Text and images transcript of the video Climate Change Action and Cosmic Dynamics #2 by Rolf Witzsche 

Climate Change Action and Cosmic Dynamics #2

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#3 Climate Change Actions result from Solar Cosmic-Ray fluctuations.

The emerging scene that the awaking society would see, would be the world of reality, winged with honesty in science. It would become plainly apparent then that the massive global warming that has occurred in the period past the Little Ice Age, had absolutely a cosmic cause linked to the Sun standing behind it, rather than the Earth being super-sensitive to the magical CO2 that is measured in parts per million and is vastly overshadowed by the greenhouse effect of water vapor that makes up, up to 97% of the greenhouse effect, which itself isn't the driving climate-change factor anyway, but is secondary in nature. 

By viewing the world with open eyes and honest science, society would easily recognize that increased cloudiness reflects increased amounts of solar radiation back into space, which thereby becomes lost to the Earth, and vice versa. This means that all the big climate changes in the world are effects of ever-changing cloudiness, which in turn is affected by cosmic actions that are affecting the Sun, which is all physically measurable. 

The evidence for the cosmic origin for climate action, is rather plain when one factors into the context the effect of cosmic rays on the cloud-forming process. All cosmic-ray flux has an ionizing effect in the atmosphere. The electric ionizing effect enhances water-vapor nucleation in the atmosphere that generates cloud droplets. 

It is measurable that most of the cosmic-ray flux that impacts the Earth, originates with the Sun in the form of solar cosmic-ray flux. The solar cosmic-ray flux is massive. It has been measured in the range of one to a thousand events per square meters per second, and it is constantly changing with cosmic factors that affect our Sun. Galactic cosmic-ray flux is rare in comparison, though more energetic. The Little Ice Age was demonstrably the direct result of larger volumes of solar cosmic-ray flux reaching the Earth at the time, which was a solar weak time that is evident in the lack of sunspots. The cause for the solar weak time, and the corresponding large solar cosmic-ray flux, is of course located far outs de the solar system itself, where the sources are located that power our Sun, which also affect our Sun.

The changes in solar cosmic-ray flux can be dramatic. The flux increase typically results when voids develop in the solar corona. In these cases the normally dense solar corona, which normally absorbs large amounts of the cosmic rays that are generated on the surface of the Sun, develops regional voids. When the corona weakens by weaker solar activity, the voids allow larger volumes of cosmic-ray flux to escape and reach the earth. How dramatic the voids can become, becomes apparent when the voids appear at the edge of the Sun. The coronal holes are thereby shown as huge gaps in the corona.

During the Little Ice Age, the Earth was so cold that rivers froze up and became skating rinks. Agriculture failed so dramatically that 10% of the population starved to death in some countries, up to 30% in the northern countries. The Sun had been in a state of prolonged, extremely-low solar activity at the time. The result was a 300-years period of Little Ice Age from roughly 1550 to 1850. For a large portions in this period no sunspots had been observed on the Sun at all, as if the Sun had gone to sleep, which, in a sense it had. 

Sunspots, typically occur only during high-activity periods when the Sun is intensely powered. 

Sunspots are a type of electric overload condition that rips holes into the photosphere.

During the solar weak periods, the solar activity becomes too weak for sunspots to erupt. That's when fewer, or smaller, or no sunspots occur. 

In weak periods, the Sun's corona is correspondingly weaker, so that holes develop more readily in the Sun's corona. The holes enable larger floods of solar cosmic-rays to penetrate the solar shield, which then impact the Earth. 

As I said before, the increased cosmic-ray flux hitting the Earth, increases cloudiness by cosmic-ray ionization of the atmospheric water vapor. This relationship has been verified with satellite measurements and laboratory experiments.

When artificial cosmic rays were injected into a test chamber, the resulting water vapor nucleation went straight up and off the chart.

And as I said before, increased cloudiness reflects a larger portion of the solar radiated energy back into space, which thereby becomes lost to us. The white top of the clouds are efficient reflectors of the radiated sunlight. When this happens for long periods, and happens intensively, a Little Ice Age results. That's what happened briefly in the 1300s, and more so between the 1500s and the 1700s into the 1800s. 

The Sun was so weak in these times - that just a few sunspots per year were visible in the 1600s when sunspots were counted and recorded. At the end of the 1600s only 50 sunspots had been counted in 28 years, in comparison with the 50,000 that are recorded in recent times for such a period.

The near total absence of sunspots stood clearly behind the coldest period in recent time, which became termed the little Ice Age that nobody wants to see happening again. The solar activity had been so low in this period that it had opened the door to high rates of solar cosmic-ray flux impacting the Earth with the effect of increased cloudiness and cold climates. It appears in retrospect that the Sun had barely recovered from its prolonged low-activity period.

