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Ice Planet Earth - Part 2

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Reading the Writing on the Wall

Fringe Effects of the weakening Sun

Diminishing solar wind pressure

Increasing solar cosmic-ray flux

Increasing cloudiness

Increasing floods

Increasing droughts

Increasing storms

Global cooling

Crop losses

Mega floods

A New World Begins with a 70% dimmer Sun

scientifically understood (and prepared for)

Areas outside the tropics become uninhabitable

Traditional agriculture collapses

Snow disabled much of the landscape

Rivers stop flowing. Freshwater becomes scarce.

The Earth becomes largely an Ice Planet

The writing is on the wall.We know what is required. The weakening of the Sun is already in progress. While the phase shift to the full Ice Age is still 30 years distant, the on going weakening of the Sun has a wide range of fringe effects. When we learn to read their writing on the wall, the Ice Age Challenge will be understood, and its urgency will be understood likewise.

Then, the building of the Ice Age infrastructures will begin without delay. he resulting projects will inspire an industrial revolution on a scale that has never-before been imagined. Then, the project to lay down a floating bridge spanning the oceans, with Africa becoming the center of the world, won't raise any eyebrows.

It has been long proposed to build a land-bridge to link the Eurasian and American continents across the top of the world, via an under-sea tunnel crossing the Bering Straight. While this project would bridge the shortest gap between the continents, it would be far too inefficient to be practical.

It would be far more efficient in principle to build a floating bridge across the Pacific. The vastly longer bridge is more efficient, because it can be build with automated industrial processes, powered with high-temperature nuclear energy, utilizing basalt as a construction material. The floating-bridge project would be more efficient, because less human labor would need to be devoted to build the project. Large-scale industrial automation makes this possible.

By the new criterion it would actually be even more efficient to build the world-bridge project directly along the equator where it would also serve as a backbone for floating agricultures and cities.

No matter what the climate may bring, we need agriculture to survive, on which 99% of our living depends. We need agriculture to grow our food,. We also need it to produce fodder for the animals that we presently need to eat to obtain the amino acids that plants don't readily provide.

We need the animals, because we need to eat them until more efficient means are developed for us to nourish ourselves without animal proteins in our diet. For this reason we produce close to 20 billion chicken per year, 2 billion sheep, 1.5 billion cattle, and a billion pigs. We must provide food for all of these animals as well. Their food, of course, originates largely with farming. All of this means that the entire farming infrastructure must be maintained, and wherever possible, be invigorated.

And in order for all of this to be possible, humanity must maintain itself. This means that it must constantly develop itself.

The Belt and Road Forum is a step in the direction of humanity maintaining its existence more efficiently. For this we need economic development, scientific development, technological development, and industrial development. The Belt and Road initiative was designed as a stage to advance the urgently needed world development. It thereby pioneers a commitment that becomes ultimately, absolutely required for meeting the Ice Age Challenge.

The economic world-development that the Ice Age Challenge demands must inspire a vast new global industrial revolution on a scale that has never been experienced before. Without this revolution, the infrastructures for meeting the Ice Age Challenge, most likely cannot be built.

The Ice Age world bridge, most likely, cannot be build without a world economy that is so extensively developed that no more than 15% of it needs to be devoted to fulfilling the Ice Age preparation requirements. If more is drawn away from the economy for any purpose, the productive capacity of society would become cannibalized by the process, an d that's not a path for building the future. The future can only be build on a wide platform of universal economic development.

This is in essence what the Belt and Road Forum is designed to facilitate.

The Belt and Road Initiative was put forward in 2013 by Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China. The proposal became reality. It inspired the world. President Xi Jinping and his spouse Peng Liyuan, are shown here attending the gala closing event of the "Belt and Road Forum, May 15, 2017, at the eve of a momentous achievement. The initiative became an invitation to the nations of Eurasia, and beyond that of the world, to work together, to pull together, to prosper together, to create a richer and more secure world for all. That's the path to the New World that the whole of humanity needs to learn to realize in the critical times ahead, because nothing less will be sufficient to create the broad-based renaissance revolution that assures a future for mankind without fail.

