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Napoleon, Ice Age, and the Empire Sun - Part 3

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 Love versus Empire - the beginning of the end of Empire

While Napoleon wasn't aiming directly for genocide with his campaign, such as the modern campaigns now do with the biofuels hoax, Napoleon was nevertheless a high-minded imperialist who didn't care the least how many people would be killed for the expansion of the system of empire that he served. Neither did Adolf Hitler care any more in later times, and Stalin before him, when they blew the trumpet for genocide. And why should they have cared about human living and happiness, when the masters of empire had trumpeted loud and clear from the late 1700s on that the world is woefully overpopulated, and needs to be 'cleansed' of its 'human pest' as they had repeatedly announced with a smile and still do.

Mass genocide isn't deemed a crime in the circle of the high-minded who use people up like dumb animals in pursuing their political objectives. War, thereby has never been a crime in their eyes, but an ideal, a way of doing business. The fundamental legality of war had been long established in the highest halls of empires with numerous names. In modern time this fundamental legality has been expanded to now include the legality to inflict genocide at will, and depopulation as desired. And in very recent times the further legality has been added, to unleash a first-strike nuclear war; unprovoked; at will; in the service of imperial objectives.

In other words, the genocidal objective that started with the doctrine of the Empire Sun, has become a monster in the modern world. Nevertheless, the overturning of this basic doctrine may serve as a good start towards the freedom of humanity and its having a future.

Napoleon was a saint in comparison with modern society, in that he only killed half a million men in half a year, while the West in modern time kills a hundred million people by starvation every single year with the biofuels hoax without even raising an eyebrow.

Napoleon didn't intend the tragedy that he caused to happen that his war became, while we in our time do fully intend the vastly greater genocidal tragedies, by policy, loosely termed depopulation. Napoleon wanted to build a land bridge to India. That's what he had aimed for. He just failed to realize that nothing is ever accomplished with war and the destruction of society. He failed to recognize the real gold that civilization depends on, which is the creative power of society's humanity.

In contrast with Napoleon, who wanted to develop a land bridge to India, the western empire in modern time wages war in evermore places to prevent economic development, worldwide, from becoming possible. The modern goal of empire, which the entire imperial West is locked into, is: No progress, No development, No industrial revolutions. In the name of empire, the West hails fascism, depopulation, food burning, terror, and poverty instead.

In comparison with our ideals in modern time, the mad dog Napoleon was a saint indeed. And to top off the account of modern madness, society actively closes its eyes to the onrushing near Ice Age for which the fringe effects are already mounting up evermore.

Napoleon's troops met their ice age that almost none survived, just as modern society won't survive unless the logistics are in place that enable humanity to live and prosper in the coming Ice Age World.

Napoleon wanted to build a land bridge to India. We, in our time, are in need to build a World Bridge with Africa at its center, and re-develop Africa into the logistical hub of the world for its equatorial location, together with equatorial America. The habitable world is poised to be shrinking to the narrow band of the tropics. The process has already begun. The phase shift will happen in the 2050s or or earlier. Will we be ready for it?

No one can answer this question. One can only answer with certainty that nothing will be built if we don't get started. Our present commitment on this line is to close our eyes, remain asleep, and do nothing.

Napoleon's soldiers would cry out to us from their icy grave if they could. They would be crying, 'you fools, open your eyes, your sleeping will kill you. Awake and live as human beings while you still have the chance.'

This chance rests on a principle, a great principle. The principle is:

Divine Love, reflected in universal love for one another, always has met and always will meet every human need.

Unfortunately there is little of this love reflected anymore in many of the once great nations. The stage is almost empty. Its deemed value is near zero.

In 1812 the soldiers did not wield their swords out of love for humanity, but to kill. By this intention civilization is doomed, as the soldiers all had experienced. The victory was on the side of those who had chosen to live. Their victory wasn't won until the next year.

It may have been the frivolous waste of the 680,000 of Europe's most able men that were lost in Russia, and 300,000 of its finest horses, all in the pursuit of Napoleon's wild dreams of expanding the empire all the way to India, that a coalition began to form against Napoleon and the system of Empire that he personified. The coalition comprised Russia, Austria, Prussia, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, and some smaller German states.

Miraculously, Napoleon managed to mobilize a new army against the Alliance, of about the size of the one he had wasted in Russia. However, the waste of the human potential that by then was history could not be undone. The fascism of the empire had changed the landscape against it. The flow of history was irreversibly turning against what Empire stood for.

The decisive battle that marked the end of the vast French Empire was centered on the City of Leipzig.

The French-Empire forces were already loosing before the big battle happened. The French began to be routed in Spain and Portugal with the aid of the British on the 9th of October in 1813.

The Battle of Leipzig, in Germany, started a week later. It became known as the Battle of the Nations.

The battle was brought into the city.

The position at Leipzig afforded major advantages to Napoleon's army and his battle strategy.

Several rivers converged at and near the city. The rivers split the surrounding terrain into separate sectors.

By holding the City of Leipzig and its nearby bridges, Napoleon could shift troops from one sector to another more rapidly than could the Allies against him.