In this context it becomes imperative to explore what proof we have for a direct connection between the diminished sunspots and the colder climate on Earth. We know from historic observations that when the sunspots have disappeared, the climate became cold, and when the sunspots were back in big numbers the climate recovered. 

Do we have physically measurable evidence for this?

Do we have hard evidence that the theorized link between the Sun and the climate on Earth, actually exists, and that this link really is the elusive solar cosmic-ray flux that no one can see? The answer is, Yes! The proof is provided by the Carbon-14 isotope.

**#4 Carbon-14 measurements prove decisively that climate change on Earth is caused by solar cosmic-ray flux.

What is Carbon-14? 

Carbon-14 is an unnatural carbon atom that is created by solar cosmic-ray flux acting on the Earth's atmosphere. The density of this unnatural isotope can be precisely measured. It thereby establishes a basis for measuring historic solar cosmic-ray flux.

The natural atomic structure of the carbon atom is made up of 6 protons and 6 neutrons in its core, which renders it to be Carbon-12. In the 1940s the existence of a rare Carbon-14 isotope has been discovered, which is heavier. The Carbon-14 gets the designation, 14, because it has two extra neutrons attached. C-14 is rare in the atmosphere, in the order of two parts per trillion. But it is measurable. 

The only known natural source for carbon-14 in the air, is the interaction of solar cosmic-ray flux with atoms in the atmosphere that by the collision emit a free neutron. the free neutron subsequently collides with an atom of atmospheric nitrogen. In this secondary collision, one of the protons of the nitrogen atom is displaced by the colliding neutron. In the process the nitrogen atom becomes transformed into a Carbon-14 isotope. 

The Carbon-14 isotope is widely used for carbon dating purposes, because the unnatural precarious isotope decays with a half-life of 5,730 years. The rate of decay is used for dating organic objects. But this is not the only use for which the isotope is valuable. The Carbon-14 measurement is also used as a direct measurement for the solar cosmic-ray flux, which creates the isotope in the first place. The result is amazing. 

When one plots the measured Carbon-14 values that one finds in historic deposits going back thousands of years, an amazingly accurate representation of historic solar-activity changes results.

The chart shown here, clearly proves the inverse relationship between high solar cosmic-ray flux and low solar activity in sunspot counts, and of both coinciding with known periods of cold climate on Earth. 

The fact that cosmic-ray interaction with the atmosphere converts nitrogen into Carbon-14 that can be measured, tells us unmistakably that the extremely cold period of the Little Ice Age that is coincident with the Maunder Minimum in sunspot numbers, was a period of extremely high cosmic-ray flux coming from the Sun. 

Since it is known that increasing cloudiness, which increases with increasing cosmic-ray flux, directly increases the amount of incoming solar energy being radiated back into space, we have an unmistakable relationship established with the Carbon-14 measurements, that low solar activity increases solar cosmic-ray flux, which becomes reflected in colder climates, and vice versa.

The bottom line is, that the Carbon-14 measurements present undeniable proof that all the huge climate changes that are known, have resulted from the cosmic changes that affect our Sun, and by nothing else.

The measured Carbon-14 values line up so perfectly with the known historic cold periods, that the end result gives us on-the-ground measured comparative evidence that the long-term climate changes on Earth, both for the cold periods and the warm periods, are the direct result of the changing intensity of the operations on the Sun that reflect space-weather factors external to the solar system itself. Manmade CO2 is demonstrated, thereby, not to be a climate factor. It also proves that the carbon-gas global warming hoopla employs a scientific fraud to vilify humanity. 

It needs to be noted here that the solar reflection in Carbon-14 production was overshadowed from the 1960s on, by the effects of atomic bomb testing, after which the measurements became meaningless. It is reasonable to assume, however, that the established trend at the end of the measured period would continue, until other compelling cosmic factors would indicate otherwise, such as the diminishment of the solar wind NASA's Ulysses spacecraft has reported between 1998 and 2008.

Fortunately for us all, there had been enough plasma density remaining in the cosmic system at the time of the Little Ice Age, which may have remained in the background from the Medieval Warming period, so that the solar system was able to recover from its long doldrums of critically low solar activity. If the recovery hadn't occurred, very few people would be alive on the Earth today.

As it was, we were lucky. In the 1700s the sunspots began to re-appear. Cloudiness diminished. The Earth became warmer again. The Great Global Warming began. 

Obviously, as I said before, the recovery of the Sun clearly wasn't caused by increased human activity, industrial processes, and carbon energy production, and so forth. Humanity has not yet achieved the capability to affect the Sun in any way whatsoever.

