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Yes, Russians did hack - part 1: Freedom to love

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Yes... the Russians did hack

Swan Lake and The Nutcracker

- an epix video divided into 8-parts

Freedom to Love (1)

Promise of Swan Lake (2)

Nutcracker Revolution (3)

In an Ice Planet World (4)

2016 G20 2017 Incomparable (5)

Civilization Is Freedom (6)

I Can! (7)

Princes who are Free (8)

Part 1 - Freedom to Love

Yes Virginia, the Russians did 'hack' into the environment of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. And they did so in a powerfully uplifting manner.

President Putin had addressed humanity via a world historic event that had brought an entire symphony orchestra into a previous war zone, into the very place where mass executions had been carried out prior to the liberation of the area from the murderous scourge of universal terrorism.

President Putin spoke to the assembled audience of that world event via a television address, saying in essence: "I see this as remembrance for all victims of terror no matter the place of crimes against humanity, and, of course of hope not just for the revival of Palmyra as a cultural asset of the whole of humanity, but for modern civilization, from this horrible fate of international terrorism." With these words, President Putin voiced aloud what was already in most everyone's heart. He spoke the obvious. He said in essence that humanity is living out a fairy tale dream in believing that terrorism cannot be purged from the landscape of human experience.

The concert became acknowledged in many parts of the world as a milestone towards the wider liberation of humanity as a whole from state sponsored terror, the perpetual war policies, perpetual regime change ideology, perpetual domination practice, and submission to perpetual aggression, perpetual hate, perpetual inhumanity. The milestone event and what it signified did indeed change the world. Russia had injected a spark of cultural optimism into a dark world. It had hacked into the myth that darkness is power.

Essence of Part 1 -The World-shaping Effects of Cultural Optimism

In a world awash with refugees from countries affected by the evils of terror, domination, war, destruction, inhumanity, the demonstrated commitment by Russia, to actively work for the revival of civilization, had affected the world, and had affected it in a big way.

Russia's commitment to the beauty and dignity of human civilization, had elevated the entire world in many respects. It had brought a measure of light into the world.

In doing so, it also affected the U.S. political environment. Russia's spark of light had hacked into it, and had injected a measure of sanity into a political vacuum without hope.

In this manner, Russia had a quiet, intangible effect. That's what the political masters had ignored as being impossible. It came as a surprise. Everyone was surprised by the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election. The masters were surprised, because they believed that they had stomped out the light of sanity and civilization in the world. Suddenly, there it was again. Naturally, it had affected quite a few people.

Russia had brought a sense of cultural optimism back onto the political scene that seemed almost dead in the West, in the long dark night that had covered so much of the world with war, terror, poverty, and more war.

Yes, Russia played a frontline part in the transformation of the political landscape of the world. It played a part by hacking into this landscape of despair, injecting into it its new paradigm that, yes, it is possible for humanity to have a future that inspires joy.

This, all by itself, is worthy a celebration. It was celebrated in Palmyra. It was also noted in America. It uplifted its political dynamics.

The resulting new wave of cultural optimism apparently affected more than is being acknowledged or even recognized.

It appears to have inspired some people, and probably quite a few in America, to recognize that there exists an alternative to having to bow to the Deep State apparatus that has imprisoned much of the West with deep corruption, deep hatred, deep lust for war and destruction, and a deep fear of human development, cultural development, economic development, and universal sovereignty.

The Deep State, that one hears being referred to, increasingly, is not a government, or any government, but is a hidden force of oligarchic powers, some call it empire, some call it the invisible hand, the one that has no face, that operates deeply hidden and controls the government of nations with war and money and directs the thinking of society with its private ownership of the media. It furnishes society's opinions, whom to love, whom to hate, and what to accept as the truth. And it furnishes your wars.

As the old saying goes, the first casualty in any war is the truth. Then keep in mind that the Deep State is at war with humanity, and has been at war with it for a long time, both for the Deep State's survival and for its profits.

“The Earth has cancer

and the cancer is Man."

- Club of Rome (1974)

The controlled mass depopulation of the planet is one of the Deep State's cherished goals, for which humanity is said to be a cancer on the Earth, and a climate villain under the modern Global Warming doctrine, or is defined as basically evil, as Thomas Hobbes had described humanity during the Dark Ages of the early 1600s in order to justify the 30 Years War.

The Deep State system had become a psychological war machine against humanity, and, Yes, the Deep state is a cancer in the fabric of civilization. But this is fading. The healing of civilization has begun,

Mankind is at the Turning Point

Beyond the Deep State system

Humanity is in the process of healing its wound. Mankind is at a turning point, towards a world free of Deep State cancers. China is already past that point.

China has begun to succeed where the historic Swan Lake story tragically fails.

In the Swan Lake story the union of humanity and civilization in a bond of universal love, is not achieved. It stands as an ideal, too great to come true. Thus, the story still illustrates the western world. Evil prevails; humanity dies; civilization remains out of reach.

For China, the Swan Lake story merely signifies a challenge overcome and superseded with the dawning union of humanity and civilization in a bond of universal love.

China had placed itself with this achievement in its pocket, onto the world stage on September 4–5 at the 2016 G20 Summit that it had hosted in its historic city, Hangzhou.

Also, so that nobody would miss the message, a medley of the Swan Lake dancing to Tchaikovsky's music was performed. It was performed with the dancers dancing on the surface of a lake, dancing on the water as it were.

This was put onto the world stage by China, intermingled with traditional Chinese culture, a mere two months before the U.S. Presidential election.

