Transcript for scene 51 of the video " Floods and Ice Age - Part 2" by Rolf Witzsche  

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The Ice Age Challenge comes with a silver lining

Ironically, the Ice Age Challenge comes with a silver lining attached that will be our salvation. When the challenge is recognized and responded to, it will force humanity to scrap its doomsday machine that its nuclear war capability has become.It will force humanity to work together to solve the onrushing crisis that no nation, no matter how strong, can solve alone. The Ice Age Challenge forces us to work together, as one people, or no one can survive. On this path the nuclear war machine will be laid aside. Nothing has apparently worked to accomplish this for over 70 years, since the madness began. For 70 years, humanity has lived under this absolute terror threat of its own creation, which none of the participating nations had the courage to stop. The Ice Age challenge that now looms on the horizon may give us this courage, whereby we may live to see the new era unfolding.


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