China's Belt and Road Initiative for Cooperation and Economic Development:

renewing the Silk Road Economic Belt, and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road,

a network of railways, highways, oil and gas pipeline, power grids,

Internet networks and aviation routes across Eurasia to establish closer economic

ties across Eurasia, with the emphasis on openness and inclusiveness, through

China's win-win good-neighbor policy.

See: China Daily - http://e.my399.com/heb/


This means, simply put, that the key driver for the security of civilization, and of humanity with it, in the near Ice Age world, must be to stage an economic revolution in the present with the required magnitude that it enables the needed New World for the coming Ice Age to be created in the normal flow of economic and cultural processes. China's Belt and Road Initiative provides with its commitment a valuable start for meeting the Ice Age requirement.

Progress on this line means mutually empowered economics, and the nations of the world becoming an integrated part of the global economic development process.

Progress on this path also means, no more war, absolutely, and no more looting of one another, no more waste of the human potential. It means nuclear power development, cosmic energy development, automated industrial production, efficient transportation, universal health care, and free education, and free housing for all humanity.

While the world is presently far from reaching these goals, nevertheless these goals must be reached for an Ice Age Renaissance to become possible. And so, they will be reached.

Empowering Culture

The critical goals must also include uplifting culture, including classical culture. The needed Ice Age infrastructures cannot be built without a highly developed humanist platform as a foundation to built on. For this advanced cultural developments are needed. And this too, will happen, because nothing less will do.

Cultural pursuits have been a part of the human landscape for a very long time, if not from the very beginning, because cultural pursuits are intrinsically human pursuits. Our humanity had developed on this foundation, from distant ages to the present.

It may well be that without a rich cultural foundation, nothing great and profound, and valuable, will likely be realized.

In this context, the building of secure places for living, and large enough places for people to live and develop, and this with agricultures powerful enough to produce high-quality food, is a vital necessity for civilization to exist, and the most minimal platform for large-scale infrastructures to be built on, such as thousands of new cities, with many of them placed afloat on the oceans. Water has long played a vital role in the cultures of our civilizations.

Living afloat on the sea was quite common in some historic cultures, only the scale that is now required is new, for meeting the larger challenge.

In order for the new, worldwide renaissance revolution to happen efficiently on all fronts simultaneously, the humanist dimension needs also to aspire to the highest goals. As I said before, it must include free housing in the new cities, and free education, free food, and free health care. And these becoming the standard, must be seen as a minimal investment by society into itself, because all of these components are necessary to protect and empower the most precious asset that a society has, which is itself. Whatever is required to meet this minimal standard, must be created. And it can be created.

With grand goals being aspired to, advanced energy development also becomes a minimal standard. We have come a long way on this path already.

We have stepped away from burning wood for energy, a long time ago. We have stepped up to coal, then to oil, then to nuclear power. Now the time has come to step up to the 4th generation nuclear power reactors that burn thorium as fuel. With the liquid fuelled thorium reactor, a single ton of thorium can deliver the energy equivalent of burning 3,500,000 tons of coal.

(Ps. The theoretical energy production potential is: 1 ton of nuclear fuel = 50 million tons of coal being burned.)

The technology to do this has been sitting on the shelf for 50 years already, un-utilized, with a fuel supply of 1,800,000 tons of thorium sitting unused on the ground around the world. And this too, when it becomes implemented, would only be another start.

In an energy-lean landscape we die. We die there as surely as would die in a landscape without culture; in a world without music, art, literature, poetry, song, dialogs, and so on.

And the utilization of cosmic energy, the resource that powers the Sun, promises an even larger and still-more efficient energy supply than the most advanced nuclear power reactor is able to.

We have the power to create and to utilize all of these resources, and more than those. We only loose this power when we close our mind to what we already have, and are, and have discovered.

When we close our mind, then the coming Ice Age becomes apocalyptic in nature, because then, small-minded thinking will keep our vision obscured, so that the coming Ice Age will not even be recognized, much less be prepared for.