It demonstrated that the wind has turned into a new direction, a profoundly humanist direction. The new wind, combined with the change in climate in Palmyra, by Russia, had evidently cleared some of the dense political smog that hung over the American election, which had obscured society's vision.  

Some people, seeing past the smog, may have asked themselves in America during the Presidential election in 2016, who needs policies of perpetual wars? Who needs dreams of perpetual enemies, who needs killing and maiming of people for regime change?

People had asked themselves those questions back in the mid 1600s. The outcome was the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, based on a higher sense of humanity and a commitment to support one another, instead of tearing one-another down. The commitment ended the 30 Years War and established a new platform for civilization.

Wars for Profit

The First Opium War, 1839–1842- The Second Opium War 1856–1860

History also tells us that the peace didn't last. New forms of the Deep State system emerged that created new wars, new forms of terror, and new ideologies for hatred and depravity. The new wars were evermore openly, wars for private profits, and to destroy nations for profit. The opium wars against China were but an example. They forced the liberal looting of China and wide narcotics decimation from within, which nearly destroyed China.

Today, after long strings of more wars and waves of hatred, the old questions are being asked again; who needs war, who needs terror, can we get out of this trap?

In this modern arena, aiming for the revival of civilization, Russia intervened and demonstrated to the world that terror can be defeated, and war can be put aside with cooperation. It hacked into the old mentality of submission and hopelessness with a new vision for a human future.

By Russia providing such answers with hope, more than a few people in the West may have inspired themselves to walk away from the Deep state of degeneracy that had come to rule the political parties. Those who begun to awaken may have changed ranks. They may have switched parties when they saw the faintest light at the end of the tunnel for America to have a future again and likewise the world.

This type of awaking tends to happen especially during election when the Deep Mire on the political landscape inspires despair in society. People become tired of seeing no hope, but seeing the stench praised as the pinnacle of civilization.

Then, someone comes along and says to the electorate, I can make America normal again; I can make it greatly respected in the world again; I can make America to become loved by Americans again by rebuilding the country for everyone to be proud of it again.

Such speeches would have sounded like Lincoln speaking, , or Franklin Roosevelt, or John Kennedy. Anyone standing for election to become President on this type of platform, standing against the Deep Mire of the Deep State, could have won. A dentist could have won if he had the financial resources to wage a campaign. Power lay in the street.

Someone evidently did pick it up and ran with it, and surprised himself that he succeeded, and gained respect in the world, and respect for America.

The Deep State is evidently so deeply rotten on the whole scene that the stench tends to leak out through the corroded walls of the private clubs of the party machines, or is being leaked out for political games.

The political parties have been declared by the Supreme Court of the USA to be private clubs.

When something leaks out through the closed doors of the clubs, few people are surprised by the smell. The stench is expected, especially during election time. The stench, therefore, doesn't alter elections.

What shapes elections, is the sparkle of cultural optimism, something that hasn't been seen since the Kennedy Moon Landing project.

Cultural optimism that the Moon landing project had sparked around the world, was begun to be murdered with the assassination of President Kennedy and was subsequently drowned in the gore of the Vietnam War.

President Putin evidently 'hacked' into the conscience of America by illustrating that there is an alternative to being drowned to death in the Deep State, like America has evidently been that has been so impoverished from within that it can no longer access the International Space Station that it had helped to build.

America's poverty has become so deep that it must in consequence break its own law, which prohibits cooperating with Russia, 'begging' Russia to carry its astronauts to the space station that it can no longer do itself.

The deep-reaching dismantling of NASA and its historic achievements had been a weighty campaign issue in the 2016 U.S. election. NASA was once synonymous with national pride in technological achievements, and with a vision for a bright future. Some of this has been so deeply buried that society is being induced to believe it was never real. Russia now carries the leading torch on this vital front.

Russia carries the leading torch in the world, because the Deep State had effectively buried America's space capability as an evil demon, which it had pioneered, which the Deep State says is too expensive in money and not worth the effort.

Russia's future-oriented paradigm had evidently 'hacked' into America's depressed state of thinking, suggesting that the potential still exists for America to snap out of its slumber and become a great nation again.

Actually, it isn't a hard challenge for America to become great again. Any President who picks up power in the street and follows the historic course that had made America great in the past, is assured the status of greatness for simply repairing America's decaying transportation infrastructure, and for restoring sanity into the banking system as did Franklin Roosevelt with the Glass Steagall act. It doesn't take a genius for a President to be great when the course is already laid out in history. But it takes courage and wisdom to carry that torch. Weather or not, what is required, will be achieved, remains yet to be seen.

It appears that President Trump is aware of the economic development achievements wrought by China.

He might even be aware that China's achievement could serve as a model for the fulfillment of his hopes.

However, it also appears that President Trump is unaware of the greatly advanced cultural background in China that had made the economic achievements possible, which Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet does illustrate.

Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake ballet, composed in 1875/76

Very few people are aware of the historic connection.

And fewer still are aware that the Swan Lake composition by Tchaikovsky in 1875/76, shares a common cultural background with the political founding of Canada as a Dominion of the British Empire in 1867.

While the past is history, the cultural growing up that the past has set into motion evidently still continues. It continues with new questions and remains a force that shapes the future.

What is Canada?

What is a nation?

Is it a land?

Is it a dominion?

Is it a property?

Is it a heritage of history?

Is it a people?

Is it a cultural identity?

Is it a home?

Is it a bastion of freedom?

So the question needs to be asked, What is Freedom? And it needs to be asked for the sake of the future.

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