It would be wonderful if we had the capability, as human beings on the Earth, to invigorate the gigantic system of the Sun, because if we had this capability, it would enable us to avoid the next Ice Age that will likely begin in the near future, in the 2050s, according to a great volume of evidence at hand. 

Unfortunately, our affecting the Sun remains at the present time an impossible dream. This means that we have to face the coming Ice Age with open eyes, and face it as the universe is causing it, and that we react to the timing that the universe dictates.

The timing is critical here. The start of the next Ice Age is likely closer than we would wish it to be.

Let's take this realization back to the sunspots.

For 28 years in the middle of the Little Ice Age only 50 sunspots occurred, in comparison with the 50,000 that occur in our time in the same length of period.

As I said before, it seems miraculous that the Sun recovered at all from this near-dead state. And even as it did, the recovery sputtered. It didn't get fully under way until after the Dalton Minimum had ended in 1850.

Just as in the long-term context the Carbon-14 data tells us that the solar cosmic-ray flux was extremely large at the time of the Maunder Minimum, which was the worst period of the Little Ice Age, the Carbon-14 data also tells us that the minimal values in solar activity have been steadily diminishing. It seems reasonable to project from the measured projection that the recovery from the next large solar minimal and its renewed Little Ice Age, may not happen at all.

We see the same down ramping that we see between the minimal periods also reflected between the maximum periods. Both of these measured slopes project that a recovery from the next Little Ice Age is extremely unlikely, that instead a phase shift will happen that will take us into the inactive phase of the Sun where the surface plasma fusion stops and the next Ice Age begins. 

The high rate of solar cosmic-ray flux that we have measured for the Maunder Minimum, tells us that the solar corona was not just full of holes at this stage, but was extremely thin altogether. In other words, the solar system may have been close to the phase shift to the inactive state even then. We can expect the situation to be much worse for the next Little Ice Age that is inevitably coming, with which the next big Ice Age begins.

When the phase shift happens to an inactive Sun, and with it to the Big Ice Age, an entirely different platform for the climate on the Earth begins. The comfortable interglacial climate platform that we presently enjoy, will end, and the glacial platform will resume that we have never experienced in all remembered history, but which we have glacial records of. All of the climate experiences in the entire period of civilization will appear as nothing then and be overshadowed by the new reality of a cold climate that promises to be 40 times colder than the Little Ice Age had been, according to the ice core data from the pervious Ice Age.

That's what we see as the result of the long-term down ramping. That's what the down ramping points to as being inevitable.

The down ramping is also already becoming evident in the small, in the short term. We see it reflected there as an ongoing down ramping of the individual sunspot cycles, and as a down ramping of the solar wind pressure that NASA Ulysses spacecraft had measured. Ulysses had measured a 30% drop in solar wind pressure in just ten years. That's huge. It tells us, that on the linear scale, the solar wind will diminish to zero in the 2030s, and that the Sun itself will diminish after that.

It is not unreasonable to recognize from this long diminishing of the electro-dynamic process, that the solar system will electrically collapse at some point on the diminishing slope, with the Sun going inactive, possibly in the 2050s, that then causes the next Ice Age to begin. We are extremely close to that. It may even happen sooner.

 **#5 The Next Ice Age is Near

The climate on Earth will likely collapse somewhat less rapidly than the Sun itself will collapse, because large stores of thermal energy remain locked up in the oceans. Nevertheless, agriculture will collapse instantly in the diminished sunlight, except in the tropics where the solar exposure is two to three times greater. The northern regions, from Canada, to Europe, to Russia will most certainly become uninhabitable, perhaps equally rapidly, as the liveable zone will shrink to a narrow band centered on the equator. Whether humanity survives the transition, which may happen 30 years from the present, will depend on society's reaction in the present.

If the infrastructures are being built that enable us to relocate the northern countries into the tropics, with thousands of new cities being built in the tropics, and with new agriculture and industries being created there, humanity will have a chance to continue to live and prosper. If not, only a few million people will survive. The rest of humanity will die of the cold and by starvation. Will you and your children be among then? All children living today are so affected, and all adults who expect to live for more than 30 years. The question whether humanity will live or die will be settled by how humanity responds in the present to the Ice Age challenge, and the efforts that are made individually, and universally, to assure that the infrastructures for survival will be created.

So, it is up to you too, whether you and your children will have a future or die in agony. It is not my place to make this decision for you.

This is the stage where we are at today.

Most likely, the decision by humanity to rescue itself will not be made, so that all but a few will die.