The Allies had difficulty moving large numbers of troops into Napoleon's sectors across the rivers.

But the momentum was no longer on Napoleon's side. The die was cast against him - against Empire.

After 4 days of war, on October 19, Napoleon ordered the retreat. The Allies eventually pursued him across the river Rhine.

History records little of the details, of the struggles, hopes, sacrifices. It records only the number of dead.

History also records that the vast French Empire existed no more after the smoke blew away with the wind.

The Empire lost this day all of its territories east of the Rhine. Napoleon, himself, was forced to abdicate. He was exiled in 1814.

The liberated people who had won their freedom from Empire, constructed a giant monument to commemorate the achievement. To judge by the size of the monument they regarded their liberty a momentous achievement.

As early as 1814 proposals were made to build a monument to commemorate the victory over Empire. Construction began 84 years later in 1898. The work was completed in 15 years. It stands 299 feet tall. That's more than half as tall as the Great Giza Pyramid in Egypt.

The great monument of freedom from Empire is constructed in granite-faced concrete. Both granite and concrete have the quality of endurance.

The monument's spacious interior, unlike the chambers of the pyramids, features gigantic sculptures of the humanity of the nations who fought for their freedom and won. The power that dissolves Empire is the humanity of the human being.

The monument is also known for the wide view that it offers to visitors. Perhaps this is symbolic, because when society stands above Empire, the view of its future unfolds with a near infinite horizon. In Science, this is the horizon that opens up beyond the system of Empire and the model of the Empire Sun.

The very future of humanity depends on us gaining the freedom of this wider horizon in our time.

The year 1812 marks the beginning of the end of the system of Empire as a political structure. The year thereafter, 1813, marks a decisive step forward in Europe, although the war against the system of empire had not yet been won at this time; nor has it been won to the present day. The system of empire still rules the world, politically, financially, militarily, and especially scientifically with devastating effects.

One day, however, and hopefully soon, the deadly poster of the Empire Sun may find its final resting place in future museum displays of a dark stage in history.

Till then, the poster of the Empire Sun still rules and humanity remains in an existential crisis as it cannot see what remains hidden from it by its smallness in thinking. If this doesn't change soon, the rule of the false poster will destroy nearly the whole of humanity with the Ice Age phase shift that it then meets unprepared for the consequences.


However, times are changing. The great principle, Universal Love, the principle that stands as the opposite of empire, remains standing, waiting to be picked off the ground and to be held high. And this too, is happening to some degree already.

Some strong movements have begun in this direction, led by China.

If the G20 logo symbolizes solar plasma-flow physics, it would indicate that China is well aware of the great challenge before it and before us all.

Ice Age = Opportunities

Whether humanity succeeds on this front, working together across the world as one people, in love with our universal humanity, and builds itself the needed infrastructures in preparation for the near Ice Age, in order for us all to live and prosper therein, and not perish, remains yet to be seen.

If humanity fails to break itself away from the still widely accepted doom that it is exposed to under the White Spider of Empire and its false Sun, then the coming Ice Age will find humanity unprepared for it, which will thereby be its final demise that it won't recover from for a very long time.

This doom is is prepared for under the banner of the Empire Sun.

The time has come for humanity to take the trash out of the house so that it can live again, and develop, and have a future in a clean house. Proposals were made as early as 1814 to build a monument to commemorate the victory over Empire, which the Leipzig monument became.

Its humanity still stands.

Its aspiration for freedom still stands.

Its vision still stands and continues to enrich the landscape.

The victory that it commemorates was won in 4 decisive days in 1813. The building of the monument was the work of 15 years, paid for mostly by donations, so significant was the victory regarded in society. It was inaugurated in the presence of 100,000, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the event in 1913. It is built on the spot where Napoleon ordered the retreat of his army. It still stands today as a commemorative symbol, after more than a century has passed.

The Statue of Liberty in New York harbour stands on the same eternal foundation, of the quest for liberty from Empire. It was dedicated 27 years before the Leipzig monument was dedicated, and stands roughly half as tall, but not in significance.

The copper statue was donated as a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States for the same type of celebration. The statue was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel. The project was traced back to a 1865 conversation between Édouard René de Laboulaye, a staunch abolitionist and Frédéric Bartholdi, a sculptor. In conversation, Laboulaye, a supporter of the Union in the American Civil War, is quoted to have said: "If a monument should rise in the United States, as a memorial to their independence, I should think it only natural if it were built by united effort—a common work of both our nations."

Where the heart smiles, there is liberty.

The pedestal on which the statue stands was paid for by donations in the form of 120,000 individual contributions. This echoed its significance.

It is said that with the abolition of slavery and the Union's victory in the Civil War in 1865, Laboulaye's hopes for freedom and democracy became reality in the United States, so that in honouring the achievement, Laboulaye proposed that a gift be built for the United States on behalf of France, perhaps secretly hoping that by calling attention to the achievement in the United States, the French people would be inspired to reach for their own freedom from a repressive monarchy, that of Napoleon III. The French monarchy was abolished in 1870 after Napoleon III was captured in one of his wars.

