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Yes, Russians did hack - part 5: 2016 2017 Incomparable

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Yes... the Russians did hack

Swan Lake and The Nutcracker

- a video in 8-parts

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Promise of Swan Lake (2)

Nutcracker Revolution (3)

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2016 G20 2017 Incomparable (5)

Civilization Is Freedom (6)

I Can! (7)

Princes who are Free (8)

Part 5 - 2016 G20 2017 Incomparable

Opportunities to be Realized

 The two G20s, 2016 and 2017, are incomparable in design.

The G20 of 2016 was designed to pry the door open towards the potential of the future.

Inversely, the G20 of 2017 appears to be designed to prevent that future. The symbol of its logo is the symbol of a self-tightening knot that reflects the typical objective of a Deep State rally.

self-tightening knot

self-tightening noose

As such, the symbol represents in hidden form the functioning of a noose in action - an unwise choice. Or was it intentional?

The symbol of a self-tightening knot, or a self-tightening noose, doesn't represent the principle of lateral, cooperative economic development or fair-trade relationships. It represents the opposite. It doesn't represent the dynamics of healing and the dynamics of freedom.


Nevertheless, some aspects of healing will likely be accomplished at the 2017 G20 Summit, because the process of healing, of healing the world, has already begun. It's underway. The noose around the world is slowly becoming untied.

The evidence that a healing is in progress is illustrated to some degree by the election of Donald Trump to the highest post of the United States of America. The world was surprised, because it couldn't see the healing of America happening, which itself was but an element of the general healing of the world - a step away from war, terror, lies, hate, sanctions, corruption, de-industrialization, economic collapse, financial looting, and aggressions for regime change. Society was sick of these. It wanted its life back. It wanted a healing. Donald Trump spoke the magic words. "I can make America great again." He didn't cause the healing of the world to begin and take off. He simply moved with it. The American electorate moved with it. As the result, something happened that the experts couldn't understand.

When a crisis is seen as an opportunity for healing, it can be healed.

The experts saw the darkness that has been brought upon the world as an absolute that nothing can change. That's where the experts failed, because darkness is never absolute. It is merely a lack of light. It is an invitation, an opportunity, to bring light into it.

The healing movement gained a boost in Palmyra, where President Putin of Russia had responded to the terrorist crisis by treating it as merely a challenge that can be met, and with it as an opportunity to contribute an element for the healing of the world. He said so in essence when he addressed the concert audience in Palmyra, honouring the achieved liberation and those who had made it possible.

Four months after Palmyra, China hosted the 2016 G20 Summit, and started it with a cultural event that propelled the healing of the world forward.

Cultural optimism conveys the same message of cultural optimism that inspires unfolding opportunities, demonstrating that no challenge is absolute, but is merely an opportunity for healing.

The evidence that a healing was happening at this time became reflected two months later in the Trump election to President in the USA. Cultural optimism has this effect. It had pervaded the landscape of the world. This time the wind blew in from China.

When the G20 Summit meets in July of 2017, it meets against the background of the healing of the world that has been achieved, regardless of how much the healing in progress is being disputed.

The 2017 G20 also meets against the background of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing that concluded less than two months before.

The Belt and Road Forum was China's own world summit. It put the win-win principle onto the world map that reflects the great historic principle of the Treaty of Westphalia - the greatest healing principle applied in history that became the foundation for civilization.

When the Hamburg G20 Summit meets (less than two months later), the Summit meets against a background that never existed before. It meets against a background of accomplished healing, and the ongoing dynamics of healing.

While this established background will likely be ignored, especially officially, and even denied to exist, the established background does exist and will shape the proceedings of the 2017 Summit and all summits thereafter, just as the healing effect has already shaped the world, including the U.S. election outcome.

The world has changed. The healing dynamics already accomplished are bound to continue and shape the future.

Of course the healing of the world that has already been accomplished is also bound to cause problems. Most of the Deep State nations of the world have been coerced not wish to see a healing, as this would dissolve the Deep State system that dominates them. Instead, they aim to tie the noose tighter around targeted nations for increased profits, increased looting, increased domination, increased poverty. How much of these aims will succeed remains yet to be seen.

A Free Trade Prison Event

Deep State 'democracy'

One of the stated objectives of the 2017 G20 Summit is to draw the nations of South America into the Deep State 'democracy' by 'force' - the free-trade trap that already dominates much of the world.

