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Yes, Russians did hack - part 7: I Can!



- 1 - Yes... the Russians did hack G20
- 2 - Part 7 - I Can!
- 3 - It is totally possible for President Trump to change the world
- 4 - He might have stood at the podium and said that a little girl had inspired him
- 5 - And so I say to you proudly, I can! I can! I can bring peace into the world
- 6 - The city of Hamburg that has played a long historic role in facilitating trade
- 7 - I have further ordered as the elected guardian of the American Constitution
- 8 - I have abolished the 'burning' of food for the production of ethanol
- 9 - It is illegal under the Nuremberg definition of the crime
- 10 - Ethanol consumes agricultural resources that would normally nourish 400 million people
- 11 - I lift this yoke from our people's conscience, especially at the gas pump
- 12 - I have still further ordered that the private Federal Reserve banking empire stands abolished
- 13 - I have ordered that the Glass Steagall act be reactivated
- 14 - I have ordered the political party system to be abolished as being illegal
- 15 - I have requested that the task be accomplished well within in the 30 years
- 16 - China only whispers of the challenge. It is my duty to announce it aloud
- 17 - To link the United Sates with the Belt and Road Initiative of China
- 18 - This is my sense of joining hands across the world
- 19 - Yes, this can be done. We can do this. Together we can!
- 20 - So, my friends, mark this day in your journals as the most significant day for America
- 21 - Mark this day also, because it will stand side by side in future history
- 22 - Wouldn't the President have received a standing ovation in Hamburg
- 23 - The long train of murdered presidents would become derailed at this point
- 24 - This is possible too, for the Prime Minister of Canada
- 25 - The difference between where we could be in building a platform for the future
- 26 - The new page will be written of times when the national and human resources

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