 Under the present regime of near worldwide irregular warfare against humanity - which has disabled humanity's soul, science, and culture on a wide scene already, and has demolished the very image of man as human beings, to the point that people become ashamed to be alive as a danger to the planet, both under the depopulation dogma and the carbon climate change doctrine - there is little power remaining in this state of coma in society, for society to wake itself up from its imposed coma and turn the ship around.

What Iam presenting here may seem like a harsh assessment. Unfortunately, the evidence supports this line of scientific projection. Society is in a coma, asleep, dreaming, where nothing much moves anymore. It lives the dreams it has been educated to dream, such as the nightmare that manmade global warming is real, dangerous, and is ultimately unstoppable, that it can only be delayed, for which enormous sacrifices are demanded that become an economic death sentence. 

The point is that once one is in a coma, nothing that is ruminated in the dreaming is grounded in anything real. The resulting dream-state level of thinking is at best extremely infantile, akin to being ground into dust.

The engineered sleep state has crippled science. In the dream, reality has become foresworn. It is of no concern anymore.

For example, as soon as the pioneering concept of the plasma galaxy model was proposed, the Big Bang cosmology was hastily invented to bury the rational science concept with concepts where nothing is real.

The model of the self-consuming hydrogen fusion Sun was similarly injected into the dream landscape where nothing is real, where what is deemed reality, is simply fabricated.

Another example of science inversion is the mythical galactic model of orbiting stars spinning around an imaginary galactic center. The resulting comatose state has been driven to such extremes that the academies of science don't believe in physics anymore. 

This sad diversion is evidently intentional, as a means to dishonour Johannes Kepler, one of the great pioneers in physical science, and to block the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics that is located in advanced science.

Even truth itself is dishonoured in the dreams were nothing is real. 

The estimated global temperature increase on the right of the graphic is the scare crow of manmade climate change that has been paraded for decades to inspire humanity to destroy its energy production and scrap industrial development. 

With the face of reality being kept hidden in modern irregular warfare, the simple fact is not being recognized that the increasing estimated temperature values, plotted by NASA and GISS, reflect nothing more than the known increase in solar activity that is reflected in the Carbon-14 measurements. 

It needs to be noted here again that the solar reflection in the Carbon-14 values was overshadowed by the effects of the atomic bomb testing from the 1960s on. That's when the Carbon-14 graph stops. It is reasonable, however, to assume that the established trend has continued, probably until 1997, which the temperature chart indicates. 

On the ground temperature measurements at the Institute for Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk, indicated that a phase-shift to colder temperatures had begun in 1998, which is not reflected in the NASA graph shown here as the global reflection tends to lag behind the Irkutsk trend by three years.

The institute measured a drop in average annual ground temperature of 1.1 degrees in 1998, and an additional 0.5 degrees drop in 1999, and still a further 0.3 degree drop in 2000. 

The on the ground measured cooling in Irkutsk, coincides in time with the 30% reduction in solar wind pressure that NASA's spacecraft Ulysses had measured in the space around the Sun on its third orbit beginning in 1998. 

Both of these measurements, in conjunction with the Carbon-14 measurements, place the cause for climate change directly into the court of the Sun, and exonerates humanity from the charge of being a climate villain that the scare scenarios make it out to be. 

Of course, as one would expect in times of war, reality is never allowed to enter the theater of politics, as it would shut down the war. The real climate measurements are simply ignored in this theater, and replaced with fantasies. Not a word about anything real is allowed to be spoken in the theater of politics, which has become subsumed to the objectives in modern irregular warfare. For the same reason will the volumes of evidence for the coming Ice Age transition in the 2050s, remain hidden, including the underlying science of it.

In order to survive, society will have to dig itself out from its comatose state and rediscover what is real. This needs to include the rediscovering of what a human being is.

Our prayers and highest hopes should therefore be, that we may open our eyes to behold what is actually real. 

Then, when we get to this point and stop dreaming, and only then, will we acknowledge that while the Earth's climate has forever been changing, and will continue to change by the dynamics of its nature that is rooted in cosmic dynamics, the human presence and human action, which has not affected the Earth's climate in any way and never will, will be correctly understood. Then Man becomes exonerated on all counts from the charge of being a climate villain or a burden to the Earth.

The fact that much of humanity has been drawn into a state of coma, scientifically, where nothing is real, does not mean that all false science is intentionally false. Some science errors are the result of honest scientific mistakes, as for example the Milankovitch theory for the Ice Age cycles.

