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Yes, Russians did hack - part 8: Princes who are Free

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Yes... the Russians did hack

Swan Lake and The Nutcracker

- a video in 8-parts

Freedom to Love (1)

Promise of Swan Lake (2)

Nutcracker Revolution (3)

In an Ice Planet World (4)

2016 G20 2017 Incomparable (5)

Civilization Is Freedom (6)

I Can! (7)

Princes who are Free (8)

Part 8 - Princes who are Free

A President of the USA flinches on all the vital points that the Constitution demands, whenever he takes on the role of the Mouse King, the unitary king.

On the lateral platform, power flows from the Constitution. The only legitimate unitary ruler in democratic society is the Constitution and the institutions it authorizes.

All contrary assumed powers in any office of the nation are thereby rendered as without a legitimate foundation, which a child has the right to challenge as illegal.

Any President or leader who does not speak for the Constitution speaks without authority. He speaks from the position of a Mouse King.


From the position of a Mouse King, the would-be ruler flinches; he fails, and the nation is betrayed.

In such a case, when the President chooses to act as a Mouse King, the American society, in the role of Clara, should throw the slipper at him and wake him up.

A Mouse King, who has no legitimate foundation to stand on, who fails to wake up, invariably slips up in some way and becomes defeated by the Nutcracker.

The Mouse King's army of mice then carry the defeated Mouse King off the stage into the halls of infamy that have become a crowded place in recent history filled with many names of shame.

Note, the Mouse King is not defeated by the toy soldiers. He is defeated by Clara throwing the slipper at him, and by the Nutcracker acting on it.

By his deed, the Nutcracker takes on the role of a prince.

He takes on the role of the Prince Who is Free, for which he is evermore adored by Clara.

In the Swan Lake ballet the prince is never free.

He yearns to be free. He yearns to embrace civilization, but finches. He plays not the role of the Prince who is Free, but plays the role of the Mouse King.

 At the crucial moment he flinches, as Mouse Kings do. He bows to the sorcerer of evil, saying in essence, 'You are my King after all,' whereby he perishes and ballet ends.

Only in the Nutcracker ballet do we find the Prince Who is Free.

It took Tchaikovsky 17 years of growing up till he discovered the Prince Who is Free personified, most likely by Johannes Brahms, who is free even while being in love with Clara Schumann in a love that hadn't faded for 40 years.

In the current world, the role of the Prince Who is Free, is pioneered primarily by China. In this case we may see the 40 years of a the Clara/Brahms Deep Love coming to life in the world.

In battle with the world's Mouse Kings, China prevails.

Now that society is inclined evermore to throw the slipper at the Mouse King in defence of the Nutcracker, the healing of the world has begun.

That's the politics of civilization.

That's something that Tchaikovsky had an inkling of and presented the result unfolding in the Nutcracker ballet.

Now his vision is becoming the reality of the world.

This unfolding reality is now on the fast track to mirror Tchaikovsky's fondest hopes.

It is possible, of course, as unlikely as that may be, that the current President of the USA, or maybe his successor, does not flinch in doing his duty, and will say with unwavering commitment to the universal welfare of the nation, "I can! I can help make America great by simply upholding the Constitution!"

If so, the nation should celebrate him. Many have tried to live up to the challenge. Many have taken a few steps. Far too many have failed, and failed tragically, with the tragedies suffered by the nations.

Until that day when an elected U.S. President actually carries out his duty to the full, the America society will continue to perish evermore.

Until that day that society has roused its humanity within it, enough to throw the slipper at those who fail in so many different ways, the American society has no hope.

But hope is dawning. Society is throwing the slipper at the Mouse Kings who love to make war. The dawning got Donald Trump elected.

This type of healing in the world needs to happen evermore, as the Ice Age phase shift is coming nearer.

The healing process needs to happen rapidly, because the Ice Age does not wait. It will be upon us in 30 years, or sooner. We need to prepare for it. For this, we need to stop playing small-minded games, instigate wars, finance terror, and punish one another,. We need to wake up and get real.

In the course of the healing evermore presidents and heads of State, who no longer play the role of the Mouse King, will steps up to the plate announce, "Yes, I can do this! I know my job. I can do my part to make the world a great place for all humanity to live in.

An American president would add, that by the nation restoring itself as a vital element of the world, to the greatness it once had, as the light on the hill which had the eyes of the world fixed onto it, it would give the definition of greatness a new meaning!

"Actually, we are doing this already!" the President would add. We are making history already every day! The curtain is rising! A new age for humanity is dawning. We are moving ahead.

History has shown that when we set ourselves tall goals, we become fast learners. The founding of the USA, back in the 1700s, and in later time the founding of Canada as a nation, were not accomplished by a society of mice, ruled by Mouse Kings. These feats were accomplished by a society of Princes that are Free. And they were in love with the civilization that wears a crown on its head.

In their days, history was made. Pages were turned. New pages were begun to be written, pages of a new world that never existed before. We are still writing these pages. They have a lot of room left to be filled, with stories of grand achievements, achievements that mirror the grandeur that Clara and her Prince who is Free experience in the ballet in the acts after the stage of the mouse wars, mouse kings, and toy soldiers.

The Ice Planet challenge will propel us on in the real world past the small minded stage, and will in the course of it uplift every nation and every government.

We have 30 years left before the Ice Age phase shift will likely happen.

Of the 30 years that we seem to have remaining in the interglacial world, 10 years will be required to produce the worldwide infrastructures for human living in an Ice Planet environment. Large-scale automated industrial processes can accomplish that.

Of the remaining 20 years, 10 years will ne needed to build the industries that produce the infrastructures.

This leaves us 10 years to raise ourselves up as human beings and heal us of our small mindedness. In 10 years it is exam time.

Will we make the grade? Will we accept the challenge and move with it?

I think we will make the grade. We will achieve in ten years what no one has yet imagined, much less set to music.

When we look back from there, to today, from 10 years in the future, we will laugh at all these little things that presently consume our attention, like war, sanctions, terror, party politics, Deep State systems, and so on, which darken our world, but have nothing to do with anything real.

The healing and the self-renewal of humanity will happen, carried by many pioneers in lateral relationship. In due course the goal will be reached that enables us to face the Ice Planet challenge and win. The winning creates no heroes and will leave no one vanquished. It will raise the standard to where it needs to be. This is the hallmark wherever freedom is won.

It is extremely likely that we will master the exam long before the 10-years target line is near, considering how much has already been accomplished in that one single year between the Palmyra liberation event and the Belt and Road Forum celebration.

Yes, we can do miracles, so it seems. We can do what it takes. We can do this together!

We can give the definition of greatness a new meaning indeed! We have already begun! The world is moving. It is healing itself. We are making history!

The curtain is rising! A new age for humanity is dawning. Future history is boldly unfolding.

"The Order of St. Andrew the

Apostle the First-Called"

awarded by Russia to the

President of China,

for his strengthening of the friendship

and cooperation between the peoples

of the Russian Federation and the

People's Republic of China.

Just recently, less than a week before the G20 Summit in Hamburg, during a two day official visit to Moscow by China's President, Xi Jinping, Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to decorate President Xi Jinping with the highest state award of the Russian Federation, the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called, for his strengthening of the friendship and cooperation between the peoples of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.The multilateral world is expanding. The unitary world is fading.

The curtain is rising indeed. It is rising to a new age that is in the making

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