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Climate Change Action and Cosmic Dynamics 1

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The maximum climate goal that the United Nations Climate forum seeks in terms of preventing manmade global warming for all times to come, is already happening. It is here! Open your eyes! End the dreaming!

What science seeks in its dreaming - a world without manmade global warming - is already, demonstrably, reality. The fears of an overheated world, are fears in dreams where nothing is actually real.

The human world is a world of living, building, creating. It is a world of beauty, art, science, music, and caring', where the most amazing is totally real and and the power of the human being is demonstrated in the small and in the large, like the grand fire that lit up the Eiffel tower at the 1889 World Exposition, in Paris, France. The world was waking up in those days to the great human potential that still remains a light for all times. 

But we are told that this optimism is archaic, as many now believe in their dreams and nightmares. We are told by the elite of the world that the Earth is fast overheating by the consequences of humanity living on the Earth. 

Each breath we take leaves in its wake a cloud of carbon molecules called CO2, classified a dangerous pollutant, termed a greenhouse gas, addressed with fear for is rapidly increasing. 

We are told that with each house we built, each car we drive, each factory we operate, we add to the pollution that drives up the carbon global warming climate change. We are told that the pollution we emit has been skyrocketing since the dawn of industrialization. We are told that this mistake in history must be reversed. Carbon energy production must stop. The human presence must be culled back to less than a billion people. For this demand, industries are being destroyed, and the food that humanity needs to live is being burned in gigantic quantities. 

Is this a dream? Or is this real?

Let me show you what you will see when you awake and stop dreaming. That's the challenge.

You will see a world that is quite different than in dreams. In waking to reality you discover that no form of human action, no matter how big, has the po er to cause climate change on Earth. 

You discover that every climate change in history, even the worst of them, originates with the Sun.

You discover that minute forms of weakening on the Sun have large affects on the cosmic-ray flux streaming from the Sun.

You will discover that the invisible changes in solar cosmic-ray flux cause large changes in cloudiness on Earth, which changes the amount of the radiated energy from the Sun that is reflected back into space and thereby becomes lost to us.

You will discover that historic solar cosmic-ray flux can be precisely measured in carbon-14 ratios, and that the measured high-flux periods correspond with cold times, and low-flux periods with warm periods.

You will discover that CO2 greenhouse actions are too minuscule to cause any measurable climate effects.

You will discover that the measured large increase in CO2 since the dawn of industrialization is not manmade.

You will discover that the global CO2 recycling conveyor system gives us back today, by its long transit time, the high volume of CO2 that had been dissolved in the oceans during the Little Ice Age and before.

You will discover that you have no reason to fear any manmade climate changes, but that you would wish instead that we had this capability as a means to avoid the next Ice Age in 30 years, that's the only climate factor with an existential challenge attached.

The reason why the world is in a coma today, and is largely unaware of the reality that actual science unfolds, ironically appears to be rooted in a scientific discovery itself, that takes us back in time to the Roman era.

Founder of the principle of the Strategic Defence (280 BC - 203 BC) which became inverted into Modern Irregular Warfare.

Early in the Roman era, the Roman politician and military general, Quintus Fabius Maximus, had pioneered a principle for the protection of his country, which might be termed the principle of the strategic defence.

Rome had been under attack by the vastly superior forces, led by the Punic Carthaginian military commander, Hannibal Barca, who is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. Hannibal had occupied much of Italy for 15 years, but had never achieved a complete victory. Fabius Maximus had developed a strategy of irregular warfare that had enabled the small Roman forces to prevent the superior opponent from defeating the state. 

The methode that he applied is simple. 

His strategic defence was, not to attack Hannibal, but to grind the opposing forces into dust by denying them the means to operate. He attacked Hannibal's logistics. Quintus Fabius became famous for it. He was honoured for his strategy of irregular warfare that saved Rome, not by direct confrontation, but by grinding the superior opponent down, and down, into the dust, for which he earned the title, "The Shield of Rome." 

