Transcript for scene 54 of the video " Floods and Ice Age - Part 2" by Rolf Witzsche  

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The Ice Age Challenge dissolves all borders, all divisions

I had hoped against hope that time would dissolved the madness, but time itself doesn't heal anything. Something deeper is evidently needed that reaches deep into our very soul, and raises us up as human beings by the force of our humanity, to the point that we will lay the bombes aside. This hasn't happened yet, but the Ice Age Challenge may get us there. As it does, it opens up a portal to a future that outshines everything that we have ever achieved in the past. The Ice Age Challenge is of a magnitude that it dissolves all borders, all divisions, all believes and ushers in an era of truth where the petty small-minded notions of the past are left behind and be forgotten, that presently renders humanity an enemy against itself.

The near Ice Age Start-up with its increasing drought conditions and potential flooding events leading up to it, are so immense and so far beyond our historic experiences, that for the first time in human history we may feel impelled to raise ourselves up to meet the challenge that seems greater than us, and become more fully human and 'divine' as the tallest species of life on the Earth, with a potential future that promises to be brighter than the Sun itself, which we have the power to create, and most likely will create.


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