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Napoleon, Ice Age, and the Empire Sun - Part 2

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The Empire Sun: a trap

The effect of this trap is, that it reduces the cognitive power of humanity.

Reductionist theories, for which no evidence exists, nor is possible, revert the mind backwards to a more infantile state of thinking. The mind responds that way for its self-protection.

What we are confronted with here, is the kind of mysticism that all structures of empire are built on, such as the later illuminaticism and so on.

Empire creates conflicts in the mind for which no solutions, except magical solutions, are deemed possible. The result is that the reduction process renders the mind small and impotent. The impossible Sun that is conjured up on this basis, is an example of the mental emptiness that Empire imposes on society with which its defends its illegitimate existence.

On the political front, wars are achieved on the reductionist basis. On the economic front, looting and depopulation are achieved by it. On the mental front, the war effort is focused on keeping the mind small and infantile, and thereby easily dominated.

Does this sound like a conspiracy? If so, it probably is. The system of Empire, which has no legitimate foundation to exist, lives by the forces of conspiracies of many types; the conspiracies for war, the conspiracies for stealing, the conspiracies to destroy civilization, the conspiracies for depopulation, and the conspiracies for fostering impotence.

Conspiracy for a false Sun, hiding reality, obscures that the Ice Age transition has begun.

The Empire Sun model is of the latter type type, that of the conspiracies It is designed for generating docile impotence. However, the infantilism in thinking that it forges, is not a natural phenomenon of humanity. Consequently, society has the power to heal itself of this disease. Significant healing has indeed been achieved on many occasions in history when society roused itself to become more fully human.

The real universe, of course, operates on a much higher-level platform than the reductionist platform that Empire imposes. On this higher-level platform everything is real and evidence for it exists everywhere.

In the cosmic universe every star is a plasma star. It interacts with with interstellar streams of plasma, which it attracts, which then become electromagnetically concentrated and focused onto the star by electromagnetic principles. When electrically charged particles are in motion in space, the electric movement creates a magnetic field around them. The magnetic force pinches the plasma stream into a smaller cross-section, which thereby increases the magnetic pinch effect, and so on.

The plasma pinching continues until the magnetic fields tangle up, flip backwards, and thereby form a magnetic containment field under which the pinched plasma becomes densely concentrated.

The principle has been replicated in laboratory experiments, both statically, by David LaPoint, and dynamically, shown here in pink, produced at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA under the direction of Anthony Peratt.

The concentrated plasma, under the confinement dome, becomes subsequently focused onto a sun. In a broad sense the magnetic-pinch principle and its plasma concentration illustrates the basic functioning of a solar system.

Interstellar plasma, flowing towards a sun; are concentrated magnetically. This in-flowing process is possible, because a part of the in-flowing plasma is consumed by the sun. The portion that is not consumed flows on to the next star by the inverse of the process that had concentrated it. David LaPoint termed these electromagnetic structures that facilitate this process, the Primer Fields.

We can see the complementary nature of the primer fields clearly evident in space, as in the case of the Red Square Nebula shown here. We can also see it replicated in the dynamic laboratory experiment by Anthony Peratt.

That the Primer Field's principle applies to our Sun is evident in the measurements by the Ulysses spacecraft that flew three orbits in a polar trajectory around the Sun. Whenever the spacecraft flew over the poles of the Sun, it encountered a void in the solar-wind pressure.

The voids were encountered exactly where the experimental models indicate that the plasma connection with the Primer Fields would be located.

The void that is encountered in space by Ulysses, accords also with the result of the dynamic high-energy experiment by Anthony Peratt.

The effect that causes the Sun to be located at a node point in plasma streams is in part generated by the Sun itself. The cause is, that a sun, in principle, 'consumes' plasma.

In plasma, electrons and protons are free flowing. But in the surface layer of the Sun where the plasma concentration is extreme, plasma becomes dynamically bound together into atoms.

Atoms are electrically balanced structures of plasma that by the precise balancing become electrically neutral. By atoms being electrically neutral, the plasma that is bound up in forming the atoms, effectively vanishes from the electrodynamics landscape. All the atoms of the planets in the universe are created in this manner on the surface of a sun.

