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Yes, Russians did hack - part 6: Civilization Is Freedom

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Yes... the Russians did hack

Swan Lake and The Nutcracker

- a video in 8-parts

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Nutcracker Revolution (3)

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Civilization Is Freedom (6)

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Princes who are Free (8)

Part 6 - Civilization Is Freedom

The Cultural Challenge in the Flow of Healing

Russia and China are both hacking into the western fairy tales of Deep State unitarianism, on the political stage, that has lulled the world into dreams of deadly illusions where nothing actually works.

Russia and China are waking society up. They are inspiring the world to heal itself. This does not mean that their cultural advances are reactions to the West. Their focus is on moving ahead. The West has lost this focus. It is trundling along blindly, at a long distance behind Russia and China, if indeed it is.

The cultural difference that the healing generates is momentous. It unfolds as a light that is changing the world.

The difference is defined by the fundamental difference between living in a multilateral world of cooperative economic development, fair trade, and mutual support of one-another, compared with the unitary world where no one is actually free, but bows in the shadow to the enormously weighty Deep State Oligarchic dictatorship whose action is destroying civilization,

China has liberated itself from this deadly scourge and rebuilt itself on the 1648 Westphalian platform, the first multilateral platform ever created, which became the foundation for modern civilization. A nation is free on this platform. China is presently the only free nation in the world, in this context.

Russia still carries a significantly large Deep State apparatus in its background, which severely restricts the movement of its leadership. President Putin is not walking free. He is walking a tight rope between two opposites. He is sensitive to the multilateral principle, but also remains bound to some degree to the dictates of the Oligarchy Deep State that Russia carries on its back.

The West, in contrast, is totally stuck in the unitary mud, up to its knees, unable to move, locked into fighting and killing one another. The West is contractually obliged to dance to whatever tune the Deep State pipes. Civilization is out of reach. The thinking of society is imprisoned by its marriage with the unitary media that dictates its attitudes, its sense of reality, its aspirations, its justice, and supplies its hate, taking away its hope, its joy, and its power to live.

The Burning of Rome. July 64 AD

The Russia-Gate hate phobia that is presently hyped up in the USA, is directed against its own government, completely without evidence, completely without proof, and completely without shame in lying. The anti-Russia phobia was shifted into high gear on the day of the nation had elected a non-unitary President, a president who speaks the words of civilization, of multilateral relationships, who speaks of an America with the potential to become a powerful nation again, not as a dictator but as a leader in projects that inspire optimism again in the bleak landscape of hate and its decrepit physical landscape, a man who conspires to work with the developing world.

The Deep State's phobia against the President is also directed against Russia, because Russia, like the President Elect, no longer bows to the unitary Deep State.

Russia no longer allows itself to be looted and be destroyed. It even assists others to escape the Unitary trap, like Crimea when the trap was sprung, and Syria that had already the noose around its neck.

Russia was hit with sanctions, intended as a coup against Russia's president, but also as a back-door to open a channel for war against China. Both are targeted together.

The anti-Russian coup is also deployed as a part of the coup against the U.S. President Elect. The anti-Russian sanctions are evidently intended to tie the entire scene in knots so that no one can move, and nobody knows what is up and what is down.

Of course, the coup against the America President not only violates the constitution, but also effectively violates the fundamental principle of civilization, the principle of universal sovereignty, of international law, - it even violates the foundation that the USA itself is founded on, such as non-aggression and the right to freedom from external domination.

Sanctions are acts of aggression. While the aggression of other nations is not illegal under British Law, it is a criminal offence under under American law. Committing aggression violates the very structure of the American republic.


Cartoon about the Coercive Acts (1774)

termed in America the Intolerable Acts

resulting in the U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776)

The recent near unanimous vote in the U.S. Senate, voting up a bill that imposes evermore sanctions against Russia, was perpetrated in a rage of revenge over its unitary Deep State candidate having lost the election. The revenge vote to increase sanctions against Russia coerces the American nation to increasingly forget and deny its own founding principle of freedom.

Applying sanctions against Russia is in principle a replication of the British Intolerable Acts that stood in the background to events that eventually had sparked the American Revolution from which the USA was founded. This means that the now ongoing coupe against the U.S. President runs deep. It aims to tie his hands in the foulest way.

