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For every year we are moving back 10 years

We live in a different world now than we did when the big dams for flood control were built. Most were built in the decades prior to the year 2000, when the Sun was still ramping up. The facilities were designed in a period when all was well and the world wasn't changing rapidly. Historic yardsticks were valid then, for the time when the great dams and facilities were built. But now, that the Sun is diminishing, and is diminishing 10 times faster than it had previously ramped up. We are now encountering instabilities that exceed historic experiences. For every year ahead, we are moving back 10 years in solar activity, in comparison with the historic solar up-ramping of the last 300 years. We are in fresh new territory. The type of steep solar collapse that we now experience, has never been seen before in comparable historic measurements..


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