The synthesis of atoms that creates electrically balanced packages, creates the vital sink effects that enables continuous streams of plasma to flow into a sun. The in-flow can only be maintained when there is an 'outflow' happening into what is termed, a sink.

The synthesizing process furnishes the sink effect. The synthesized atoms, by their electric neutrality, are no longer a part of the electric plasma system. The plasma particles that created the atoms no longer exist in unbound form. They are thereby free to simply flow away with the wind, which in this case, is the solar wind.

Sunlight NOT from the Sun

The atoms that are forged on the surface of the Sun. They serve as a catalyst that converts plasma energy into photons of light and heat that every sun or star radiates.

The energy the we receive on Earth from the Sun as light and heat, is plasma energy converted into photons by atomic elements that are synthesized on the surface of the Sun.

It takes a wide-ranging assortment of different atomic elements, all acting in their own way, generating light at their own unique wavelengths, for the white symphony of light to flow together that contains the seamless band of colors that we see as sunlight.

This 'perfect' balance isn't possible under the Empire Sun model that renders the Sun a hydrogen gas star, but is possible to be produced by a plasma sun that contains all the natural atomic elements on its surface.

Of course, the Plasma Sun emits not only atoms and light. It also emits solar wind and solar cosmic rays, neither of which are possible either, under the Empire Sun model that has its atomic reactions occurring deep within it under a mantel of primarily hydrogen gas half a million kilometers thick, as the theory stipulates. But with the Plasma Sun, that has its atomic reactions occurring at its surface, the emission of solar wind and cosmic rays is inherently natural.

The solar wind is comparable to a kettle letting off steam. The more energy flows into it, the more steam flows out of it. On the Sun the kettle is the fusion cell.

The surface of the Sun is a vast sea of 'granular' fusion cells, each with its own primer field structure.

Each surface primer filed has its own magnetic confinement dome, as one would expect, that enables the final concentration of plasma for the fusing of atomic elements to become possible. However, when the plasma pressure in the corona of the Sun enables a greater rate of flow than the fusion process can 'consume,' the excess is vented at the weakest point of the confinement dome in a jet of plasma that becomes the solar wind.

The excess pressure is released in concentrated form. The released plasma expands by electric expansion and thereby accelerates itself away from the Sun by the electric force in a similar manner as a bullet is propelled in a gun by the expanding fire of gun powder.

The expanding plasma becomes the solar wind that flows away from the Sun. The strength of the solar wind gives us a measurable indicator of the density of the plasma surrounding the Sun.

Plasma is invisible. It does not emit light. However, the solar wind is measurable, even a long distance from the Sun. The stronger the wind flows, the stronger is the plasma sphere surrounding the Sun that drives the process.

The solar wind is able to flow out through the solar corona, which is inflowing towards the Sun, because in electrodynamics, electric currents flowing in opposite directions repel each other. The solar corona thereby becomes a 2-way street.

The solar fusion cells also emit cosmic rays, which are extremely energized protons and electrons that exceed the requirements for atomic synthesis. When they escape the fusion cells, they escape as fast moving cosmic objects, termed cosmic rays.

While most of the escaping cosmic rays - from the fusion cells - get trapped in the solar corona, a few get through the barrier and shower the Earth with wide-ranging effects.

Some of the effects are more amazing than we care to imagine.

The science researcher Simon Snoll had conducted a series of chemical and biological reaction-experiments that were repeated continuously for days in an identical manner. One would assume that the measured rate of reactivity would be identical too, in every case, for the identical experiments. That's not what happened.

New Paradigm for Mankind - Cosmophysical Factors in the small


The measured results always varied. In one long-extended series of experiments the reaction rate had spiked every 24 hours, with the spikes themselves becoming smaller.

The result makes no sense, except when one notes that the spikes occur with the periodicity of the rotation of the Earth and that the successive spikes became smaller.

This is the pattern that one would expect to see when a coronal hole opens up on the Sun in the direction of the Earth through which larger volumes of cosmic rays escape and shower our planet. The volume of the escaping cosmic rays received on Earth would naturally diminish over the span of four days as the coronal hole slowly rotates away from the Earth with the rotation of the Sun.

The experiment proves positive that solar cosmic rays are a real, are a measurable feature, and have a larger effect on Earth than one might expect.