The term 'Intolerable Acts' was actually a term that the American Patriots had used to refer to the punitive laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774 in revenge for the Boston Tea Party. In Great Britain, the punishing laws were referred to as the Coercive Acts.


Now America has become the coercing bully. The target is Russia this time. The method, of course, is just as intolerable. Ironically, the goal is to destroy the American President by preventing him from fulfilling his duty for the nation.

The goal is to force regime change onto Russia, or to build a pretext to start a war against Russia. The successful coup against the Ukraine's elected government, which subsequently installed fascism instead of democracy in the Ukraine, may be seen as model for a larger process against Russia, which, if it is not halted will end in nuclear war. In a normal world, these acts would have been declared intolerable.

The unfolding political tragedy on the world stage, goes extremely deep, but is thinly veiled. It mirrors the Swan Lake poetic tragedy on the political stage. It illustrates how extensively America has lost its soul. On the theater stage, deep evil reigns supreme in the end.

With evil reigning supreme, civilization, the beloved, remains imprisoned. The spell of the unitary Deep State, remains unbroken. Humanity dies. It dies defeated by contractual trickery.

In the ballet, the sorcerer-magician, the Deep State, has the upper hand right to the end and makes its own rules.

It forces humanity into the dust, and carries off civilization, the beloved, who humanity had hoped to liberate.

Civilization, the beloved, remains a 'swan,' as the ballet ends. Civilization remains out of reach for humanity. Humanity drowns in the waves of unitary fury.

Consequently civilization remains trapped forever. Evil remains.

In the modern political landscape, Russia, who champions international law and justice as a foundation for civilization, and as a foundation for its fight against terrorism, is being drowned in abuse.

Who seeks civilization is drowned in abuse, whereby civilization remains a dream. This is the game presently unfolding on the political stage.

But the game doesn't work anymore. The world is in a process of healing itself. The Trump election shouldn't have happened, but it did. It unfolded on a path of healing that has already rewritten the ending of the Swan Lake story. And the healing continues.

Humanity no longer dies, as scripted in the story. Humanity no longer capitulates to the Deep State trickery. Putin proved that humanity is able to escape unitary terror.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is being fiercely attacked for his daring to deny the validity of the historically scripted ending, by his supporting of the Government of Syria, and by his demonstrating in Syria that it is possible to rewrite the ending of the Deep State game and win against terror on the side of freedom and civilization.

He his saying to humanity, you have the power to free yourself from the fate scripted for you, and with it, free civilization. He is saying this to the world, and also to America.

Putin is saying to humanity, you have a nobler destiny, and the power as a human being to reach for it.

So, how should a man like Trump respond?

How would the man respond whose office had been awarded to him in the flow of a healing? He would move with the flow of the healing. He would attend the G20 in Hamburg and declare in his introductory speech that the sanctions against Russia are cancelled, not as a gift to Russia, but as a gift to America, to cleanse the face of America of a tragic illegality. This act; this speech; would further heal the word. It would create a whole new stage for international relationships.

A lateral platform is possible without sanctions, but not otherwise.

With the sanctions removed, President Trump would be able to meet President Putin on a lateral platform and discuss how the world may be healed of the nuclear weapons terror disease that has infested it. He would also invite President Xi Jinping into the discussion on the same lateral platform.

It probably wouldn't take more than an hour, on this multi-lateral platform, to work out the needed solution.

The lateral breakthrough has not yet been made, but it is super-critical for it to be made.

The very existence of humanity hinges on this breakthrough being made, in order that the Ice Planet Challenge can be met, which subsumes all other aspects and concerns.

It probably isn't a huge technical task to dismantle all the nukes. It might not take more than a week to complete the task.

Then, with an agreement achieved, China may find the stage setup, on which the Ice Age Challenge can be discussed and be laid before all the G20 nations.

Once this type of healing dynamics unfolds, ever-greater achievements become rapidly possible.

While the Ice Age Challenge cannot be met in a week, a start can be made rapidly.

 The challenge can be put on a high-speed fast-track. China is the world champion of high-speed tracks.