It had been long believed in earlier times, and still is believed by some, that the ice ages result from the combination of three types of minute long-term variations in the Earth's orbit around the Sun, with overlapping cycle times of 26,000, 41,000, and 100,000 years in duration. While these cycles cause minute variation in the hemispheric, and seasonal distribution of the solar radiation on Earth, the variations do not alter the total energy received from the Sun, whereby a global Ice Age can never really occur. In this case, a bit of common sense, and also Johannes Kepler's laws of planetary motion, invalidate the Milankovitch cycles theory, which is revealed thereby as simply a mistake.

Other science mistakes, however, are evidently intentional, as they defy known scientific facts. 

**#6 Proof that CO2 Increase is NOT manmade.

They typically defy clearly understood facts in order to drive the carbon climate fraud home, no matter what it takes. 

One of main elements of the carbon fraud is, that changes in CO2 cause climate changes. In this, ice core data is often cited as proof in support of the fraud. It has been discovered that Ice Age climates correspond with low CO2 levels, and the warm interglacial climates with high CO2 levels, and that the global warming that has occurred from the end of the Little Ice Age until 1998, has resulted from manmade additions to the global CO2.

This intentional science distortion of reality is plainly a form of science fraud, because it is an understood fact that cold climates reduce the global CO2 density, because in colder climates greater volumes of CO2 are absorbed in the cold waters of the oceans, while smaller volumes are evaporated in the tropical warm waters. The result simply means that changing temperatures drive the CO2 density changes. The lag time between the two is known to be in the range of hundreds of years, ranging from 300 years to roughly 800 years.

With this known, it becomes scientific fraud to proclaim that CO2 changes are driving the temperature changes, while the opposite is the case. The cause for the lag time of the CO2 response to temperature changes is understood.

The physical dynamics that render the CO2 changes responsive with a time delay, rather than being causative, are quite simple. 

The fact that the CO2 in the air becomes primarily dissolved in the cold polar oceans, and cold polar oceans are having the highest surface density of water in the world, the cold CO2-rich water that are also dense polar waters, sink by their greater weight in the polar regions. They sink into deep pools from where they circulate across the planet in a system of interlocked ocean currents and carry their dissolved CO2 with them.

The cold polar ocean are CO2 rich, because cold seawater can contain slightly over 3000 parts per million of CO2, close to 10 times the atmospheric density, which seems to explain why the polar oceans are extremely nutrient rich. CO2 is after all, critical for life, even for plankton in the oceans

The Arctic dense waters have an outflow from their pools that flows all the way to Antarctica where joins up with Antarctica's own deep pool that encircles the continent. The Antarctic deep current flows around the continent in the direction of the spin of the Earth, and slightly faster. As it does, two branches of dense waters spin off from it into two major streams.

One of the branching deep streams, shown here in blue, flows along the East Coast of Africa where the cold dense waters warm up, rise to the surface, and in the process relinquishe their high concentration of dissolved CO2, which become a part of the air again. 

The second deep branch flows into the Pacific where it's CO2 is likewise relinquished. Because of the slow movement of the currents it takes hundreds of years for the dissolved CO2 to flow from the arctics back into the tropics to become an atmospheric gas again. 

For the deep current along the coast of Africa, the CO2 transit time appears to be in the range of 350 years, and for the Pacific stream it may be in the range of 500 years. The transit time from the Arctic to the Antarctic is believed to be in the range of a thousand years. The long delayed CO2 response to temperature changes is evidently resulting from the long transit times.

The atmospheric CO2 is not a static pool. It is constantly recycled. A large portion is recycled through the oceans at a rate of roughly 12% of the entire atmospheric CO2 volume, per year. It is known that the oceans hold 50 times as much CO2 than the atmosphere does. This means that 12% of the manmade contribution to atmospheric CO2 becomes absorbed into the oceans' recycling system, or essentially all of it within 9 years. The absorbed CO2 effectively disappears from the landscape for 350 to 500 years. It won't re-emerge until the end of its transit loop. For the CO2 from the Arctic waters, the transit time may be as long as a thousand years or more.

This means that if every human activity that emits CO2 into the atmosphere was totally shut down, the increase of the atmospheric CO2 would continue, because a portion of today's atmospheric CO2 originated in the Little Ice Age and has been in transit through the recycling for 350 years. 

It is known that extremely large volumes of CO2 had been dissolved into the oceans during the colder times of the Little Ice Age, so much so that a major dip shows up in the ice core measurements of atmospheric CO2 of this time.

The CO2 increase that we see reflects the recycle time of the global conveyer belt system. The high rate of CO2 absorption in the Little Ice Age is brought back to us in the present. The Maunder Minimum is well within range for the recycle transit time to the coast of Africa. In the same manner is the CO2 from the more distant cold period of the Spoerer Minimum within range today via the outflow in the Mid Pacific.

