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The novel Discovering Love became the seed kernel for a series

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After my novel, Brighter than the Sun, I wrote the novel Discovering Love, which became the seed kernel for a series of 12 novels, carrying forward the exploration of the principle of universal love. It was a daring, pioneering venture into an uncharted world of a principle that was poorly understood and even denied and rejected, just as the Ice Age Challenge is presently poorly understood and is denied and rejected.

I would like to suggest that the Ice Age Challenge, for the immense scope of it, will ultimately not be met as a climate issue, or technical issue, or even an economic issue, even while the economics for meeting the challenge are largely on its side.

I would like to suggest that the Ice Age Challenge cannot be met on any lesser basis than the uplifted dignity of man, universally, in love unrestrained, reaching beyond division, overcoming isolation, uplifting sex, ennobling the race of humanity, blocking greed, reversing hate with truth, and banishing indifference with the honesty of universal love that is already native in the human heart.


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