Since this is the present state of the world, and of what we call science, we live in an extremely dangerous world right now that is vastly apocalyptic by choice as a consequence of society's self-made blindness that no one seems committed to heal.

In this respect, when seen from this standpoint of the mental poverty that is perpetrated today, the ending of the movie, Ice 2020, is closer to the mark than anyone might imagine.

In the movie only four people were seen surviving, marching south, from a country of 71 million, symbolically. If humanity doesn't wake up soon, the silent fate of the 71 million in the movie, becomes our destiny.

In its sad irony, the movie is truthful. It illustrates the blindness that makes our world presently apocalyptic.

The movie is focused on the apocalyptic Global Warming doctrine, and an apocalyptic, entropic energy myth with built-in resource depletion. It is also a movie of science denial, and denial of the very universe in which we live. It is a movie that conveys a vision of the cultivated blindness in the world, that is a blindness to the creative and productive power of the human being by which the leading edge of life on Earth is defined.

Humanity, the Supreme Being

Fortunately, the grand denial of reality is in the process of ending

This ending, that draws to a close the small-minded world, is built into the dynamics of the ice age transition. The key factor in this arena is the tiniest cosmic factor in physical terms. This factor is the solar cosmic-ray flux.

Solar cosmic rays are not rays in the standard sense, like rays of light. They are single events of fast moving protons and electrons escaping from the plasma fusion cells on the surface of the Sun.

Protons are 100,000 times smaller than the smallest atom, and the electrons are a thousand times smaller than that. They are the building blocks that all atoms in the universe are synthesized of. Not all plasma particles are bound together into atoms, in this energetic synthesis on the surface of the Sun. Some escape in extremely energized form.

These tiny carriers of an electric potential, when they encounter the Earth, have an enormous effect on the Earth's climate. Their electric potential ionizes the atmosphere, which enhances the cloud-forming process up to 100-fold.

Increased cloudiness reflects a larger portion of the solar radiation back into space, which makes the Earth colder. The enhanced cloud forming also increases rainfall, causing floods, increased hurricanes, and also droughts in areas where the faster rain-out reduces the water-transport distance of the clouds.

Nothing affects the climate on Earth more strongly than these tiny particles flowing from the Sun, which are themselves too small to be visible. They can cause droughts, floods, freezing, storms, crop losses, and even affect hurricanes

The only effect that these tiny particles cannot cause on Earth, is an Ice Age.

The ice ages are caused by a different consequence of the weakening of the solar system. Ice ages begin when the solar system diminishes below a threshold level, at which a set of its primer fields collapse. All the cosmic effects prior to the phase shift, are fringe effects.

The fringe effects are brought about almost exclusively by changing solar cosmic-ray flux. The solar cosmic rays impacting the Earth, cause a very wide range of secondary effects expressed as climate cooling, climate fluctuations, increased cloudiness, flooding, droughts, storms, and so on. These fringe effects can have devastating consequences, and do in many cases. We see them as mega-floods, crop losses, crop failures, deadly storms, scorching droughts, killer frosts. All of these climate effects are caused by changing volumes of solar cosmic-ray events. Their increasing magnitude can be seen to indicate that we are getting close to the big one, to the actual Ice Age Start-up phase shift.

With rigorous scientific tracking of the magnitude of the fringe events, it becomes possible to determine the timing when the Ice Age phase shift is likely to occur.

The underlying weakening of the solar system began roughly 3,500 years ago. That's when the big climate pulses that are discovered in ice cores from the Greenland ice sheet, began to diminish.

If one projects the rate of diminishment forward, it crosses the zero line in our time.

The diminishing solar activity can also be tracked with carbon-14 ratios in historic samples, which reflect changing volumes of cosmic-ray events, and therefore stand as a proxy-measurement for solar activity. These measurements tell us that a long-term solar down-trend occurred till the end of the 1600s. The trend was interrupted and reversed by one of the big warming pulses that occur in long intervals, which recovered the Sun and gave us almost 300 years of global warming..

Then in the late 1990s the big recovery pulse for the Sun had spent its load. We saw the collapse of the solar system beginning anew, dropping like a stone towards its underlying background that is also diminishing.