New Paradigm for Mankind - Cosmophysical Factors in the small


Cosmic rays also affect our atmosphere, in almost the same manner. When cosmic rays flow through the Earth's atmosphere their electric quality ionizes atoms on the path of their encounter, which makes them up to 100-times more attractive to water vapor. The increased attraction increases the rate of cloud nucleation. Increased cloudiness makes the Earth colder, because the white surface of clouds reflects a portion of the incoming solar energy back into space.

By this process, the weakening of the solar corona causes the climate on Earth to become colder, because the weaker corona allows more cosmic rays to escape from the Sun, which increases cloudiness on Earth.

While the increased cloudiness that we now see evermore of, is NOT ultimately causing an Ice Age to occur, which has a deeper cause, the increasing cloudiness is nevertheless a significant indicator that the Sun is getting weaker.

Another indicator that the Sun is getting weaker is the rapidly diminishing solar-wind pressure that the Ulysses satellite has measured the beginning of. The Ulysses satellite thereby measured the status of the solar system as a whole and its ongoing diminishing energy density.

What masters the Sun?

The numerous forms of evidence prove that the Sun is not its own master, but merely reflects,as a catalyst, the density of interstellar plasma streams. The plasma density that flows into the solar system from these very long interstellar plasma streams is in turn affected by electric resonance effects in the plasma streams, and is also affected by the general condition of the galaxy as a whole.

All of these variable factors, which affects our Sun from areas deep in space, secondarily affect the climate on Earth. Our climate is thereby imposed on us from afar by the numerous factors that affect our Sun.

As our Galaxy is presently at its weakest state in 440 million years, our Sun within it operates in a correspondingly weak plasma environment, which is so weak that climate on Earth gets reduced to glaciation conditions under a 70% dimmer and colder Sun for most of its time.

Fortunately for us, the glaciation conditions get interrupted periodically with warm interglacial periods of 12,000 years in duration that occur in roughly 100,000-year intervals. We are presently in a warm period.

The radical difference between glacial conditions and interglacial warm conditions is inherent in the characteristic of the design of the solar system.

The solar system is not as simplistic as I had illustrated earlier, with a single set of primer fields concentrating the interstellar plasma stream. A number of observed resonance features indicate that our solar system operates as a structure of multiple sets of nested primer fields, with each having its own resonance characteristic.

When the interstellar plasma stream is strong, the flow volume is large enough for all nested primer fields to form and operate. In such a case the Sun operates in its high-power mode, whereby interglacial conditions occur on Earth.

Inversely, when the interstellar plasma stream is weak, and the flow volume diminishes below a threshold level for the weakest of the primer fields to form, the plasma density around the Sun becomes radically reduced.

When one set of the primer fields no longer forms, the plasma stream flows around the Sun in a less-focused manner. Under this condition the Sun enters its low-powered state.

At the low-power level the surface temperature of the Sun drops down from the present 5,800 degrees Kelvin, to possibly 4,000 degrees. At this point the glaciation period begins on Earth. The transition may happen in a very short period of time, possibly in the space of weeks or months. The global temperature will follow the diminishing Sun in rapid succession.

The Ice Age phenomenon for a plasma sun is as simple as that.

For us on Earth, the difference will be felt like a shock. If one projects forward what ice core records tell us about the previous Ice Age startup, the consequences of this shock will be immense. They promise to be so immense that all areas outside the tropics will become rapidly uninhabitable, and the agricultures become immediately disabled thereby.

The Sun is in a free fall

no more solar minima, but collapse back into the Ice Age.

The timing of the Ice Age start up becomes critical for humanity, because the shock can be avoided.

We have the power to prepare ourselves for the Ice Age consequences, before they come upon us, by relocating our living and our agricultures into the tropics. While there is little suitable land available in the tropics, nearly all the new infrastructures and the new cities will need to be located afloat across the equatorial seas, between the hurricane bands. This way we can live securely and richly no matter what the next glaciation period will bring with it. We need to have this ready before the need becomes critical. The exact timing becomes important for this reason. Nor is the timing hard to figure out. The writing is on the wall and is written in huge letters, with the 2050s as the potential timeframe.

The ice core records tell us that our world has been getting progressively colder for the last 3000 years, with some major warming spikes along the way that are likewise getting smaller. The evidence that pins these fluctuations onto the Sun, has recently been measured in Carbon-14 ratios that stand as a proxy for solar activity.