In Modern Time a Phase Shift was Staged. The Principle of the Strategic Defence was Inverted.

The pioneered strategy of Quintus Fabius Maximus, was not forgotten. It was modernized. It was transformed from a platform for the strategic defence of a nation, into a comprehensive informal system of modern irregular warfare that operates in ambush to maintain an empire against the scientific and moral power of an advancing humanity. 

The principle of modern irregular warfare appears to have been chosen by the masters of the oligarchic system of empire, for the defence of their system that lacks itself a foundation to exist, but hangs on to its power against the vastly superior force of human progress that stands as a threat to the system of empire. The masters fear the power of a humanist cultural renaissance and advancing scientific, technological, and industrial development that creates a higher-level progressive world in which the system of empire would have no place to exist. 

It would be surprising in the context of the critical strategic situation that the masters of empire find themselves in evermore, if the grind-down method of general Quintus Fabius Maximus would not be applied again as an emergency platform to maintain the decaying system of oligarchic control against the vastly superior potential of an advancing humanity. The end-result of this process became the principle of Modern Irregular Warfare, as it is now called.  

It would also be surprising if the now ongoing war against humanity and human progress, would not include a component of war that is directed against science and truth, which are the very foundation of advancing civilization. And it would be further surprising if the manmade carbon climate change project, which has not a single item of scientific evidence standing in support of it, would not have been created as a card in the deck of modern irregular warfare to maintain the system of empire that has no basis to exist in a progressive human world, but still continues to wield its historic influence and political and financial control.

** What is the evidence telling us?

The evidence is sometimes surprising. While it is possible that the worst of human action in the form of a global thermonuclear war would cause a prolonged nuclear winter by injecting vast amounts of material into the atmosphere and even the stratosphere, which would wipe out food production around the world and starve the survivors to death, the giant climate upset would nevertheless remain to be but a temporary thing, perhaps of a few decades in duration, which, of course, only a few people might survive, if any. But this isn't what the climate hoopla is about, is it?

** The Climate Hoopla isn't about Real Manmade Climate Change, which isn't really possible. It is About Dreaming to Hide the Truth.

**#1 - The Sun, and Only the Sun affects the Climate on Earth. The evidence for this truth is conclusive.

The manmade climate change trap has no basis. The dreaming is focused on minute changes in the atmosphere, extended over long periods, that are deemed accumulative and increasing, which are said to have raised the density of carbon gases in the air that are said to threaten the world with run-away global warming, melt the ice caps, and flood large areas of low-elevation land. 

This tragic, long-term prediction is false, though it has been erroneously accepted for a long time, and has caused increasingly, enormous consequences in human living on an unimaginable scale, while no measurable global warming has actually occurred. 

Does this ring like a paradox? Let's try to solve the paradox by searching out what is actually real.

When we look at historic climate records in ice samples from Greenland, going back in time through the entire period where what we call civilization has developed, we recognize that some extremely long climate changes have occurred on our planet. But those, according to all evidence, have been the result of cosmic actions, not human actions. The human presence was minuscule for most of the long span of human history, almost to the present time. So, what did cause these very large and sometimes rapid climate changes that we have records of in ice core samples as shown here for the last 10,000 years?

There is only one cause possible, namely that the numerous large climate fluctuations that we have evidence of, are expressions of cosmic fluctuations. 

** Is the Solar Cause True? Do we have evidence for the assumptions? Or is the Global Warming Hoopla True? Is it supported by evidence to support its claims?

The fact is, the global warming hoopla has no evidence for its claim. The Earth has been in a cooling trend since 1998, even while the CO2 levels have been rising. So, let's look at the cosmic scene as a cause for the climate changes. What evidence do we find there?

Well, when we look for cosmic factors, the Sun, which creates our climate in the first place, is the prime cosmic factor for all the climate changes on Earth that have occurred. 

The Sun does produce cosmic-ray flux. We can measure it. We have measured it with satellites, and we have measured its changing.