It would be surprising if the huge volume of CO2 that had been absorbed into the conveyor system during the big cold periods, would not reappear at the end of the transit cycle. This is precisely what we see happening, and what one would expect to see for an extremely slow recycling system. We see the absorption dips from the last three big cold periods in the ice core records in Antarctica shown here. Why wouldn't the absorbed huge volume of CO2 be returned to the atmosphere by the dynamics of this system?


The answer is, that what we are seeing, in terms of the CO2 increase in modern time is clearly not manmade. This means that the result that we now see unfolding, is likely just the beginning of a much larger trend to come that would continue even if humanity ceased to exist. This also means that the entire CO2 hockey-stick scare campaign that vilifies humanity, is completely groundless, which adds another reason that renders the basis for the Carbon-Global-Warming terror project, groundless likewise.

Sure, humanity is presently injecting roughly 8 to 10 billion tons of carbon gas into the atmosphere, which is in the range of roughly 1% of the total atmospheric CO2, the volume is insignificant as it all gets largely lost in the long-extended recycling process, rather than it hanging around, accumulating. 

Considering that the manmade-CO2 scarecrow card with its typical hockey-stick rise in modern time is being blown up big for the vilification of humanity, while the major operating dynamics are all known that present opposite evidence, demonstrates that the CO2 scarecrow card is basically a fraud by intention that is deployed as a weapon in the games of modern irregular warfare against humanity.

The fraud vilifies humanity. It produces infantile responses in society, akin to a state of dreaming in which society can be easily controlled towards its self-destruction. This is the clearly demonstrated intention, which matches the intention of modern irregular warfare. The CO2 fraud is then, evidently, just another card in the deck of terror of the modern irregular warfare process, where the physical reality is never an issue, but is typically hidden. 

The 2015 terrorist acts in Paris, just weeks before the U.N. Climate Conference in this city, were likely perpetrated to assure that increased police-state measures would be implemented to prevent protest demonstrations and protest marches from occurring that might raise some points of truth against the climate scarecrow and awake a few of the comatose delegate assembled at the 120 million Euro extravaganza event that is designed to destroy humanity evermore deeply, with evermore strangling impositions, than humanity already is.

The modern irregular war against humanity has many faces and many cards in the deck, including the card of naked terror, while the war itself is singular, controlled and financed for a purpose, and the masters at the top are one. There is no such thing as spontaneous terror in the age of modern irregular warfare. If it was, it would be extremely rare. Terror is so radically foreign to human living and human identity, that it can exist only in organized form, cultivated, trained, financed, armed, and directed for a purpose. It exists as a card of a deck of many cards, which are all played in the way the strategists require.

Ultimately it will be irrelevant what happens in Paris, since the goal in modern irregular warfare is not centered on individual victories. The goal in irregular warfare is always the long-term objective. It is to grind the opponent, the opponent to empire, which is humanity, into the dust. 

The biofuels scam is just a card in the deck. In the name of reducing CO2 emissions from automobiles, high-value food products, such as corn and soy-beans, are converted into alcohol fuels to be burned. The project is a gigantic cultural warfare act from its inception. In the case of ethanol, the burning of it produces 7% less CO2 than octane, while the additional CO2 from the energy input for producing the ethanol fuel nearly doubles the total. Evidently the stated goal isn't the goal, but is a ruse that covers for the real goal, which is the destruction of humanity with the tool of mass murder.

Lord Russell stated bluntly that wars are inefficient in that they don't murder enough people. He called for more efficient methods. The biofuels card plays in this direction. Biofuels are not an efficient new, net-energy resource, for the simple reason that the production of them requires nearly as much energy in total energy inputs than the fuel gives back. The biofuels card is only efficient in causing mass genocide in a hungry world with the mass-burning of food. The agricultural resources that are diverted from food production to biofuels production, would at the present stage, nourish upwards to 400 million people. In a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation, the mass-burning of food leaves a trail of 100 million corpses in the wake every year by death from starvation. This horrendous death toll probably exceeds all the war-deaths of all the wars in history combined, repeated every single year. Maybe this is what Lord Russell meant, when he said that wars don't kill enough.

Large segments of the world are now committed to participate in the mass-murder holocaust by their own volition. They are dreaming with their eyes closed that this giant holocaust of murder - the largest in all of history - will save the planet from overheating.

Very few people who are participating in this enormously wide genocide process, realize that they themselves are are the targeted victims when they pull up to the gas pump and fill up with E10, or E15, or E85, or whatever the case may be, while the 100 million people who are dying of starvation, quietly in far-off lands each year, are merely a collateral expense for the creeping destruction of society as a whole, by grinding it into the dust, slowly and gradually, from within, as human beings, as an opponent to empire.