This modern collapse can no longer be tracked with carbon-14 ratios, since the nuclear bombing and testing in the 50s and 60s added a second source for carbon-14 to the atmosphere.

However, with the dawn of the space age, it became possible to track the diminishing solar-wind pressure in space around the Sun. The measurements for that were provided by the Ulysses spacecraft of NASA and ESO.

The spacecraft measured the solar wind-pressure, and saw it diminishing at a rate of 30% in a 10 years period.

At this rate the solar wind will reach the zero mark in the 2030s. The sunspot cycles, which are similarly diminishing, will reach the zero level likewise in the 2030s.

The solar wind is comparable to steam boiling off from a kettle. When the heat under the kettle diminishes, the steam diminishes, then stops, - thereafter the water cools.

In cosmic terms, after the solar system diminishes to the point that the solar winds stops, the continued weakening in the system will cause the solar surface temperature to diminish.

Eventually the threshold will be crossed when a set of the Sun's primer fields collapses, whereby the Ice Age begins. This will likely happen in the 2050s, but may also happen sooner.

On this path of solar diminishing, the solar cosmic-ray flux continues to increase, and with it the resulting fringe effects increase, such as increased cloudiness, flooding, droughts, storms, freezing, with evermore devastating effects on agriculture and human living.

The increasing magnitude of the fringe effects, is a part of the writing on the wall that tells us that the Ice Age phase shift is near.

The solar cosmic-ray volume is increasing with the weakening of the solar system. The resulting fringe effects are likewise increasing, at such a fast rate that they soon can no longer be ignored.

For how much longer humanity continues to turn its back to the voice of its science, and thereby to the already large volume of evidence that the Earth is on the cosmic path of becoming an ice planet in the near future, which is too trying to contemplate, will determine humanity's fitness to continue to exist on the Earth. This affects all nations. None are not affected. The challenge is not trivial, nor are the consequences.

We, humanity, cannot afford to turn our back to the astrophysical dynamics that we have discovered in so many ways, because when the Ice Age phase shift happens, potentially in the 2050s, Canada looses all of its territory to the snow and ice and becomes an uninhabitable land for 100,000 years. While the glaciation cannot be avoided, the loss of Canada can be prevented by the nation creating a new territory for its living spread across the equatorial sea where the glaciation cannot reach it. Canada is not a land, it is a people.

Russia faces the same challenge, to not turn its back to its future. In fact, humanity as a whole cannot afford the loss should Russia continue to turn its back to its responsibility to maintain its future.

Europe remains on the same track to become lost as if it never existed, while it has the power at hand to avoid this fate.

While India, China, and the USA will loose only parts of their territory to the Ice Age snow and ice, they too, cannot survive the loss, without these nations creating new worlds for their living, far from the ice, cradled under the strongest sunshine.

Our planet is changing. Should we open our eyes and face it's reality honestly, preferably today, and move with the knowledge that science lays before us, and then built ourselves new worlds in the changing landscape of the Earth, we will have passed the test and live. If not? Well, that's unthinkable.

Children of the Ice Ages

Our world is changing with the changing Sun. Its changing affects us already in the present. It affects us via its changing cosmic-ray flux. The changing volume of cosmic-ray flux has the potential to affect us enormously, and is already affecting us in many ways.

Most of the cosmic-ray flux from the Sun becomes trapped in the plasma shell that surrounds the Sun, which is often referred to as the solar corona. However, as the Sun becomes weaker, which means that its corona becomes less dense, increasingly larger volumes of cosmic-ray events penetrate the corona that stands as a barrier against it, which is then getting weaker.

Further along this line, it has recently been discovered that the corona shell around the Sun is not uniform in density, but has weak areas developing. The weak areas are visible when the Sun is observed in the ultraviolet spectrum of light.

Atoms emit light by being energized to varying degrees by the prevailing plasma density and the rate of the plasma flow. Weak areas in the corona show up as areas of lower light-intensity. The weak areas are referred to as coronal holes.

