Transcript for scene 1 of the video " Cosmic Climate Change 2 From Big to Gigantc to Joy - part 1" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Ice Age is not scary

Ice Age is not scary, because we have the power to render its consequences to have no effect on our living. Nor is this power and its principles a secret. This video presentation introduces no thing new. No esoteric magic is involved in understanding the Ice Age dynamics and our power to respond to them in a manner that enriches our world and our living in it. The facts that this video presents are known scientific facts that are discernable by everyone. No exotic theories are involved. The truth is knowable and widely known. However, there is a need to draw the facts together, which together present an amazing challenge. The challenge may seen scary for its magnitude, but is isn't, because we can meet and master the challenge, and do it with Joy.


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