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Yes, Russians did hack - part 4: In an Ice Planet World

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Yes... the Russians did hack

Swan Lake and The Nutcracker

- a video in 8-parts

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Promise of Swan Lake (2)

Nutcracker Revolution (3)

In an Ice Planet World (4)

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Princes who are Free (8)

Part 4 - In an Ice Planet World

Alive with Cultural Optimism

Is China aware of the Ice Age challenge? It is trying to inspire the world with its political event, into the world asking itself these critical questions?

Do we really face an Ice Age Future in the near term as the numerous forms of evidence suggest that I have presented in numerous exploration videos?

The possibility exists.

In the gala performance, a piano recital is presented with numerous background images of Chinese historic culture.

The background images also include modern art.

And one image of this art is of the Great Wall of China set in a landscape of Ice and Snow.

In this context it becomes interesting to note that the background image for the ballet dance from the Nutcracker, has the symbol of the G20 logo incorporated, prominently.

The G20 logo appears to be symbolic of interstellar plasma flowing around the Sun, which is an integral feature of the plasma universe theory and the only rational basis for recognizing our Sun as a variable star. The combination creates a powerful scientific platform for understanding the Ice Age dynamics, and the phase shift to it that ushers in the transition from the interglacial Sun to the lesser Sun of the glaciation periods on the Earth that have dominated 85% of the last half million years that we have records from, imbedded in the Antarctic Ice sheet.

It might be that the placing of the logo image into the background for the Nutcracker dance, is intended to link the Nutcracker tale with the Ice Age Challenge, and a warning not to be trapped into the fairy tale that the Ice Age is far distant, inconsequential, and of no real concern in the present time. This dream should end as sharply as the dreaming in the Nutcracker Ballet ends, in the Mariisky Theater version. If the dreaming of the distant Ice Age is not broken soon, the real world will die in this dreaming. But if it ends, in the manner as the dreaming ends in the Nutcracker Ballet, then it will inspire an enthusiastic rebuilding of the world.

Now with all that said, the nutcracker story is till only half told. The full story doesn't end at this stage. The full story just begins here. It begins with the name Clara for the main character. The name is significant. The name Clara in the Nutcracker story appears to refer to Clara Schumann, the great woman pianist and composer of music in the mid 1800s. The symbolic naming, would render the nutcracker in the story to represent the renowned composer of her time, Johannes Brahms.

Clara and Brahms were deeply in love with each other. Their affair became legendary.

They remained in love for more than 40 years, but were never joined in marriage. Their bond was of a type higher than a contract would place it. Clara spoke of Brahms in her diary, saying that Brahms "seemed as if sent straight from God." And Brahms, he is said to have confided in a letter to her, “I can do nothing but think of you… What have you done to me? Can’t you remove the spell you have cast over me?" Their legendary bond remained full and rich throughout their days.

Their love was a union beyond contract, so much so that it is speculated that Brahms' 4 symphonies where all written as monuments to Clara's character and his love for her.

History tells us that the two spent much time together - holidays in the sun.

It is speculation, of course, that Peter Tchaikovsky composed the Nutcracker Ballet in their honour, near the end of his life.

Tchaikovsky may have envied their freedom to love. He may have modeled the great enthusiastic dances of the ballet as a fantasy of the wonders Clara and Brahms may have experienced together during their long and forever free loving of over 40 years.

Tchaikovsky's ballets, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker, were written 17 years apart.

The Swan Lake ballet defines the challenge that Tchaikovsky faced in his own life, as someone trapped by a social machine that offered little hope, but which the basic universal principles of humanity demanded to be resolved.

The Nutcracker ballet, in contrast, defines the solution to the challenge. It defines the challenge overcome with exaltation unfolding into joy.

My epic series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, reflects in principle the development path from the Swan Lake Challenge up to the Nutcracker exaltation into joy - all moulded into a single story at the grass roots social level that spans across 12 books.

The first 6 books develop the Swan Lake Challenge and its numerous intertwined political aspects.

The following 6 books explore the Nutcracker dynamics unfolding in ever-wider circles of freedom and experiences of the principle of universal love and their superlatives.

The historians are wrong who suggest that Tchaikovsky committed suicide over what they see as his perceived impotence in dealing with society's sneering at his wider sexual orientation that society itself, had tied itself into knots over.

A man with the stature of Tchaikovsky, who had gained his freedom from the small-minded scene, who had discovered the Clara-Brahms principle of universal freedom and had written the immensely exuberant Nutcracker ballet about it, is far beyond the stage of the smallness at heart that society as a whole was committing intellectual suicide over, socially and politically, as it still does in so many ways.

Instead of committing suicide over small-minded concerns, Tchaikovsky had immortalized himself with his profound ballet that celebrates the grandeur of a future without limits.

The ending of the Belt and Road gala performance was enthusiastic to the extreme. It still inspires cultural optimism.

It is easy to recognize when cultural optimism comes to the fore again, because when this happens the children begin to sing, and everyone likewise with them.

 The children sing enthusiastically at the end of the gala of the Belt and Road Forum, because they have something to sing about.

Their voices seemed to be carried by visions of a grand future that is more than just an empty promise, but is substantial according to what they already experience.

All cultures seemed to be represented by the children.

And they did sing enthusiastically.

One might call this optimism for our future, the beginning of the great dancing to unfold in the face of the Ice Planet that the Earth will become when the Ice Age phase shift happens some time in the 2050s. By then we will be dancing in the style of Clara and Brahms, free and grand, and surpass it as we should.

If this was the type of message that China had intended for the delegates to take home from the Belt and Road Forum, is unknown. This may have been too much to hope for. But may have signalled that the beginning for something grand is unfolding.

There is one idea that China champions above all, which is its policy for win-win worldwide economic cooperation. The policy was launched in 2013 by President Xi Jengping as his Belt and Road Initiative.

The project is now far out of the starting gate. It is beginning to mature.

President Xi Jengping seemed pleased with the way the Belt and Road Forum ended.

U.S. President Trump could have been there. He had been invited to participate. He declined. At that timeframe President Trump undertook a world tour to the leaders of the major religions, organizing for his own new American paradigm for freeing the world from terrorism.

President Trump appears to be saying to the world, "stop this terrorism," "stop financing it," "stop supporting it," "stop arming it," "get out of the game," "we are no longer playing the game."

What will come out of this movement cannot be forecast. It has begun to move on so many fronts now, moved by many seemingly insignificant forces that are set on a course of changing the world.

Both China and Russia have played a major role in driving this movement forward. President Trump was elected in the flow of this movement as a new boy on the block, and as such he is not immune to making mistakes.

But is President Trump a stooge of the Deep Dreaming - Deep State - Deep Corruption machine that has its sword on the throat of civilization with nuclear war threats, support of terror, while dreaming of depopulation? Definitely not.


The world has changed immensely in that single year between the Palmyra concert and the Belt and Road Forum

The future, of course, will likely continue to be shaped by the direction that Russia and China, who are the pioneering leaders in the world at the present time, prepare the ground for it. How soon the USA will lift itself into this lateral landscape where reality rules, cannot be forecast. It could happen fast. It could happen tomorrow. When the dreaming ends, amazing achievements can be accomplished.

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