Free trade is a policy of trade

controlled by international markets forces

in which the countries' governments do not

restrict imports from, or exports to,

other countries.

Fair trade happens freely for its mutually beneficial quality.

It functions by the principle of fairness.

Only for enforced trade - intended to be free of fairness - free to loot - binding contracts are required.

Binding contracts, in the guise of international law, force the subjection of nations to types of enslavement by the hand of trickery.

That's on the table at the G20. It remains to be seen if the Deep State objectives continue to be possible, and if so, for how long. The experts will find themselves surprised again, and possibly soon.

Free Trade was initially invented by Adam Smith as a weapon to break the USA economically, after it had dared to declare its sovereignty on July 4th in 1776, and had won its freedom on the battle field.

Free Trade had been built into the Paris Peace Treaty as a 'weapon' for keeping the renegade USA tied into the colonial trap.

The trick had worked well. It had nearly bankrupted the USA before Alexander Hamilton had discovered it and shut it down. Will this healing be remembered?

On the same old basis of controlled trade, the 2017 G20 Summit is designed to serve to strengthen the cultural prison system by means of strengthening the economic sanctions against Russia, to break Russia economically - hoping for a revolution within to cause regime change. 

Russia is hated in the Deep State world as the bad boy who is spoiling the Deep State terror operations, supporting freedom instead.

Russia had enabled Crimea to escape, by Crimea's own voting to do so, from the fascist circus that the Ukraine had been turned into when it had dared to say no to EU 'free-trade' demands, for which the Ukrain's elected government was promptly deposed with a coup.

The G20 Deep State voices will most likely continue to cry over the loss of Crimea, which had a legal right to step aside. And they will continue to punish Russia with punitive sanctions for its defeating of some of Deep State tyranny by force.

But will the continued 'war cries' inspire laughter? This will be the response in a more-healed world?

The 2017 G20 will be (was) hosted in Germany's main historic Free Trade city. The city was centrally located on the main trading route of the Hanseatic League.

 The league dominated Baltic maritime trade between the 15th to 19th centuries. The name, Hanse, referred to a convoy. It was applied to bands of merchants that had monopolized trade in the Baltic and East Sea region. The Hanseatic League was created to protect the guilds' economic interests and diplomatic privileges. The associated Hanseatic cities had their own legal system and furnished their own armies. Hamburg played a dominant role together with Luebeck for over-land transhipments between the Baltic region and the East Sea region. Hamburg may have been chosen symbolically to host the G20, for the city's historic central position in the monopolized Hanseatic trading system. It thereby symbolizes dominated trade, which is another name for Free Trade.

Nevertheless, the G20 Free Trade focus on controlled trade may not succeed much longer against the fair-trade focus that is gaining ground in a self-healing world.

The Lateral Dimension

Historically the G20 Summits had their functionality designed to serve a unilateral world structure. The concept of a unilateral world, however, is a contradiction in principle.

In a lateral world all nation are equal in value and sovereign, standing side by side, in a multilateral relationship. The multilateral relationship reflects the principle of universal sovereignty, liberty, worth, dignity, and humanity of fulfilling the common aims of mankind. Such an inherently cooperative relationship necessarily creates a rich and secure world for all, as a matter of principle. The resulting equality-based relationship defines the lateral world. The result is necessarily multilateral.

A unilateral structure is not possible. Unilateralism is a contradiction in concept, because a unitary structure is necessarily a vertical structure. A unitary structure is a vertical dictatorship structure of a single force that the world is subjected to.

The term, unilateral, is concept deployed for deception. The term defines a dictatorship-rule termed democracy.

How a unilateral structure functions, when it is accepted, is vividly illustrated in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet, in the scene where the prince becomes tricked by the sorcerer to be bound to his daughter, the daughter of evil, the black swan, the evil veiled as civilization, in a bond that he cannot break.

That's how unilateralism functions. It snares humanity with trickery, - a dictatorship of evil, - into recognizing evil as civilization.

 It defines a dictatorship enforced by submission - a vertical structure - that destroys humanity and keeps civilization out of reach.

A lateral structure is inherently multilateral. A symphony performance is a functional example of a lateral structure. The principle of the music is expressed by each instrument contributing its unique color to enrich the whole.