We also know that changes in solar cosmic-ray flux have a big impact on the climate on Earth, by their effect on cloudiness. 

The solar cosmic-ray fluctuations, in turn, are themselves demonstrably caused by cosmic factors outside of the solar system that affect our sun in ways that allow coronal holes to occur. This cosmic linkage has always existed. This is the truth. 

Some of the cosmic actions on our climate have been enormous, as you can see. They have caused three great warm periods in the last 4,000 years. Some are so distant and large that they are no longer imaginable in the present for the lack of comparable experiences. 

The most dramatic period of global warming in recent times, which has been experienced in part, has occurred at the end of the Little Ice Age, from the 1850s on. This warming period in recovering from the Little Ice Age coincides roughly with the time of the start of the industrial revolution. 

The massive glacial deposits left over from the 300-years long Little Ice Age, began to melt during what became referred to in modern time as the Great Global Warming period.

From the end of the Little Ice Age to the present, carbon based energy production gave the world's atmospheric CO2 component a boost. In this time frame the atmospheric CO2 level increased from 270 parts per million, which some dispute, to 390 parts per million, which is the currently measured average.

Let's assume that the 44% increase really did happen, which is likely. Is it reasonable to assume then, that the experienced re-warming of the Earth after the Little Ice Age, has resulted from the increase in atmospheric CO2, and that the entire increase of it was manmade, simply because it occurred during the industrial revolution? The entire global warming hoopla is based on that. 

Or was the re-warming of the Earth a natural consequence of cosmic factors that had nothing to do with human activity and CO2 climate forcing, so that both factors simply became abused in retrospect for a scare campaign for political objectives, without anything real standing behind it? 

How much truth is in that? In what direction does the evidence point?

One of the activists of the political climate campaign has answered the question in this way, saying, "We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we may have. Each of us has to decide himself what is the right balance between being effective and being honest." 

That this direction became the general trend, came to light years later near the time of the 2009 U.N. Climate Conference in Copenhagen, where a mass of leaked e-mails from a leading climate institution had revealed that the much heralded climate data that the scare campaign was based on, was simply made up. 

While this is all interesting, it really doesn't prove anything.

** Where can we find real proof that we can trust? Can we find evidence that is physically measurable?

The increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere is measurable. It has been measured. It is real. 

Does this also mean that the horrific climate scare scenarios that are based on the CO2 increase, that have been promoted for the last 40 years, are also real?

The scare scenarios are promoted by the U.N. and other world organizations, and they continue to be promoted to the present. The promotion is based on the physical fact that the carbon dioxide gas, called CO2 by its chemical formula, has the capacity to absorb radiated solar energy in a process similar to light absorption, and is able to radiate the absorbed energy back into the atmosphere in a scattered fashion. That's true. CO2 does have the capacity to absorb light energy and emit it back. But is everything true?

**#2 The CO2 Greenhouse Effect - a millionth part of the whole.

On the surface it seems that manmade global warming is true. The CO2 has increased. The energy-absorbing quality of the CO2 gas has been measured. It has been rightfully termed a greenhouse gas. Its energy absorbing quality has also been measured. It has been measured and plotted in terms of its absorption coefficient. The coefficient has been measured across the entire light spectrum and beyond. 

Here it gets interesting. 

Water vapor dominates the stage!

CO2 affects nothing ,comparatively, because of its 10 times lower absorption coefficient, its 100 times lower density in the air, its 20 times smaller coverage of the spectrum, its 575 times lower density than oxygen, and its effectiveness in only the low-energy end of the spectrum. The proof is in the fact that while global CO2 levels are rising the Earth is actually getting colder.

The Institute for Solar Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk has measured a whopping 1.9 degree drop in average annual on-the-ground temperature measurements.

These facts are being ignored in the scare-hoopla theatres. Colder temperatures have been experienced all over the world, while the CO2 levels keep going up. The key for solving this paradox is located in the effect of water vapor.