The recognition that the Earth is irreversibly becoming an ice planet in 30 years, to a large degree, is not possible in the political landscape of Deep State small minded thinking. It is possible in China perhaps. And even there, it is but faintly hinted at.

While the potential for the Ice Planet world starting up in the 2050s is real, the acceptance of it in any of the the Deep State nations is unimaginable, because the challenge cannot be met in a money oriented world. But if the world was lifted out of the Deep State trap, above the money platform onto a platform of creative and productive power, which is possible at a single G20 Summit, the most unlimited can become possible.

From Challenge to Opportunity

When the Ice Age Challenge is lifted out of the context of it being a nasty problem, to it being an opportunity to break through limiting barrier, then we are coming home to the escalating superlatives of the Nutcracker dancing.

Then it becomes possible to accept that Canada, Russia, and Europe, and so on, will become uninhabitable without fail, potentially in the 2050s, or possibly sooner, because then, we will stand on a different stage where the old values disappear.

Everything that the Deep State apparatus is presently built on becomes invalid by the unfolding healing, from property values, to financial values, to political values.

For this reason, the Ice Age dynamics and its potential will no longer remain fiercely veiled, as it is today by the Deep State World that is aiming for the deep depopulation of humanity to less than a billion people. This Deep insanity will fall by the wayside, as it must, and civilization will carry the day.

Without civilization, humanity is doomed.

The union of humanity and civilization is possible. So far only one nation in the world has achieved the freedom to hint at the Ice Planet potential, and this nation is China.

For this achieved freedom, both Russia and China are under attack by the western Deep State. When this attack becomes war, it becomes a nuclear war. The potential is real. It is near. The bases are loaded. The Deep State may attempt a home run.

The home run, of course will fail, because the end of it is universal annihilation. This needs to be prevented, and can be prevented as I have just outlined. And it needs to be prevented fast, preferably at the Hamburg G20 where a real opportunity for it uniquely exists.

China is under attack, implicitly, because it lives free, free of the oligarchic Deep State on its back. For this freedom to be protected, the entire world stage needs to be uplifted to where the Deep State cannot reach to. The Trump election serves as a model that proves that the Deep State can be left behind in the dust. In real terms the world has already progressed further

Thus China may find itself indeed free to table the Ice Age Challenge at the G20.

I am not saying that the Ice Age Challenge is actually acknowledged in China, and that it shapes its policies, but I find it intriguing that China plays with the related symbolism in the context of its world events, and dances with it.

China has apparently bent low during the Belt and Road Forum to accommodate world opinion on the Ice Age question, but not to the point of its self-denial.

It seems to me that China is aware of its role as a world-class dancer, and bows to reality rather than to the dictates of small-minded thinking. It may play this role in a big way at the Hamburg G20 Summit if Trump dares to break the spell of the ghost of the Deep State, which actually no longer really exists.

In this context China plays the role of a world leader. It is a leader in the arena in which no one else is presently able to move. Whether humanity will eventually empower itself to follow China's lead by stepping out of the deep political mud hole in the Western arena, remains yet to be seen.

China's Belt and Road Initiative seems to indicate its recognition that humanity is able to do this - that humanity is not a natural enemy to itself, but is a singularity in spirit and thereby lives as partners in cooperative bonds for meeting the common aims of mankind. That's the win-win platform that China is pioneering. China has been under attack for years, for this commitment, and its being able to promote this, which it is able to do so more openly now, because of it recognition that it already lives free.

Ultimately, the Ice Age Challenge is the greatest economic issue of our time and times to come. It takes an enormous commitment by the whole of humanity working together to create the infrastructure required for the relocation of 80% of humanity into the tropics before their regions become uninhabitable by the phase shift in solar dynamics that ushers in the next Ice Age glaciation period.

 This involves the commitment to build 6,000 new cities in the tropics in 30 years, together with new agricultures, and with much of all that them being located afloat on the the equatorial seas for the lack of suitable land in the tropics. And in order to achieve such an immense task, the new lands and spaces for living will have to be provided for free, by humanity for itself, as an investment for its future existence.