But is this travesty really the method that had been pioneered by the Roman politician and general, Quintus Fabius Maximus, in defence of Rome against the vastly superior invading forces of Hannibal? 

The principle of Fabius was, to simply disable the invading force, not to destroy it. Russia saved itself against Napoleon in 1812, by this principle. In modern irregular warfare this principle is turned upside down. Humanity is being attacked by it, instead of being defended by it. The resulting difference is as absolute as night and day. The ruling empire of today aims to destroy humanity to its very core, and boil it down to less than a billion to be kept like zoo animals, imprisoned and controlled. The problem is, for the empire system, that the inversion of a profound principle is recursive. Rome destroyed itself on this platform. It looted all the people round about till there was nothing left to loot, whereby Rome fell onto its own sword. The sword is recursive.

The current world empire that operates without a name, or has many names, is already dying by its recursive sword. Its financial system that has looted the world, is functionally already bankrupt. The naked-terror card is played evermore furious now, on this ground, which by it being played, hastens the masters' own demise. No force in the world can prevent the fall of their system. However humanity does not need to fall with them. 

**#7 Tickets for Survival

The Fabius principle of the strategic defence can be successfully applied by humanity in its defence against empire. The principle virtually guarantees its success. A move towards it is already on in the USA, to apply the Fabius strategic defence principle to save the nation. The strategic defence principle had previously been applied in the form of the Glass Steagall bank-system protection legislation, in 1933, by President Franklin Roosevelt. In recent years a movement has begun in the USA to restore the Glass Steagall legislation for the strategic defence of the nation. In doing this America writes itself a ticket for its survival.

A similar strategic defence is possible to be achieved by society against the Carbon Global Warming scarecrow card, the Biofuels scarecrow card, and the Depopulation scarecrow card. This can be done by simply looking at the reality, which is, that there is nothing standing behind these scare cards that isn't a pure fabrication on every point as this video has demonstrated. On this path, humanity as a whole writes itself a ticket to have a future once again, which currently is not even a concept anymore.

The principle of the strategic defence that Quintus Fabius Maximus had pioneered might ultimately be the only workable platform in humanity's defence against nuclear war. Nuclear war is designed from the ground up to function as a scarecrow card in the deck of modern irregular warfare. The scarecrow cards are each one designed in its individual way, to keep sanity away from the fields of the theatres of empire, and to render humanity stupid and asleep. The principle of the strategic defence must therefore cover the entire deck of the irregular warfare cards, which is possible by the nature of principle, which is singular. On this platform humanity writes itself a ticket to universal liberty and a new renaissance with such power that it can meet the Ice Age challenge on the platform of the strategic defence of humanity that then becomes possible.

All this is possible, but will it be done? The process of humanity writing itself a ticket to meet the coming near Ice Age with a song, requires an immediate commitment, followed by the building of vast industries for the building of the vast infrastructures that are needed, followed by the building of the infrastructures themselves. That's the only ticket that can be written for humanity for a bright future in an Ice Age world. Today, for as far as I can see, the fields for developing this commitment are rather empty of people reaching for it. The scarecrow cards still rule the landscapes.

**#8 Historic Awaking

It was different in the early days. There was still some life left on the science scene. Large efforts were made in the early days of the scarecrow cards to keep the world mentally alive, by focusing on the known truth versus the known fraud. The movement started with the Heidelberg Appeal in 1992, that went out to the world from the university of Heidelberg in Germany, followed by the Leipzig Declaration, the Oregon Petition Project, and the huge 2007 U.S. Senate Report, all urging the world to wake up to an unfolding fraud against science and humanity. These were all movements towards the strategic defence principle.

The Heidelberg Appeal was supported by 4000 scientists from 69 countries, including nearly as many Nobel laureates. Of course their voices were not allowed to be heard at the Rio Earth Summit of the modern irregular war project.

Undeterred by the failure, the Leipzig Declaration was launched from the University of Leipzig. The project addressed only the narrow field of climatologists and climate specialists. The project collected 110 signatures from this highly specialized group. It was submitted to the Kyoto Climate Conference, and again it was not allowed to be heard.

In response to the Kyoto tragedy that resulted from the lack of truth in its premises, and had resulted in a global accord which the Russian Academy of Science termed "a global suicide pact," the really big Oregon Petition Project was launched. The petition project addressed all scientists worldwide in a campaign to urge the nations to reject the Kyoto accord. This time 17,000 people with an academic background responded. It may have been on the basis of this huge response that only a few countries actually ratified the accord.