The plasma fusion reactions on the surface of the Sun that synthesize atomic elements, which, energized, give us the sunlight, also produce solar cosmic rays that are single events of plasma particles escaping the reaction chamber in unbound form.

The escaping cosmic rays impact the Earth atmosphere and cause numerous types of reactions. One of these transmutes nitrogen atoms into the radioactive Carbon-14 isotope that can be measured.

The measurements of the ratio in historic samples becomes a measurable ratio that reflects the intensity of solar activity.

When the interstellar plasma is dense, the plasma sphere around the Sun is dense likewise, which traps most of the solar-cosmic-ray events. This means that fewer cosmic-ray collisions occur in the Earth's atmosphere, which produce lower ratios of Carbon-14.

Inversely, when the interstellar plasma is weak, the solar corona is weak likewise, which enables more cosmic rays to escape, and larger Carbon-14 ratios to be generated.

The changing ratios closely reflect the changing climate on Earth

When one plots these ratios inversely, the resulting trends match the known historic climate trends. The plotted values tell us that the Earth has been in a solar-caused cooling trend for 800 years till the end of the Little Ice Age, after which the Sun recovered sharply till the end of the 1990s.

The interruption of the down-slope in the early 1700s that recovered the Sun and gave us almost 300 years of solar-caused global warming, was evidently caused by one of the long-terms resonance effects that have occurred during the previous glaciation period in intervals of 1470 years, termed the Dangaared Oeschger Oscillations.

The climate spikes of the 3 warming periods that occurred during the last 3,500 years, may have been related effects.

But no matter what had caused the up-ramping of the Sun in the 1700s, the effect of these 1000-year-plus event is over. Its load has been spent. The solar activity is collapsing again.

Science lets the evidence stand to speak for itself.

The rate of the collapse has been measured by the Ulysses spacecraft in terms of diminishing solar-wind pressure at a rate of 30% in 10 years. In cosmic terms, this steep rate of decline is akin to a free-fall collapse. The effects of this steep collapse are visible everywhere.

With the solar cosmic-ray flux sharply increasing, under the weakening Sun, we see cloudiness increasing on Earth at an ever-faster rate. Cosmic-ray flux has an ionizing effect in the atmosphere which enhances cloud nucleation up to 100-fold. The resulting increased cloudiness reflects more of the incoming sunlight and solar energy back into space, which becomes lost to us and makes the Earth colder. Increased cloud nucleation, and its faster rain-out, causes increased flooding and also increased droughts by reducing the water transport distance in the clouds. We see all of these effects now occurring evermore.

The rate of solar collapse that the Ulysses spacecraft saw only the beginning of, still continues.

The measured rate of collapse promises the end of the sunspot cycles in the 2020s and the end of the solar wind in the 2030s, after which the solar surface temperature will begin to diminish.

Along this path the threshold becomes crossed when the innermost primer fields can no longer be maintained and the full Ice Age begins.

The event could happen in the 2040s and onward into the 2050s. However, we should also be extremely worried from the 2030s on, because when the solar wind diminishes to near zero, the Sun looses one of its mechanisms for purging the fusion cells of their synthesized products. Without the solar wind the fusion cells tend to clog up, which diminishes the fusion process further. The clogging up may radically accelerate the collapse process towards the Ice Age start-up phase shift.

The uncertainty in timing makes the rapid building of the necessary infrastructures in preparation for the coming Ice Age phase shift, evermore urgent.

We have laboratory-developed proof that when a fusion cell is clogged up with its own fusion product, the fusion reaction cannot be long maintained. The longest duration nuclear fusion reaction lasted one second, a kind of world record. This has been achieved with this largest European experimental reactor. It clogged itself up after one second, by which the reaction stops.

Our Sun may get into this type of critical situation in the 2030s when the solar wind dies down to zero. The phase-shift to the Sun's lower-energy state, with which the Ice Age begins anew, might be triggered by the same type of process that blows out the fusion reaction in the laboratory. The clogging up is one of the stoppers that makes the current concept of nuclear-fusion power production an unrealizable dream.