The dramatic difference between the absorption coefficient for CO2 and for water vapor, is the result of the CO2's strong molecular bond in comparison with the extremely weak bond for the water molecule that responds more readily and on a much wider range of light energy. It would be amazing if the CO2 molecule, with this built-in deficiency, would have a significant effect on our climate, especially when one considers that water vapor, that is ten times more efficient, is typically 100 times more densely present. 

In addition to all that, the giant factor that water vapor is, has its density directly affected by cosmic factors that affect the cloud-forming process. The cloud-forming process draws on the water vapor in the air, which reduces the prevailing water-vapor density in the atmosphere. With all this considered, the water vapor factor, which is directly affected by solar cosmic-ray flux density fluctuations, adds up to being a significant factor in affecting the climate on Earth.

The CO2 factor, in comparison, is so small that it is actually not physically measurable in the real world.

It should be seen as a paradox, what we behold in the real world. We are injecting large volumes of CO2 into the atmosphere. According to the carbon climate change models, the Earth should be roasting. Instead it is getting colder. Nor does this paradox deter the global warming song, The global warming song continues in spite of the evidence, which adds another paradox.

Lord Russell explained the paradox. As the intellectual master of the system of empire, he understood Quintus Fabius Maximus and his principle of grinding an opponent into dust by denying the opponent the logistics that are essential for a human society, or a human military force, to function. The principle was understood by the German poet Friedrich Schiller who had aimed to inspire society to rebuild itself from within, in order to free itself from the scourge of empire that had dominated Europe at the time. The idea resonated in Russia and inspired the defence of Russia against the immensely greater force of Napoleon in the War of 1812, on the principle of grinding Napoleon's force into dust by defeating its logistics. Lord Russell understood that the modern logistical base of humanity is its science and scientific and technological progress. In his book, The Impact of Science on Society, he made it rather plain that for empire to defend itself against humanity, which he defined as the enemy, humanity's modern logistical base, which is science as the keystone in human culture, must be defeated. For this he champions the mass elimination of humanity. He says in the book that wars are insufficient to have this effect. He says that the depopulation must be accomplished through the back door by waging war on science and truth.

The point is, that there is no point in one trying to understand the carbon climate issue as an issue outside the context of "modern irregular warfare." The prime objective of empire is to defend its existence. Lord Russell made it clear that humanity is the declared enemy and that science and truth is its power. This means that the carbon climate fraud, which makes sense only in the context of empire aiming to defend itself against humanity, is not about to be called off. "Modern Irregular Warfare," is a part of this strategic landscape. It is here to stay for as long as possible. When it fails, empire falls.

The concept of "modern irregular warfare," is rather simple when it is seen in the context of the oligarchic system aiming to achieve world domination without the use of world wars, that in the nuclear age are no longer possible. This means that the goal of world domination must be pursued below the threshold of world wars, by means of subversive warfare from within. During the big world wars the goal has been to destroy the populations, their infrastructures, and their industries. This goal is now pursued subversively. The process is inexpensive, and it is vastly more destructive than open warfare had been. 

It has become recognized that it is vastly more destructive and devastating on society, for it to become subjected to numerous false idealisms that render the human being as immoral, despicable, greedy, irresponsible, and worthless scum - even a danger to itself, to its resources, to its environment, and to its very existence. The depopulation card, that empire plays, fits into this deck of objectives, as does the terrorizing environmental card, and the carbon climate card. Each one of these cards is subversively destructive on society by design. Each card is expertly played.

 Against this background the carbon scare card is not surprising.

When Bertrand Russell of the British Empire system, argued for the mass killing of society with vectored diseases for the purpose of depopulation, he evidently didn't have the actual mass-murdering of society in mind. It makes no sense for the masters to kill the slaves that supply their living. The textbook objective in modern irregular warfare is far-more devastating on society than the physical murdering would be. The objective is to kill the soul: to so degrade the status of man so deeply that society becomes ashamed of itself for being alive. The endlessly-repeated depopulation song has this effect. The carbon climate change song has the same effect. They are cards of a larger deck of cards. They are in the deck side by side with the card of naked terrorism, and the ultimate-terror card of thermonuclear war. These cards are all expertly played.