Thus, when holes form in the corona, larger portions of the solar cosmic-ray flux are able to escape the Sun and to reach the Earth.

 When the solar cosmic rays penetrate the Earth atmosphere, they affect cloudiness and thereby the climate. The cosmic-ray events also affect us directly, on the surface, with their electric effects. Researchers have discovered that each of us encounters roughly 50,000 cosmic-ray intrusions per day.

With the cosmic-ray particles being 100,000 times smaller than the smallest atoms, they typically flow through the human body without colliding with anything. However, with the particles being electrically charged, their movement through the body creates minute electric currents by induction. These electric inductions appear to have a beneficial effect on the body's neurological system, which functions electrically. This includes our complex cognitive functions.

All this means that increasing cognitive ability is one of the fringe effects of the weakening of the Sun towards the next Ice Age.

It appears that we need the cosmic-ray nourishment that flows richly during the ice ages, which we see already increasing before the Ice Age even starts. In other words, the Ice Ages might be more beneficial to us in the overall context than we may realize. It might well be that we owe our very development as human beings to this underlying cosmic conditioning during the ice ages.

Archaeology tells us that the entire development of humanity occurred in the timeframe of the current glaciation epoch, termed the Pleistocene Epoch, which begun roughly 2 million years ago and unfolded as a long sequence of countless ice ages.

We appear to be the children of the ice ages for the simple reason that the cosmic conditioning for the complex neurological development, such as we have achieved, didn't exist in earlier time going back more than 400 million years. This means that we are the crowning achievement of the development of life on Earth, second to none.

This also means that we are about to take another leap forward, considering that the next neurologically rich period has already begun. The solar cosmic-ray flux has been increasing from about 1998 onward. Its rate of increase has been measured at 20% over 10 years The rate of increase appears to be increasing too, with the weakening of the Sun.

It may well be that the resulting beneficial effects of the weakening Sun towards the next Ice Age, outweigh the destructive climate effects brought on by cosmic-ray interactions, from floods to droughts, and so on.

It is interesting to note in this context that the great achievements in civilization were wrought in cold periods of the interglacial climate, which are periods of a weaker Sun where larger volumes of solar cosmic-ray flux occur. The dawn of the written languages that uplifted the face of civilization tremendously, had occurred in one of these cold periods.

The dawn of Christianity, and later the Golden Renaissance, likewise occurred in one of these cold periods.

Inversely, the periods of war and destruction occurred during the warm periods when the cosmic-ray flux would have been low. These cosmic-ray lean periods gave us the Roman collapse into fascism that nearly destroyed civilization, followed in later times by the fascist madness of the Dark Ages and World War.

The same relationship also appears to hold true for the more recent historic times. The cold period of the Maunder Minimum in the 1600s - a period of high volumes of cosmic-ray flux - was a period of great cultural achievements, one of the greatest in history. It was the period of Johannes Kepler who is credited with having laid the foundation for modern science.

The 1600s period of high rates of solar cosmic-ray flux also gave us the Peace of Westphalia that ended a hundred years of war and established a type of universal constitution for civilization that still stands today, in principle.

The period also gave us some of the greatest musical geniuses in classical culture, whose work still stand as benchmarks for musical power, beginning with Haydn, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, and so on.

Inversely the modern warm period, a period of low volumes of cosmic-ray flux, became the worst fascist period in history, a period of two World Wars and of the utter madness of the nuclear armed Cold War.

We seem to be breaking away from this history, as we move closer towards the next phase shift to the new Ice Age. The dramatic weakening of the Sun, that has begun towards the next Ice Age, with its corresponding dramatic increase in cosmic-ray flux, may have opened up new opportunities in our self-development as human beings, to reach higher than ever before.

If this is the case, we may not have seen anything yet in terms of what our creative and productive efforts can achieve.

China's "Belt and Road" initiative was not designed to reach as high, as is actually required, but it got us out of the starting gate.

The "Belt and Road" world development forum may be seen as a pinnacle achievement, but in terms of potential advancements, we are seeing just the beginning of with a lot more yet to come. It appears that a movement has begun across the entire front of civilization, with a momentum that will change the world. The train towards a new renaissance is out of the station. We haven't seen anything yet. The train is rolling. The conventions that ruled the past can no longer hinder it or hold it back.