Since then the gaggle of the Empire institutions began to shrink. More and more monarchies were abolished. Fascist intuitions rose and continued the system of empire under new colors, and were abolished too in turn. This does not mean that the end of Empire was near at the time. Empire would continue, and so would its wars, even bigger wars, but the beginning of the end had begun.

This beginning of the end of Empire may have been recognized already in 1813 when a decisive step was made towards freedom and love. The opposite of Empire is freedom and love. Wars will cease on this path. Wars are not instigated by love, neither are stealing, terror, and genocide. A sea change against these had begun by the once again rising tide of love. The healing is carried by universal love

The Statue of Liberty prefigures the inevitable recognition of the inherent dignity and unity of all mankind that remains standing tall for everyone to see and to aspire to. And so, the quest continues for freedom in thinking and freedom in science.

We are not impotent - this is true now

While the word, 'Ice Age,' is no longer spoken, as it falls outside the framework of the politically correct, the truth still beckons; just take me in, uplift yourself, protect yourself.

We need a 'university' type approach here, in order to bring the truth back into view, which false posters have hid for far too long. The very idea of protecting and developing humanity and its food resource by meeting the greatest challenge in human history that is now upon us, is effectively slandered so that it is almost deemed a crime to entertain the concepts of protection, industry, and development.

This debilitation can end. The landscape can be changed. While the looming Ice Age cannot be avoided, the tragedy that much of humanity is rushing into by not preparing itself for it, can be avoided. The door is still open, though its timeframe is shrinking.

The Ice Age Challenge before us should be the banner headline in today's world. Instead, the subject is shunned even in Russia and China, although the leaders there appear have begun to orient themselves towards creating a future for their nation and for humanity.


The masters of empire, in contrast, still call it a crime - a crime against empire - for society to speak about protection, industry, and development, and its aiming to live abundantly.

Under the shadow of their golden pumpkin that society adores, of which there are now many types, the heart of civilization has become so isolated and desecrated, that Empire has become a way of thinking, of small-minded thinking, the kind of thinking that Napoleon exemplified, in comparison with what society has the potential to be, and may yet be.

Thus the time for decision is at hand: a time for humanity to become human in the fullest sense. The time has come for society to rediscover its humanity as human beings.

The critical success in this arena depends on whether humanity raises itself up sufficiently to reach for the one great principle that everything depends on in civilization, which is the Principle of Universal Love, and raises this principle up high.

I think this can be done. With this we can succeed.

To succeed on this front is well within the range of what can be accomplished by a society of human beings.

Arise and Shine our time has come - humanity=infinity

Like seeds are we, wind-blown

Carriers of a secret still unknown

Poems in the words of nature

Sentinels of an Intelligence yet unseen

Prophets of the enduring

Apostles in an endless landscape

Harvest is seedtime, thoughts ripening

Carried as by a great wind

Carriers of secrets to unfold

Thoughts winged with Purpose

A force waiting, silent

Patiently waiting for the moment

Thoughts do awaken

Roused by the moist warmth in spring

Cascades of colors, colors of life

Bright yellows, bursts of silver-white

Thoughts becoming creations

Monuments of genius, builders of worlds

Who owns the seeds? Do we?

Who can fathom their wonder?

Life flows from then in great rivers

Rivers trailing into oceans

In them we are alone, each one is alone

Each thought is sovereign, beauty is its song

Thoughts are seeds, becoming ideas

Alive in discovering

Alive in listening

Alive in being touched by love

Alive in loving


Like seeds, thoughts fall to the ground

Potentials are lost

Hard grounds kill the precious

But we are Man

Hard ground becomes tilled, watered

The precious is nurtured in loving

Love for one-another, the human spring

Mankind is afloat in a sea that is Love

Seeds germinate, become plants

Roots break the ground

Love lifts the barriers, patiently

Silently waiting, reaching for the sky

Thoughts are the Universe unfolding

Landscapes of brilliance, ideas of power

Substance for enriching one-another

Substance of the forever maturing

Thoughts bearing new seeds within

Seeds for splendors beyond dreams

Each harvest is seedtime

A seed becomes a plant bearing new seeds

A thought unfolding, bears up civilization

A spark in the heart, bears the 'fire' of life

New worlds are created in the 'fire' of passion

We are the bearers of a 'fire' that is light

Builders of worlds are we

New Worlds, which have never been

Precious with riches grander than our own

Nature is Love reflected in loving

Love paints with the colors of its endless spring

Love paints us all - but who owns the seed?

Who owns the cradle for the seed?

Name it Intelligence, name it the Universe

Thoughts are seeds from an infinite fountain

Monuments of grandeur of good

Fields of flowers dancing in the sunshine

All nature whispers this to us

The melody of nature - what a song!

Whispers of a splendour grander than the heavens

Like seeds are we - we whisper too

Seeds bearing gifts for the world

Gifts wrapped up in sunshine

Gems are we - unfolding a majestic song!

Listen to the song

Listen to the heart

Listen to the silence where strands of love unfold

Listen to the symphony of our humanity

In this symphony we are One

One with the Universe itself.

From the poem, Harvest is Seedtime, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Celebrating the End of the Beginning - The Future is what we make it to be


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