The multlateral principle is expressed by the individual voices of a chorus.

The whole is governed by the principle of the music.

President Xi Jangping is said to regard a national economy to function on the multilateral platform, like a chorus that is governed by the principle of the music.

One day the G20 Summits will function on the multilateral platform on which humanity achieves civilization.

Until this union is achieved, the G20 Summits, as most governmental structures, will function in the form of a unitary dictatorship ruled by the Deep State, the sorcerer, misnamed a democracy.

Tchaikovsky appears to be saying with his Swan Lake ballet in many ways that until the multilateral platform is established and functions, civilization and humanity cannot unite.

This means that the future of humanity remains an impossible dream until the Deep State is ushered off the stage by a higher sense of what humanity is, and ceases to rule.

Tchaikovsky understood this even long before nuclear bombs were invented, which do doom our very existence for as long as they exist and the forces the breed them.

With his powerful dramatization Tchaikovsky aims to inspires society to achieve whatever is necessary to lift itself out of the environment of its self-assured doom.

The healing of society involves the discovery of itself as a multilateral unity. The process had begun to happening.

President Xi Jinping is not a unitary man. He has helped lift China out of the Deep State trap and advanced it in the path of universal economic development, the lateral path. The result is that the up-lifted economy of Chins has lifted 700 million people out of poverty in the post-Deep-State era, while the West is collapsing into poverty and despair.

Nor is President Putin a unitary man. He rescued Russia from the near-total destruction by the western mafia's economic shock therapy looting.

Neither is President Trump a unitary man. While his particular tone in the lateral symphony remains yet to be discovered, even by himself, he has the potential to play a profound contributory role in the multilateral world.

The meeting of these three men at the sideline of the G20 in Hamburg, has the potential to totally alter the direction the world is moving in, and thereby uplift the character of the G20 itself, far above its historic role. How much of that potential will be realized, may never be known.

Dimensions of Good and Evil

Good and Evil incomparable

Good meets every human need.

The value of good is infinite.

Evil affords nothing. Its value is zero.

Contrary to general perception, good and evil are not comparable. Good is the result of creative and productive principles being implemented. It is a force that unfolds into civilization. Evil is none of that. Evil is the result of a wide range of failures that add up to zero, in productive potential.

Nothing useful results from comparing civilization with something that inherently adds up to zero.

While the Zero Group is large in the world, which typically reflects the Deep State platform, it amounts to nothing constructively. It is a negation of the substance of our humanity, and thereby holds the seeds for doom, and also its own doom that is symbolized by the noose. Every unitary structure is doomed by its undoing. By this principle every Empire in history vanished.

The deep traps that are symbolized by the noose, which all add up to zero, are war, terrorism, looting, slavery, but also constrictions, sanctions, private monetarism. The related tools are contracts, force, oppression, domination. None of these have elevated civilization. These zero factors combine what the Deep State apparatus is centered on, For their inhumanity, the Deep State needs to protect itself against society and civilization behind multiple layers of security.

These zero factors are incomparable with the naturally productive principles of our humanity, which when intentionally applied, unfold as civilization, such as in the case of cooperative developments in science, advanced engineering, industrialization, agricultural development, infrastructure development, cultural development, and humanist development. These were represented in principle by the Hangzhou G20 symbol and that of its follow-up event, the Belt and Road Forum.

The Transforming Arena

The G20 (2017) Summit - an unequal arena

G20 free nations 





South Africa

G20 changing nations

United States


Deep State ruled nations









Saudi Arabia

South Korea


United Kingdom

European Union

Invited guests








Historically the G20 arena has functioned as a unitary political warfare stage where the dictates of the year were placed onto the table.

It appears that in recent times, more and more nations have stepped away from the zero-sum Deep State system. This wasn't done by choice, but out of necessity for these nations to survive, because the zero-sum system has nothing to offer except pain.

Russia stepped away early in its defence against terrorism, economic looting, and existential war-threats. It stands prominently now in defence of the sovereignty of nations under the umbrella of international law and cooperative economics.

China's Belt and Road Forum, modeled on the ancient silk road, for its cooperative trading with the lateral world, unfolds from Xi Jangpeng initiative to foster cooperative win-win associations among the nations of Eurasia, building up multiple belts of prosperity in the process - in fulfilling the common aims of mankind.