If this isn't cultural optimism, what is? On this now rolling train, the critical Ice Age Preparations, are bound to happen in due course along the path of building a new world for evermore secure and richer human living.

We see large-scale international development efforts presently unfolding from China, in cooperation with Russia, spreading throughout Asia, into Africa, India, and South America. The age of freedom towards the boundless seems to be dawning, which inherently includes freedom from empire and the freedom to pursue scientific and technological progress, with unlimited economic development in the wings, intertwined with space exploration.

It is unknown if the leadership of China is aware of the Ice Age Challenge before humanity, and is moving towards meeting the challenge. It is possible that the logo for the 2016 G20 Meeting that convened in China may symbolize that China is aware of the challenge. The symbol can be seen to represent a stream of plasma flowing around the Sun.

If so, the symbol can be seems as a recognition that the Sun is not is own master, but is externally powered and is thereby subject to radical change towards Ice Age conditions, of the type that the Ulysses spacecraft has already seen the beginning of.

If the G20 symbol signifies this recognition, it is possible that China is saying with it to the world that it is aware that the greatest challenge in the entire history of humanity lies before the world, and is aiming to meet this challenge. No greater challenge is imaginable than that of preparing the world for the coming phase shift by which Canada, Europe, Russia, and parts of India, China, and the USA, become uninhabitable, which consequently need to relocate into the tropics before the phase shift happens in potentially 30 years.

It appears that the "Belt and Road" project flows on this same wide front, with implications that we have not even discovered yet. It appears that China may be saying to the world, lets join hands on this one and meet the challenge together that no one can meet alone.

It is also possible in the context of what has been set in motion by the dynamics of the universe itself, in terms of increased cosmic-ray action of humanity, that the critical recognition of the Ice Age Challenge will be made world wide, without anyone having to drive the project, so that the massive task of building the New Ice Age World will unfold naturally and universally in a matter-of-fact fashion, as if it was the most natural thing to do, so that the Belt and Road Initiative is itself merely a leading element on this road of progress.

This type of vast and rapid progress seems to be almost assured when one recognizes that we will likely experience a 20-30 fold increase in solar cosmic-ray flux in the near future as the Sun continues to weaken towards the point at which the solar winds stop, according to what the Ulysses spacecraft had measured the first faint beginning of.

Cosmo Physical Factors

How great the increase will likely be has recently been illustrated by the researcher Simon Shnoll, who had conducted several types of chemical reaction experiments repeated identically for long periods.

The researcher discovered that the reaction rate had peaked occasionally, and that the peaks occurred in 24 hours intervals, respective of the rotation of the Earth, and that successive peaks were progressively smaller.

The measured result reflects in principle what one would expect to see as the effect of large volumes of cosmic-ray flux flowing through a coronal hole on the Sun that is aligned towards the Earth, which would be slowly rotating away from the Earth over successive days by the rotation of the Sun.

The enormous increase that was measured during the time of the large spike, in comparison with the low-level background that is also shown, tells us that we can expect to see an enormous increase in cosmic ray flux happening across the entire face of the Sun, as the Sun weakens increasingly towards the point when the solar wind pressure diminishes to zero.

 We will likely see a 50-fold increase in solar cosmic-ray flux over the next 30 years, with corresponding effects on the neurological capacity of humanity. We may be standing at the threshold of a major upwards phase-shift of the human cognitive capacity - a phase shift towards a new age of genius, and humanity's creative and productive capacity.

Even at the still early stage of the Ice Age transition, at the present time, some rather amazing changes have already occurred on the face of the Sun. The change shown here was photographed by the SDO satellite, with the same camera, spaced just 16 months apart. If one considers that the Sun will continue to weaken for the next 30 years, then the cosmic-ray increase that Simon Shnoll had measured as a large spike, may become the normal background.

What we see here unfolding seems to promise a rate of cultural development on the Earth that has never been experienced in all known history, surpassing even the environment in which Kepler, Beethoven, and the Peace of Westphalia developed.

