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No one in general society is aware

No one in general society is even faintly aware of the vast scope of the Ice Age consequences. The big climate anomalies that now affect evermore countries and regions with evermore cold, snow, flooding, storms, and droughts, appear on the surface as forebodings of another Little Ice Age coming up. In real terms they are merely escalating fringe effects that are too small to stand out on the larger scene.

We still live in an interglacial climate with a few ripple effects happening within the interglacial environment that are only significant in relationship to the interglacial climate that we have been taught to regard as 'eternal,' rather than fragile; that we cling to as absolute, globally as a society, even while our precarious interglacial climate is already collapsing.

When the phase shift happens that takes us out of the interglacial environment, everything that we have experienced, even the worst anomaly, no longer applies. We will then live in a different world with a 70% weaker Sun, and 80% less precipitation. The new environment spells mass-death for humanity by starvation, without fail, because no one can live without food, and food cannot be grown under glacial conditions when much of the Earth becomes largely an Ice Planet.

If we have not built us a new world by the time the phase shift happens, with technological infrastructures that the Ice Age cannot touch, the whole of humanity might become extinct, as it nearly became once before, and potentially many times before that.


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