The laboratory experiment also proves that the Empire Sun as a gas sphere, that's supposedly powered by hydrogen being fused into helium at its core, is inherently an impossible dream, as the heavy fusion product, which by its weight would remain in the core, would clog up the hydrogen fuel and extinguish the fusion reaction. The danger that the Empire Sun imposes on humanity, as an impossible dream, is that the dreaming clogs up the landscape of science and thereby prevents the recognition of the real nature of the Sun and its variable quality by its dependence on external energy supplies that are presently diminishing towards such weak conditions that the Ice Age phase shift looms in the near future.

If this clog in scientific recognition cannot be cleared, NO preparation for the coming Ice Age will be made, as is presently the case, and doom awaits humanity.

Fortunately we may see the building of the floating infrastructures to begin soon, in spite of it all, because as the Sun weakens towards the big Ice Age phase shift, the solar cosmic-ray flux emitted by the Sun will so dramatically increase, that the resulting increased flooding and drought conditions, and possibly also earthquakes, will cause a movement to happen onto the sea in the form of floating infrastructures being built. It is inherently more efficient to escape epic-style flooding and droughts, than it would be to prevent them. Infrastructures that are located afloat on the seas are immune from flooding. Flooding is not possible there. Earthquakes have no effect there. Droughts cannot happen there either, where freshwater supplies can be drawn from the oceans by deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination.

And in order to make the full relocation of humanity into the tropics possible, that the now changing climate will soon inspire, the 6,000 new cities that are required for this will be built. They will be built with automated industrial processes so that they can be provided to one-another for free as a critical investment by society into itself.

All of this is possible. The materials exist. The technologies exist. The energy resources exist. The only element that does not exist at the present time is the willingness in society to get the process started that enables its future existence in the changing world before the onrushing Ice Age will actually be recognized.

One of the chief blocking factors that prevents the Ice Age recognition at the present time, that blocks the fully focused preparations for it, is society's tenacious clinging to the Empire Sun, the hydrogen-sun theory, of which nothing is real - which mirrors the nature of empire itself where nothing is real either.

Obviously the breakout to sanity needs to begin soon, with a step away from the doctrinal dictates that presently smother the scientific recognition of humanity and assures society's doom.

The poster of the Empire Sun is that of an invariable Sun, which, by long schooling is reflected in people's clinging to the school-taught doctrine. Just as the victor in war writes the history books, so, what is science and truth, is written in the same manner.

Under the paraded poster of the invariable Sun all climate changes are said to be necessarily man-made, and ice ages are said to be not possible except by long-term orbital variations over the span of thousands of years that are still far, far distant in the future, too distant for anyone's concern.

The orbital cycles theory, termed the Milankovitch Cycles theory, ironically is not physically a possible cause for ice ages, for the simple fact that the solar energy received from the Sun remains the same regardless of cyclical variations of the tilt of the spin axis of the Earth and the eccentricity of its orbit around the Sun.

The Milankovitch Cycles theory has been attached to the Empire Sun doctrine, as a doctrine for the ice ages. It is so far off the track from discovered reality that Johannes Kepler had already disproved the theory in principle back in the 1600s, long before the empire-related theory was invented. The theory that has become a doctrine, like the man-made climate change doctrine, has no foundation to stand on. Both are evidently both deployed for their obscuring characteristic that prevents the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics, and thereby prevents humanity from preparing its world for the near Ice Age transition in the 2050s.

If this imposed obscurity by empire is not lifted, and the Empire Sun is retained, which stands at the center of all that is false in climate science, the inevitable consequence will be the most radical depopulation of the planet that has ever occurred in the entire history of civilization. the astrophysical collapse is in progress. If the food-production infrastructures that qualify for Ice Age conditions are not created before the Ice Age starts, all but a few of humanity will starve to death.

That's the significance of the Empire Sun poster.

The resulting radical depopulation that the false poster sets the stage for, would be the very effect that the masters of empire have long desired. According to their own saying, the current policy for human depopulation is to eliminate six billion people from the face of the planet as fast as possible. This has been announced many times. The Manmade Climate Change doctrine is a part of the depopulation package, a package of mass genocide. In principle, mass genocide has been an inherent part of the policy of the system of empire for as long as empires of numerous types and names have disgraced the face of humanity from ancient times onward.

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