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Yes, Russians did hack - part 8: Princes who are Free



- 1 - Yes... the Russians did hack G20
- 2 - Part 8 - Princes who are Free
- 3 - A President of the USA flinches on all the vital points
- 4 - On the lateral platform, power flows from the Constitution
- 5 - Any President or leader who does not speak for the Constitution speaks without authority
- 6 - From the position of a Mouse King, the would-be ruler flinches
- 7 - When the President chooses to act as a Mouse King
- 8 - Note, the Mouse King is not defeated by the toy soldiers
- 9 - By his deed, the Nutcracker takes on the role of a prince
- 10 - He takes on the role of the Prince Who is Free
- 11 - In the Swan Lake ballet the prince is never free
- 12 - He yearns to embrace civilization, but finches
- 13 - At the crucial moment he flinches, as Mouse Kings do. He bows to the sorcerer of evil
- 14 - Only in the Nutcracker ballet do we find the Prince Who is Free
- 15 - It took Tchaikovsky 17 years of growing up till he discovered the Prince Who is Free
- 16 - In the current world, the role of the Prince Who is Free, is pioneered by China
- 17 - That's something that Tchaikovsky had an inkling of
- 18 - Now his vision is becoming the reality of the world
- 19 - This unfolding reality is now on the fast track to mirror Tchaikovsky's fondest hopes
- 20 - I can! I can help make America great by simply upholding the Constitution!
- 21 - Until that day when an elected U.S. President actually carries out his duty
- 22 - But hope is dawning. Society is throwing the slipper at the Mouse Kings
- 23 - The healing process needs to happen rapidly, because the Ice Age does not wait
- 24 - As the light on the hill which had the eyes of the world fixed onto it
- 25 - We are making history already every day! The curtain is rising!
- 26 - History has shown that when we set ourselves tall goals, we become fast learners
- 27 - In their days, history was made. Pages were turned. New pages were begun
- 28 - The Ice Planet challenge will propel us on in the real world
- 29 - We have 30 years left before the Ice Age phase shift will likely happen
- 30 - Of the 30 years that we seem to have remaining in the interglacial world
- 31 - This leaves us 10 years to raise ourselves up as human beings and heal us
- 32 - Will we make the grade? Will we accept the challenge and move with it?
- 33 - We will achieve in ten years what no one has yet imagined
- 34 - When we look back from there, to today, from 10 years in the future
- 35 - The healing and the self-renewal of humanity will happen
- 36 - Likely that we will master the exam long before the 10-years target line is near,
- 37 - We can give the definition of greatness a new meaning indeed!
- 38 - The curtain is rising! A new age for humanity is dawning
- 39 - President Xi Jinping with the highest state award of the Russian Federation
- 40 - The curtain is rising indeed. It is rising to a new age that is in the making

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