In 2007 the U.S. Senate report staged another scene of science opposition against the scare cards. The Senate didn't collect just signatures of agreement, but required written statements with details for the individuals' reasons for their stand. The Senate collected 400 of these reports from individual respondents. The reports are on file.

It is often said to the present day that the carbon climate change theory is universally understood and is backed by a wide consensus among scientists. The statement is true only in the sense that it is widely understood in honest science that manmade carbon climate change is physically impossible. There appears to be a consensus in the community of real science that the promoted carbon scare theory is crap. Over 30,000 people with academic standing have made the effort to respond to a mail-in project as the latest effort. There appears to be a real consensus of standing in opposition, found in the science community.

Of course the media also has created its own type of consensus that it is hired for, as is required for the modern irregular warfare objective. The media created a consensus in guided dreaming where nothing is fundamentally understood, where the theories are simply accepted and people bow to the degenerating effect they have. The result is that of a hidden type of terrorism.

The Ice Age challenge, in contrast, has the opposite effect. It challenges society to truly awake, to ramp up its civilization. It inspires the self-up-ramping of humanity to ever-greater forms of economic development and scientific and technological progress. This is far from being a terrorist objective that puts society mentally into a coma and demands depopulation.

In real terms, the world needs more people, not less. The building of a new world in response to the Ice Age challenge that is now before us 30 years into the future, requires the combined effort of the entire world. It requires a full commitment to truth in science with a full commitment to the development of the power of the human mind, and the human potential.

 This commitment on which civilization rests, amounts to nothing less than the full commitment in society to the principle of the general welfare in all regards as a high-level form of strategic defence. This includes free high-quality universal housing, health care, education, with the remaining needs being met as freely as possible. The general welfare principle as a strategic defence against the poverty of small-minded thinking, is the minimal starting platform to spearhead the fullest development possible of the greatest asset that a society has, which is itself. If anyone thinks that the Ice Age challenge can be met on any lesser platform, this person is dreaming, and dreaming won't do.

**#9 Moments of Truth

The great German poet of freedom, Friedrich Schiller had asked in his Aesthetical Letters, referring to the failed French Revolution, "Why is it that a great moment found such a little people?" He suggested that while the moment for great change in the flow of history had been at hand at the time, the moral condition in society to grasp the potential of the moment and to move with it, had been lacking. As many people had later realized with tears in the aftermath of the failure of the revolution, that the conditioning that they had lacked at the critical moment, became their lacking conditioning to survive on the personal level.

The great moment in our time is the Ice Age decision moment, and it will always be that until the Ice Age challenge is met. 

The 2015 U.N. Climate Conference in Paris has the potential to serve as a stage for a moment of truth - for a moment of profound realization that stops the carbon dreaming; a moment to lay down the climate scarecrows; a moment for humanity to stand as giants in the defence of its future, and thereby of itself by getting series in considering the Ice Age Challenge.

Humanity had once taken such a stand as giants, and had accomplished what had never been accomplished before or has been since. It stood as giants, laterally, standing side by side. It ended nearly 100 years of war in 1648, not with a sword, but with a pen in hand and an open and alert mind. It created a peace that had rendered all humanity sovereign in principle and honoured with the commitment to promote what is of the advantage of the other, which is to everyone's advantage. 

The meeting of giants in 1648 had been convened against the background of Johannes Kepler staging of a great moment for truth in the science of astrophysics that had liberated astronomy from centuries of dreaming. The pioneers in 1648 had latched onto this moment. It might have been their conditioning to become giants and stand tall, to stand as human beings.

The principle of universal sovereignty, which had been put onto the map in a big way in 1648 and was reflected in advancing science and technology thereafter, still stands today as the guiding star in civilization, though this star is fast being eroded and is almost universally denied in the fields of modern irregular warfare. The tower of Paris that you see before you has been visited by more than 250 million people. It stands today as a lone reminder of a once proud past. The Paris U.N. Climate conference lacks the historic link to the critical moment of truth, as did all the preceding climate conferences of the last 40 years. 

Where will we find the Johannes Keplers of today, like he who raised the standard of truth in astrophysics and set the stage for the giants to emerge on it? 

It appears that this time, the call to arise from the comatose dreaming, will have to be powered by society itself. Society must make that call, which a human being should most certainly be able to make. No one can release society of this responsibility to itself. 

Perhaps when this is understood, and perhaps only then when society does make this call to awake itself, will the new song be sung that marks the end of the dreamtime. It will be a simple, but profound song:

Oh dreamer leave behind your dream in joyful waking,

Oh captive rise, and 'wield' your power to be free,

Then stand on the hilltops, the golden truth proclaiming,

And paint the sky with the colors of universal liberty.

Principle and its idea is One, and this One is God - good.

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