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Infallibility & Deconfliction - Part 2

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Part II - The Deconfliction Ultimate - Fire and Ice

The goal of creating an infallible civilization will likely be accomplished when we stop keeping our eyes and mind fixed onto little issues, thereby evading the ultimate issue.

By accepting the ultimate challenge that has never been dealt with before, the little things will be accomplished along the way, because the ultimate challenge demands us to reach higher than at any time prior, stepping up to the most-leading edge of scientific awareness and understanding.

This ultimate challenge is evidently the Ice Age Challenge, the greatest scientific challenge in the history of civilization.

The Ice Age is real. It is infallible by the principles of cosmic dynamics. Nothing in the world can prevent its unfolding. Nothing can block its effects. It is global. No one can not be affected by it.

The Ice Age starts with a solar phase shift that will be upon us in the 2050s. At this point the northern regions from Canada to Europe and Russia will become rapidly uninhabitable, without fail.

The first phase towards the world-shaping event is already 45% complete. The task before us is to create a structure of civilization that cannot fail under the greatest demands and stresses that arise with the Earth becoming largely an Ice Planet when the Ice Age phase shift occurs. The task is so enormous that all lesser challenges become subsumed by it, even the nuclear war challenge.

In order to reach the ultimate point, from where we are today, a long road of progress lays before us with little time at hand. We have taken no footsteps forward on this road to date.

Tragically, instead of creating an infallible civilization, we stand prepared to accept the doom of our universal self-annihilation with nuclear war that promises not to fail to achieve that doom. We even acknowledge that the prepared-for doom is designed not to fail. We call the promise of this doom, "Mutually Assured Destruction," a destruction that can be relied on to deliver its promise. Nuclear war is fail-safe. It is protected against failure by design.

The nuclear arsenals are now so immensely large that not enough targets exist in the world for the volumes of weapons that have been laid up, so that the destruction of all that is good and beautiful is assured with multiple redundancy in targeting.

The bombing of the city of Dresden in Germany, at the end of World War II, had been carried out with multiple redundancy. The doom didn't fail. The destruction was complete. Wave after wave of bombing runs were executed. The returning armada of bombers bombed even the survivors fleeing the holocaust. They also bombed the ruins after nothing had remained intact to be destroyed.

The infallibility in this theater is not on the side of civilization. It is on the side of doom, whereby civilization is doomed.

This doom stands at the door again, closer than ever, knocking. The weapons exist, and the intentions exist to unleash them. For 70 years humanity has assured itself to achieve that final end of civilization.

We are not at the trigger-point yet when this happens, but we are getting closer by the day. The warning to impact time is now less than 5 minutes, if indeed attack detection is possible in the theater of first strike preemption. Deconfliction seems hopelessly out of reach here.

In comparison, the acid tone of the cries for war that Adolf Hitler had made himself infamous for, has been far surpassed in acidity in modern time by the hate phobia that is whipped up by the Deep State machine across the West against both Russia and China.

The papal throne (cathedra),

in the apse of Archbasilica

of St. John, Lateranano,

Rome, Italy.

Symbol of

the Holy See

 The hate phobia against Russia and China has become so intensive that even the Pope in Rome has been successfully recruited to join the vertical bandwagon of hate and doom-casting, adding the weight of the church to the inferno with the myth of papal infallibility.

Hitler had hailed himself an 'infallible' leader. Indeed, his hatred did not fail to take the world deep into hell. Hatred and lies had become infectious diseases under his hand - diseases of insanity - for which no cure has yet been sought.

In modern time the danger for war no longer flows directly from the leaders of governments, as during World War II, or from the delegates to the United Nations forum that was erected in the postwar period for war-voidance.

Most elected leaders in our time appear to have been grown up enough to avoid the war that no one can win. But this is not the camp where the danger is presently rooted.

Most western nations have their hands tied behind their back by the modern Deep State apparatus that shapes the nation's policies, economics, and their ultimate destiny. The Deep State has its hand at the throat of civilization with the often stated intention to destroy it.

The Deep State of corruption and deception: fascist force of games of lies

The Deep State, as many people now call it, is not a government, or institutions of government, but is a corrupting mental sewer that rolls in money, deceptions, games of fascist force, games of lies, games for the looting of nations, games that instigate war to prevent civilization.

Some call the sewer of thievery, Wall Street. Some call the Deep State sewer the largest conglomeration of organized crime that ever congregated in the history of the world- a criminal gang of angels of hell flying on stolen wings. Some call this the world of civilization.

The world is divided by lies and thievery, into enemies created with the lances of hate and slanders. The hate phobia in this flood of insanity, flows out from the sewers of the Deep State apparatus and from the masters of the hub who control the apparatus from behind their gilded fronts. The masters act as if they own all the cards. They certainly owns the media of the West and with it own the thinking of society; but do they own the heart of humanity?

The rarely-ever-seen 'white spiders' own society's money, and with it, they own is living and its politics with their bought officials and institutions that play entire nations as Pons in the Deep State games.

The Deep State games all converge at the often stated, ultimate goal, to eliminate 90% of humanity by forced depopulation, by whatever means the masters dream up and try to impose.

On this path, all forms of inhumanity become possible, as in the days of Hitler, or in colonial times.

The Deep State aims to create a civilization that is dead. Depopulation remains policy. Would you like to be depopulated? Be careful what you wish for.

Or shouldn't you rather wish for a civilization that is alive, vibrantly alive - a civilization that cannot fail - that is infallible?

Infallible civilization is achievable by scrapping what it is not.

The nuclear war terror-machine was created for the purpose of the Deep State objectives. It is kept on the front burner for this game with the flames turned up higher and higher. The game is now played in the context of timeframes so short that automated responses are programmed into the game, as no person can react fast enough to execute strategy.

It is sheer fantasy to believe that the fury of the machine can be stopped once it gets rolling, no matter who sits on the throne or who will start the ball to roll. The game is designed to roll. Conflicts are created and are escalated till the ball does roll. How does one deconflict this theater of insanity?

There is a solution possible - a solution that is infallible - a simple solution, and the only solution.

Total Nuclear Disarmament - the only solution

the path is Deconfliction - an opportunity to have a future.

It is a grand delusion to assume that nuclear war can be avoided forever with nothing more substantial to rely on than patriotism and luck, while the Deep State keeps on fanning the flames evermore with its vast machine that controls all layers of society, including the political parties?

Deconfliction at the political level is presently far out of sight. Most nations' parliaments or houses of government are functionally theatres of war under the currently operating political party system. Democracy has become a conflict engine, rather than a peace engine. The Principle of Deconfliction needs to be applied there. According the the US Supreme Court, political parties are private clubs. Government by conflicting private interest clubs fails to qualify for the term, democracy. In this context Deconfliction means, political disarmament.

On the larger front Deconfliction means the same. It means nuclear disarmament. In real terms, this means total nuclear disarmament, because the result of anything less fails to qualify for the term, civilization. Nothing less than total nuclear disarmament assures the continued existence of humanity. For this it must be achieved. The seemingly impossible must be achieved. This challenge is our Brunelleschi opportunity. Principles exist that can enable the impossible to be achieved unfailingly. So why would we fail? Would Brunelleschi agree? What would he say if we could tell him about our modern impossible challenges?

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