These are not trivial factors. When they begin to enrich civilization, empires end.

Empires fall away into the dust bin of expired ideologies, together with

their wars, destruction, terror, poverty, and billionairesL

The radically brighter future that the now unfolding Cosmophysical Factors bring into view is hard to imagine in the context of schooled assumptions that we judge our world against, but which are fundamentally wrong, and perhaps intentionally so, in order to shape society's responses, and to protect the status quo. Science itself is much hampered by this process of building on, and protecting false assumptions. The Ice Ages are obscured by this convention, which leads to dangerous conclusions, and so are historic false assumptions, which, when corrected, open up a new world of liberty.

The liberty of the truth can even affect the way we see our history. The dating of historic events, by means of measuring the rate of decay of radioactive carbom-14 in samples from historic times, give us inherently incorrect results for samples from the glaciation period.

The process of radiocarbon dating operates on the assumption that the carbon-14 ratios in the air were the same throughout all times as they were in the year 2000, based on the theory that the Sun does not change. Since such a Sun does not exist, and in the real world the cosmic-ray flux is dramatically changing with the weakening of the Sun towards the next Ice Age, the Carbon-14 ratio in the air is likewise changing. Carbon-14 is produced by solar cosmic-ray flux interacting with the atmosphere. Since experimental evidence tells us that the cosmic-ray flux can increase by a factor of 50 or more as we get into the glaciation stage, all the dating results from the Ice Age period are necessarily wrong, and so are the perceptions of history based on them. An honest scientific recognition of the real nature of the Sun can change all that. And with it, it can also liberate the way we regard our future, and our prospects in the future.

The scientifically discovered solar dynamics tell us that the coming Ice Age, when it starts in the 2050s, or sooner, will not become an apocalyptical experience in which civilization dies, but will instead be a renaissance experience in which civilization blooms.

Thus, the scientifically liberated recognition of the universe and of ourselves promises the most-far-reaching renaissance experiences, beyond anything that has ever been imagined. And this will begin to happen long before the Ice Age even starts. When science becomes liberated, as the evidence suggests it will, we will see a whole new world of cultural optimism unfolding, and with it the power to create a new world.

War will be forgotten in this sunshine. In like manner will terror, fascism, looting, poverty, and slavery be purged from the landscape. We have lived under the nuclear war terror threat for 70 years already, with no end in sight and no end likely possible as a political reform. But with the Cosmophysical Factors, factored into the Ice Age dynamics, the age of the nuclear bomb will be finally put to rest. Bombs are oddly out of place when the task is to create a powerful new human world beyond the stage of doom on a planet of ice and a dimmer Sun..

Progressive change is not driven by the world's leaders, instead the leaders are driven by progressive cosmic change - the change that affects humanity universally.

In the resulting new world our children will not learn the empire songs of war anymore, and greed-based economics, narcotic terrorism, or the 'glory' of dope based self-destruction.

Instead a new chorus will be heard, with songs of the recognition of a full-orbed future rising confidently, powerfully, and advancing from the richest traditions, cultures, and discoveries.

With this, we face the Ice Age future with joy, and us become enriched by it with the cognitive boost that enables the most far-flung development of our planet into a dynamic renaissance world that we have the capacity to create regardless of how much ice may accumulate in due course on the face of the Earth, and how much of its face the ice may cover over.

We are the miracle of life on this planet, all of us together, and the miracle makers. We stand at the breakout point today, from the dream times, onto the stage of a new waking world.

In this, we, humanity, stand hand in hand with our children, and for our children, as theirs will be the world that we are now building. And theirs too, will be the New Age in which we discover together in the process of our building, and creating, and discovering, what it means to be human.

There has never been a more exciting time for our children than is presently unfolding with a promise that we haven't seen anything yet.

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The movie: ICE 2020


This exploration video has been produced in honour of the Belt and Road Initiative

first proposed by China’s President Xi Jinping in September 2013,

and its milestone world-forum event in Beijing on May 14 and 15 in 2017.

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