The G20 has thereby become a self-transforming arena with the emergence of free nations and a platform that is typified by the Nutcracker ballet's grand dances.

In this transforming scene, the remaining Deep State nations stand in conflict with themselves, as is typified by the Swan Lake ballet. The ballet poses the difficult challenge to society to step away from unitary entrapment to thereby become free to embrace civilization.

The USA is at the transition stage. It wants to be a free state. It idealizes grand solutions, but it finds its hands tied by the Deep State apparatus operating from within against its aspirations.

Nevertheless, we see a healing in progress, though not yet accomplished.

The healing may be advanced on the sideline of the G20. If it succeeds, President Trump may be on the path of becoming the greatest U. S. President of all times by lifting the USA into the multilateral world, - a world without nukes, without war, with universal cooperative development, without poverty, without terror. The stage is set. Much can be achieved.

The G20 itself will become transformed thereby into a multilateral structure.

But will the potential be realized? It won't happen on its own.

The Forbidden Exit

No Exit Allowed

On the unitary stage the USA is not allowed to exit. This is typical for any unitary state.

When the American nation voted to exit from the Deep-State war policies, poverty, and hopelessness, the nation's elected President became furiously attacked from the very first day on, with slanders, lies, sabotage, attempts to impeach, and even with calls for his assassination. The Deep State press became saturated with these types of attacks, and still is, especially in Europe where the Deep State has deep roots.

The unspoken objective of the attacks is to prevent the USA from joining the multilateral world, the world of free states. The free states find their freedom expressed in cooperating with one-another for grand solutions to fulfill the common aims of mankind. In order to prevent America joining the free states, even the possibility for it, a wide array of attacks are launched against the elected president on all fronts.

To merely speak of economic development is a big NO NO in the Deep State circus that still clings to power and fears to loose its very existence.

In defiance, President Trump speaks of economic development in glowing terms and prepares for its implementation. He speaks of peace through economic development. Let the world be at peace and develop. He overthrows the chessboard of the perpetual war, perpetual tension, and perpetual crisis policy of the Deep State apparatus.

Likewise, to speak the words, Glass Steagall, with the intention to restore sanity into the banking systems of the USA, is declared to be synonymous to a declaration of war against the Deep State, which it actually is.

The very principle of sovereignty, and the defence of it for the freedom of the nation, is regarded in the Deep State a mortal sin - mortal to it. The denial of sovereignty is pursued with the arrogance of regime change, uttered with the force of war, the force of terrorism, or both.

Trump hails the principle of sovereignty as the very foundation of a multilateral world.

Will he succeed in bringing America back onto the mountain top with the eyes of the world fixed on it for its leadership rather than fear? He may.

Of course, speaking of honest science in the Weep State World, with real education, discoveries of universal principles, worldwide infrastructures, fair trade, free housing, love without boundaries, and an Ice Age renaissance, and so forth, are absolutely not allowed in the unitary lands. The resulting exit would collapse the Deep State as if it never existed. And this will happen some day, because the scene is wide open for boundless progress.

The American Dynamics for Change

America once stood on the mountain top as a beacon for the world. It did so a long time ago. It lost its footing. Now it is climbing again. The time in between provided space for repentance. It already stepped past the Global Warming trap.

The Paris Global Warming assault on humanity by Deep State treaties has been abandoned by America. It is now essentially dead.

America had championed the Climate Change cause during its unitary days, which was hailed to remain forever. At the 2015 Paris climate conference America had rallied the nations of the world to economic suicide, led by America's example with its deep green commitment against energy utilization. Today, less than a year and a half later, the Global Warming Climate Change hoopla is simply put aside as a lie. The hoopla is dead.

America withdrew from it. Russia never was in it. China and India had been granted long exemptions for simply playing along. Only the Deep State nations remain still on board, terrorizing themselves.

Actually the Deep Green never had any real consensus for its cause. The real consensus lay in the opposite. Tens of thousands of scientists from around the world have voiced their opposition through numerous petition projects, protesting against the unscientific assumptions of the Global Warming doctrine and also its genocidal consequences. The American science community stood on the forefront of the opposition scene, almost from the start, but was of course ignored by the Deep State apparatus and its unitary executives.

