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Yes, Russians did hack - part 7: I Can!

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Yes... the Russians did hack

Swan Lake and The Nutcracker

- a video in 8-parts

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Part 7 - I Can!

The power of cultural optimism

It is totally possible for President Trump to change the world, to elevate it, and not only in Hamburg at the G20 Forum.

Of course, the G20 would have been a perfect stage for it. Imagine the possibilities!

He might have stood at the podium and said that a little girl had inspired him some time ago during a morning bike ride.

The girl had come towards him on her small bicycle with her dad trailing behind, her hand raised, proclaiming proudly as their paths crossed: 'I can bike! I can bike!'

The President might say to his audience, "I am not a child anymore. I am a man, but as a man I still have the same potential to discover the power of our humanity, and so I say to you proudly, I can! I can! I can bring peace into the world. In fact, the first step has already been taken. I invite you to mark this day in your journals as the day on which the world was uplifted in a big way. At 7 Am this day, today, on the 7th day of the 7th month, of the year 2017, I have made a phone call and have ordered all sanctions by America against Russia, and against anyone else, to be cancelled. I have transformed a noose into a handshake. I have ordered preparations to be made to explore the cooperative development of our two countries, so that the hand shake may serve as a seed kernel for the same across the world, some of which is already in progress.

"Sanctions are barriers that choke everyone. While it is politically expedient to remove the choke points, it is more importantly the human thing to do to overcome barriers of all sorts that we have erected against one-another.

"It is significant too, that the first step on this path is taken in the city of Hamburg that has played a long historic role in facilitating trade between Russia and the Baltic countries and the Western countries on the East Sea, England, and the near Atlantic shores.

"I have also ordered avenues to be explored that enable the safe removal of all American nuclear weapons from any regions outside the USA, as a first step on the path that we must take to assure one-another's existence, and thereby assure our own existence.

"I have further ordered as the elected guardian of the American Constitution, that as of 7 Am this morning the CIA, NSA, and EPA no longer exist. These institutions have demonstrated by their historic criminal record that they do not serve the national interest and national security but foreign and private interests contrary to the General Welfare principle uttered in the Preamble of the Constitution. I have ordered that Congress create a new agency to fill the resulting vacancy in a manner that is structured in harmony with the Constitution and it spirit and serves the universal welfare of the nation.

"In this context, I have abolished the 'burning' of food for the production of ethanol in the USA.

"The diversion of agricultural resources to be burned in automobiles, in a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation is a crime against humanity.

It is therefore illegal under the Nuremberg definition of the crime.

"The ethanol process consumes agricultural resources that would normally nourish 400 million people worldwide. The food-burning results in corresponding mass-genocide by starvation that pales every previous holocaust in history. I am prohibiting America's participation in this crime.

"I lift this yoke from our people's conscience, especially at the gas pump where they are presently forced to participate in the greatest crime against humanity of all times.

"I have still further ordered, as of 7 Am this morning, that the private Federal Reserve banking empire stands abolished, that was instituted as a mistake, created by coercion and conspiracies, and rammed through Congress and the Senate with conspiratorial haste in the last minutes before Christmas recess in 1913.

"The private system has failed its mandate. Its self-serving, and often criminal activity, has turned the American financial system into a debt-choked trap that has destroyed the nation's economy, impoverished the population, and demolished its social foundation; engineered a housing crisis, homeless crisis, foreclosure crisis, and farming crisis. We need to press the reset button and get back to something that worked, and move forward from there.

"I have ordered that the Glass Steagall act be reactivated as an emergency measure to secure what is left functioning in the American Economic system, and I have ordered Congress to create a National Bank that harmonizes with the Glass Steagall law and serves the general welfare of the nation as required under the Constitution, which it is my duty to uphold to the greatest extend possible.