The carbon climate change ideology is a devastating card that is not based on anything real. It is a card that puts a devastating problem before society for which no solution is possible in the framework in which it is presented, other than for society to commit economic suicide or to depopulate itself, since society itself is said to be the cause of the problem. 

A project of this type has a devastating effect on the human mind. The mind is trapped thereby, into a self-perception for which no acceptable solution is deemed possible. In such a case, the mind reverts backwards to a more infantile state of thinking. This appears to be intentional. At the more infantile state society is more easily controlled. 

The term, Global Warming, has in this context been employed as a terror phrase that is effective, even if there is no truth behind it. Society has become inspired by its terror song, deep in its soul, the be ashamed to be alive as a burden to the Earth. The effect may be the reason why the Global Warming doctrine is so intensively guarded against the truth. To even think the truth, is slandered as an act of Global Warming Denial. It is deemed a crime thereby to be honest with oneself.

Typically, the Depopulation card and the Global Warming card are played together to maximise their effects. Placed into skilful hands, these cards are being played from behind dense smokescreens so that the objectives are rarely ever recognized.

 While in the case of the 2009 Climate Conference in Copenhagen, the climate fraud became proudly exposed by the aristocrat Lord Monckton - who cited that key climate facts were simply made up in high-level institutions, as had been revealed by leaked e-mails - he failed to expose the purpose for the fraud. He failed to see what stands behind this type of scene, behind the official face. He failed to see the connection of the fraud as an attack on humanity. He didn't mention the depopulation target, which at this time had been openly set at 2.3 billion people as the allowable optimum world population. The figure has since been reduced to less than a billion people.

The deployment of the Global Warming card in conjunction with the Depopulation card, signifies that the carbon climate-scare fraud is promoted as an element of the modern irregular warfare objective that the masters of empire had been playing already from the late 1700s on, though evermore vigorously now, as a means for protecting the essentially feudal platform that all systems of empire depend on.

It may be interesting to note here that the 40-year Global Warming irregular warfare campaign was started up in 1974 out of the blue, and was organized from the halls of empire, in synchronism with other imperial projects of a similar nature. 

The tragic fact is that the irregular warfare projects are all succeeding. Today, after 40 years of psychological war, much of the world sings the carbon scarecrow song from the heart, vigorously, and proudly - indicating that everyone is essentially asleep and dreaming of a world that has nothing to do with reality, but which is terribly scary. The dreamers will even fight you if you urge them to awake.

The dreamers have regressed to finding comfort in illusions, and comply with them as if the illusions were real. At this low-level state of dreaming, reality no longer matters.

For example, the fact that the great global warming of the Earth when the deep-freeze of the Little Ice Age ended, is not recognized as a cosmic phenomenon that is plain to see, even while it is massively supported as a cosmic phenomenon by real physical evidence. 

In the sleeping world, where real evidence isn't a factor, the re-warming of the Earth is attributed entirely to humanity's industrial action and its corresponding energy-rich living, which both produce atmospheric carbon gases, while it is hidden from the sleeping world that the life-critical carbon gases that have become emitted, are known to have essentially no effect on the Earth's climate whatsoever.  

The cultivated blindness to reality leaves one to wonder how deep the climate dreaming has actually become.

The obvious answer is, that what we see happening in the world is only possible when society is successfully inspired to close its eyes to the obvious facts around it, to commit itself to slumber and to ruminating over scare stories in a drama of nightmares about runaway global warming that overheats the Earth, melts all glaciers, floods the Earth with the ice turned to water, that raises the sea level, which nothing can stop than society committing suicide. That's scary indeed.

Shouldn't society rather open its eyes? When it would, a different world would come into view, than the one that it beholds in dreaming. But this awakening isn't happening, is it? It is prevented by the constantly ongoing psychological warfare that plays on what is not real.

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