Without this commitment, very few people will have the physical means remaining for their continued living in an Ice Age environment. During the last Ice Age only 1-10 million people had been able to support themselves. We want to better than this. And we can do this. We have the means at hand to maintain ourselves quite easily with a seven-billion world population, if we built the infrastructures for it, and build them in time.

That's how we need to see the grand finale of the Nutcracker tale with which the dreaming ends in the tale of the Nutcracker, and the real world is uplifted thereby with a vision of what can be achieved

The dance of Clara, after awaking from the dream of the Sugar Plumb World, is a dance carried on the wings of a grand vision of what is possible to be achieved in the real world.

China appears to have mastered the art to envision the immense potential for grand achievements by the creative and productive power of our humanity.

The Western Deep State says to humanity you have no power, except to die. Civilization is a dream. Fascism is real.

The Deep State masters say to society, there exists not enough money in the world to build the infrastructures that are needed to support civilization in a world that becomes largely an Ice Planet when the Ice Age begins. Your only option is to die. So be obedient and die.

The Deep State is like the white spider that loves feeding on bees. The spider succeeds by first paralyzing its victim with a crippling injection.

In the real world, the Deep State is hidden in the background, obscured, without a visible face, like a dark bird in a black landscape.

The hidden face is intentional to hide the dirt behind it. The Deep State stands behind the phenomenon that drove the CIA Project for Cultural Freedom from the 1950 onward, which promoted a dark freedom that 'free' from culture, which is only possible in fairy tale land since culture is an element of freedom. The degeneration of culture became an element of the Cold War. The project was exposed in Congress in 1966. But instead of it being shut down, it and was renamed and carried on secretly and privately as the International Association for Cultural Freedom. It continues to exist.

This means that the healing of humanity must also include the healing of culture. Life isn't a technical issue, nor a political issue, but is primarily a spiritual issue expressed in high-level human culture. This means that humanity's reaching out to freedom, needs to happen hand in hand with high-level cultural development. It may even be said that high-level cultural development is an indicator that freedom is no longer just a dream.

The opposite movement, the advanced focus on culture by Russia, as by China, hacks into the Deep State artificial morass with the now ongoing revival of the recognitions of the principle of human freedom.

China says, no, to the deadening effect of the western white spider that aims to create a hollow society, a society with a hollow culture, hollow political structures, and being dead economically and scientifically.

China says to humanity, snap out of your captivity, and your dreaming of impotence that results in your submission to evil. Your destiny lies with civilization. Humanity and Civilization is one. On this platform no inherent limits stand in your way.

When an alert humanity has a vision for grand achievements, its economic response has always been: What do we need to make the vision reality? How can we create it? Let's do it and get the job done. All the resources that we need for our union with a grand civilization do already exist in abundance.

The material resources for a new industrial revolution already exist. They exist in infinite abundance, process-ready, sitting unused on the ground, in the form of basalt, the most ideal building material on the planet.

The energy resources needed to use the material exist likewise in infinite abundance in the for of thorium.

A ton for thorium as fuel in a molten salt nuclear reactor, yields as much energy as the burning of 3.5 million tones of coal. The world has 1.8 million tones of thorium sitting unused on the ground.

In addition, infinite energy resources exist in cosmic space surrounding the Earth, some of which power the Sun, which can never be depleted.

With the resources we have on hand, we can built anything we can dream of, even the grand structures that fulfill our needs in an Ice Age World in a civilized manner. We can build an Ice Age Renaissance, and make it grander than any renaissance ever was in the past.

China appears to be dancing already with this potential.

China appears to be also saying to humanity that no one is not involved when the consequences are global. One is either involved by responding to the Ice Age Challenge and building the renaissance for avoiding the consequences, or one is involved by doing nothing, whereby one invites the near-universal death of humanity when the Ice Age consequences happen and are not responded to.

China appears to be saying to the world, let's open our eyes and dance with the power we have as human beings to avoid the consequences. Canada remains presently silent on this front, as does much of the world, courting doom. China, in contrast, appears to move with the challenge, and generates tremendous cultural optimism in the flow of it, on a wide front.

(BFR Children world Chorus)

And so its children are singing. Cultural optimism inspires singing. The cultural optimism that China has begun to lay before us all, inspires grand singing indeed.

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