"Further, in fulfilling my duty, I have ordered the political party system to be abolished as being illegal in the United States. Our nation is not a dominion of private clubs. Our Constitution stands taller than to allow the nation to become a welfare state serving private interest clubs. The Constitution makes no provision for the private-club party system to be the governing force of its democracy. The Constitution places the onus on society to understand its future, its duty to itself, and its power to carry out its duty.

"With these measures I am fulfilling my own duty as President, to uplift the Constitution and its spirit, for it to become once again our guiding star. With these measures I also fulfill my election promise, to drain the swamp of the smallness of thinking that has almost drowned out our Constitution.

"I have requested that the task be accomplished well within in the 30 years the Earth has still remaining in the current interglacial period, because thereafter our land belongs to the snow, the cold, and the ice as it had for 85% of the last million years. The astrophysical evidence for that speaks for itself. The entire world is affected by the coming ice world. No one is not affected.

"China only whispers of the challenge. It is my duty to announce it aloud, to speak it for America, to inspire it to build itself a future; and I mean a grand future, a future that is shared by the whole of humanity, a future without want and poverty - a future in which 6,000 new cities with new agricultures and new industries, will be built, all built in the tropics, with free housing, free health care, and free education and so forth as a minimal investment by society in itself for the continuing advance of civilization on the Ice Planet that the Earth will largely become after the astrophysical phase shift occurs in 30 years.

"And so, in the context of this moving forward, I have instructed the offices of the presidency to create a commission that will draw a up plans to link the United Sates with the Belt and Road Initiative of China, and to do this in the most efficient, most effective, most technologically advanced, and mutually beneficial manner possible.

"This is my sense of joining hands across the world as a first step of meeting the challenges of the future in the spirit of the Constitution and in the frame of uplifting the general welfare of the people of the United States, and by implication all people.

"Yes, this can be done. We can do this. I can start the process and inspire you to complete it. Together we can! Yes, we can!

"So, my friends, mark this day in your journals as the most significant day for America and for the world, as the day on which the world was changed. This is the day on which it was said, We can! I can!

"Mark this day. the 7th day of the 7th month of 2017 as a day that should never be forgotten. This is the day on which the USA is reborn; the day on which it began to stand as a great nation again in the world - in a world that is destined to become great in the flow of what we can do together.

"Mark this day also, because it will stand side by side in future history, with the 4th day of the 7th month of 1776, which is the day when the American Union was first uttered with a voice from the depths of the recognition of our humanity. It had changed the world then. It is changing it again, anew."

Wouldn't the President have received a standing ovation in Hamburg after such a profound declaration of freedom? The very air would have sparkled with joy? The sparkle would have dissolved the cultural depressions and whatever tarnishes our world at the present state.

In such a sparkling new environment the currently ongoing coup against the President would simply collapse and never be attempted again.

The long train of murdered presidents would become derailed at this point, and remain so. The train of advanced human culture would roll instead.

All this is possible for a single man standing up for universal principles.

This is possible too, for the Prime Minister of Canada, of one of the small countries in the world. He can have the same potential to up-lift the world with his recognition of universal principles, and shape with this understanding, the destiny of humanity, which shapes the future of Canada in return.

All of this is totally possible, but will it ever be done? Will the leaders flinch.

Most likely, every one of the leader of the G20 nations, even the most respected of them, who would dare to speak of such things at the world forum, would be booed before he finished speaking. He would be laughed at and ridiculed. Consequently, all will flinch with the Deep State song in their mind, "Let the people die!"

The difference between where we could be in building a platform for the future, and the deep denial that we find instead, illustrates the great potential for healing that lies before us. The challenge is to us all, to the whole of humanity, to fill the gap, to leave old history behind, to close the book on war, poverty, looting, terror, and write a new page with advanced achievements wrought.

The new page will be written of times when the national and human resources of nations are no longer wasted with silly pursuits, such a nuclear war, but are applied to meeting the greatest challenge in the history of the world, which is the Ice Age Challenge, second to none.

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