Transcript for scene 65 of the video " Indexed Ice Age Carousel- part 2" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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We remain stuck in our beloved easy chair

But even as we know all this, we remain stuck in our beloved easy chair, with an iron-fist-type commitment to remain stuck, do nothing, with the very thought banished that would built us a new world in which continued human living is possible, as if human life isn't worth the needed effort to maintain it, and our promise to our children of a bright future is as empty as we ourselves have become as a human society.

That's where we stand today. We have trapped ourselves into an empty small-minded world of utter impotence, content to be living with our eyes and ears closed, and our humanity banished, lest it would wake us up to embrace the world and humanity as a precious gem.



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