations indicate that all galaxies have them. For our Milky Way Galaxy, 150 such clusters have been identified, with up to a million stars in some, as that of the lower image.. The larger Andromeda Galaxy may have 500 star clusters, and some very large galaxies at the center of large clusters of galaxies are believed to have as many as 13,000. But they all have one thing in common. Their congregations of stars are spherical. They are not compressed into ecliptic structures. This is precisely what one would expect for these fringe features that operate outside the big galactic plasma streams.

Of course, the coincidence of the lacking ecliptic with the lacking primer fields cannot be cited as proof that we live in an electric, plasma defined, universe. But it proves something in conjunction with all the other types of evidence that point to large-scale electric phenomena, such as nebula that are obviously electric phenomena.

These immensely luminous phenomena are evidently not hotly glowing gas clouds energized by star explosions in distant times that have continued to glow unabated. If this was the case their energies would have dissipated eons ago. These gas clouds surrounding hyper-active stars glow brightly for the simple reason that they are continuously powered by large interstellar plasma streams. Their bipolar feature leaves little doubt about their nature. Some day, no doubt, they will be recognized as that. At this point astronomers will no longer insist that plasma does not exist in cosmic space, and proclaim that all phenomena in the Universe must be the effect of gravity, as is the current belief. When the belief is shed, astronomers will be shocked to realize that they had been missing the very point that is foundational to every facet of astronomy and is absolutely crucial for the future of human existence on the Earth.

The breakout point from the small sphere of practicality, to the gigantic sphere of universal efficiency, may not be far distant, because in the realm of the mind no inertia exists that should hold back the movements of discovery that may have just barely begun with a wide open horizon before us.

The evidence is so wide and extensive that we live in an electric universe, expressed in the galactic system, the solar system, and the planetary system, that one actually has to make a major effort to close ones eyes and mind to the reality that is increasingly hard to deny. 

I would like to suggest that we are not the same people anymore who came out of the last Ice Age with a minuscule world population and a primitive sense of reality, but find ourselves evermore with open eyes and an open mind, and with science and technologies that can change and enrich the world as nothing ever had. 

I would like to suggest that we have developed ourselves into giants, comparatively speaking, during the last 10,000 years of the current interglacial recovery period. Only during the last two centuries did we become infantile and practical again, and began to babble in fairy tales.

The great astronomer, Johannes Kepler of the early 1600s, who put science on the map as a rigorous discipline, would cry in his grave if he could hear us today spinning the yarn of such absurd notions as orbiting stars, and of the density-wave theory that is dreamed up as an epicycle to make the absurdity seem plausible. Kepler would cry, "have you learned nothing from me?" Why do you violate my name so brutally as to suggest that the stars in the galactic plane are orbiting around the galactic center, which is physically impossible by the laws of orbital motions that I have spent a lifetime to discover for you? The relationship of orbital distances versus orbital-velocity, which is inherent in all orbital motions, is not physically possible on the galactic scale even with all the epicycles added that astronomers like to apply. Thus, the actually measured evidence in stellar motions disproves the orbital theory."

Kepler would ask further, "why do you also spit in the face of your own modern pioneers, like the Nobel laureate Hannes Alfven who gave you the answer in principle, that you seek, that would clear my name and heal your folly? Alfven proposed the only possible type of answer to the movement of stars in a galaxy, as expressions of the magnetically induced rotary motions of free flowing electric currents along the length of the spiral arms. The self-aligned twisting currents were predicted in 1908 by the Norwegian explorer and physicist Kristian Birkeland. The existence of these currents was confirmed with satellite measurements in space in 1967. The nature of the currents was further replicated by Birkeland in his Terrella experiment, which illustrates that the Birkeland currents occur in groups of field-aligned current sheets. Modern measurements of the movement of stars actually confirm Alfven's perception of the Birkland rotation in the plasma environment in the spiral arms of galaxies. The terrestrial Sun has been measured to be moving upwards towards the edge of the galactic disc, instead of laterally in an orbit. The resulting plasma-rotation concept for the 'circular' stellar motions within a spiral arm, is efficient. It stands on a solid, truthful foundation and on proof in several types of laboratory experiments. Shouldn't science be open to what is efficient, truthful, and is built on discovered principles that can be demonstrated in laboratory experiments, and so forth?"

Indeed, without truthfulness in science, how can we clear the logjam in political theory that defines the potential extinction of humanity in nuclear war as a practical foundation for civilization?

I would like to suggest that we have developed ourselves not only technologically, but also as human beings, as we have developed our higher-level human resources towards ever-greater efficiency in scientific self-recognition. Efficiency in science means movement without inertia in thought. It means progress without limits in time. It means that we have the capacity to be were we want to be. It means that we will find ourselves with the power to vacate the threat of nuclear war from the fabric of civilization, and this with the full sweep of vacating all the destructive forces of empire that war is a part of, like the self-collapsing economies, the swindlery in finance, the green fascism in environmental concerns, and the looting of the world for depopulation, which together have staged a deadly destructive path on every front, and have even crippled the window of science in many respects for the same intention. Efficient living means vacating the very notion of empire, with which the freedom of humanity begins. 

I would like to suggest that we will step away from the small-minded practical insanity and set a new stage for the 30 years that we have still remaining, potentially, until the next glaciation period begins, and that we will use the great human potential that we have at hand to cause a profound world development on a global scale with such efficiency that we assure ourselves thereby that we will live through the next Ice Age, and live richly and abundantly in spite of the harsher climate conditions that come with the Ice Age that we cannot avoid anyway. 

Since the potential that we will do all this is greater than we like to believe. I would like to suggest that we stand not at the precipice of doom in our time, but stand at the portal to the greatest era of discovery and efficiency in living that we have yet imagined, so that when the next ice age knocks at the door, we will answer, where is your sting?

 I would like to suggest that this is what it means to live as human beings, and not merely as a practical people, but as an efficient people on a scale far beyond anything that we yet dare to dream of.

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