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We need to build 6,000 new cities

We have the capability and the resources to build us a new world in the tropics, that the Ice Age cannot touch. We can accomplish this with the most modern types of technological infrastructures, with which we can support us with a richer and more powerful civilization. But nothing of this sort is even considered, much less is it being built. 

For meeting the Ice Age Challenge, we need to build 6,000 new cities for a million people each, deep in the tropics, preferable along the equator, with new agriculture attached to the new cities, that is large enough to nourish 7 billion. people. And since suitable land is scarce in the tropics, the new infrastructures will need to be placed afloat across the equatorial seas. That's the challenge. It is not a small step to meet this challenge.

But why should we fail on this front? The prospects that we find on this front are tremendous. Building a new world across the sea, with new cities and new agriculture, is an open door to greater prosperity and happiness than we have today.

 All this is imminently achievable. Why then would anyone opt for death by starvation by doing nothing to prevent it, when a richer world than yet imagined, lays within our grasp? Let's reach for it and live.


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