The U.N. climate conferences, and related conferences, are typically rigged affairs. Typically, only those are chosen as delegates, who support the predetermined conclusions that are subsequently paraded as the democratic choice of the world. President Trump withdrew America from this circus.

The 'Universe' is Changing

Future G20 events will likely unfold dramatically different and more productive. With the Deep State policies adding up to zero, as the Deep State shuns civilization and humanist values, the non-zero states begin to recognize themselves as the actual majority in the world. The world becomes increasingly secure in proportion to which this is happening. This awakening has great potential, and appears to have just begun. In fact, the awakening is supported by the Universe itself.

With the Sun's activity now rapidly diminishing, towards its phase shift to the next Ice Age in the 2050s, or sooner, its solar cosmic-ray flux is on the rise, dramatically. While the increasing solar cosmic-ray flux affects the global climate with numerous fringe effects, such as increasing droughts, floods, storms, and global cooling, the increasing cosmic-ray flux also affects the human neurological system.

Cosmic rays are events of fast moving electrically charged particles. Normally a person encounters tens of thousands of these per day. While the particles are too small to collide with anything, they generate electric currents by induction as they pass through the human body. The currents appear to be beneficial to our neurological processes. The now ongoing increase in cosmic-ray flux appears to increase our cognitive ability.

History tells us that all the great cultural developments occurred in times of high volumes of solar cosmic-ray flux.The development of written languages occurred in such a time, as did the dawn of science, the dawn of Christianity, and the Golden Renaissance.

In more recent times, during the Maunder Minimum in solar activity of the Little Ice Age in the 1600s, great cultural achievements were wrought that still stand tall today, such as the the Peace of Westphalia, and the dawn of classical music, from Bach and Haydn, to Beethoven Brahms, and Tchaikovsky.

Now with the Sun getting weaker, we are once again in a period of large and increasing cosmic-ray flux, apparently more so than ever before, we are bound to see cultural breakthroughs happening on ever wider fronts with effects never imagined before to be possible. In other words, we haven't seen anything yet in terms of cultural advancements.

The cultural breakthroughs that we have seen coming out of Russia and China stand out as but examples for what can be achieved and may soon become common place as society becomes more sensitive to its uplifting transformation from within.

In this context, Tchaikovsky's historic compositions of the Swan Lake ballet and the Nutcracker ballet, come to light with increasing significance and with power to uplift the world, scientifically, culturally, spiritually, and politically.

In the larger context the Universe not only presents us with the immense challenge to prepare our world for the Earth's next Ice Planet phase.

 It also provides us with the necessary enhanced ability to meet the challenge.

Since this process has already begun and is fast advancing in evermore places now, we can look forward to breakthroughs on the entire front of humanity that changes everything and puts history itself, as we understand it today, into the trash can.

Lands of a Common Destiny owned by the coming snow, cold, and ice.







Canada, tragically, has not yet come out of its shell on the Ice Planet issue, as if a mythological force sat on it that allows no one to escape. In this, Canada lives in silent solidarity with much of the rest of the world.

Of all the great nations, only China appears to have set aside mythological dreaming and has begun to acknowledge its potential future. Nevertheless, one must ask, does even China really live in the real world yet?

Building the Ice Age infrastructures is a task so vast in scope, that no nation can accomplish the task by itself, but requires the whole of humanity to share it. In this sense the future of Canada is linked with the future of China and the future of the world.

Ironically, the situation is not new in the world. It has existed on the nuclear weapons front for 70 years already, with no solution in sight on this front.

No nation lives alone in a nuclear armed world. Nuclear war is unsurvivable by anyone, and so is the Ice Age phase shift without the infrastructures having been built for human survival. And that phase shift is a mere 30 years distant, and is unavoidable.

This means that the Swan Lake story illustrates the collective future of all mankind. It also appears that the Swan Lake Challenge, in principle, already existed in the earliest indigenous cultures of North America, as this sculpture illustrates. How far back in time the indigenous legends have their origin is unknown. The link may trail back in time to the previous Ice Age that very few people had survived worldwide. Some have put the number of survivors as low as a million. That's the kind of challenge we face, with little time left to solve it.

At the very least, we should start with healing the easy problems, and step up to higher ground from there. But maybe we need to work from the higher ground to solve the twisted knots that in the honest minds of children appear as but an easy challenge.

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