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Indexed Ice Age Carousel- part 2

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We need to build us a new world in the tropics.

We have no choice. But will we do it?

We have the capability and the resources to build us a new world in the tropics, that the Ice Age cannot touch. We can accomplish this with the most modern types of technological infrastructures, with which we can support us with a richer and more powerful civilization. But nothing of this sort is even considered, much less is it being built. 

For meeting the Ice Age Challenge, we need to build 6,000 new cities for a million people each, deep in the tropics, preferable along the equator, with new agriculture attached to the new cities, that is large enough to nourish 7 billion. people. And since suitable land is scarce in the tropics, the new infrastructures will need to be placed afloat across the equatorial seas. That's the challenge. It is not a small step to meet this challenge.

But why should we fail on this front? The prospects that we find on this front are tremendous. Building a new world across the sea, with new cities and new agriculture, is an open door to greater prosperity and happiness than we have today.

 All this is imminently achievable. Why then would anyone opt for death by starvation by doing nothing to prevent it, when a richer world than yet imagined, lays within our grasp? Let's reach for it and live.

The Barrier that blocks the Ice Age Renaissance.

A Wellsian Crisis Project: To disable science.

The barrier that presently blocks this path to a secure Ice Age World, is not a physical barrier, but is a political one.

The science that would enable society to understand the Ice Age dynamics, and its potential start-up in roughly 30 years, is at the present time politically blocked. It is blocked by an ideological project that is designed to keep a dying and corrupt imperial system alive that cannot maintain itself by its own resources, but relies on stealing. Its goal is to stop the march of science by all means possible, for the purpose of keeping humanity impotent.


H. G. Wells wrote the script for the process, thinly veiled in his novel, the Time Machine. The story of the novel takes its hero, an inventor of a time machine, far into the future. There he encounters an elegant, but docile people, named the Eloi. The Eloi are the former noble elite living in an idyllic world with plenty of food, who have no need to produce anything. The traveller also discovers what keeps this world running. He discovers the Morloch, the equivalent of an industrial scientific society, the masters of machinery who operate the productive processes. The traveller discovers their secret. The science and technology people keep the Eloi as livestock. Wells' message to the Elite, was, not to allow science to gain the upper hand, or else these practical science people will eat you for breakfast.


There was a debate on the subject in the 1920s, as to how to deal with science. Apparently it was decided that science can be effectively crippled with irrationality, and thereby be controlled.

Shortly thereafter, the Hydrogen-Fusion Sun doctrine was invented, of a Sun that is its own master.

And a bit later, the Big Bang doctrine was invented to support the hydrogen gas Sun. The Big Bang was said to have created the hydrogen for the Sun.

With the two-pronged 'devil's fork' established, a foundation was set up for the doctrine on which the 'Invariable Solar Constant', as it was called, could be 'sold' to society. The doctrine so established, effectively turned the lights out in the realm of astrophysical science. Climate Change was blamed on humanity.

The Ice Ages were rendered by the doctrine of the Constant Sun, a purely mechanistic phenomenon.

As I said before, the Ice Ages were deemed to be the result of numerous minute variables of the orbit of the Earth, all interacting, all measured in tens of thousands of years.

The 'devils fork' came out of the 1920s, during the decade of the great debate of how to deal with science. The Manmade Global Warming project was added 50 years later, in the 1970s.

With the devils fork worshipped in astrophysics as a god, the Ice Age subject was rendered to be of no concern to anyone. The subject was closed.

The Elite's great fear evidently was, that if the Ice Age 'cat' was to slip out of the bag, especially the fact that the next Ice Age is imminent, then worldwide economic development that the recognition would spark, would end the power of the noble Elite forever, which has no foundation to exist in a developing world.

Consequently, the scientific aspects of the Ice Age dynamics have remained artfully hidden from society in order that the imperial oligarchic Elite of the world would be able to continue to exist as in olden times, powered by slavery, looting, and stealing, which accumulates wealth and fosters impotence in society, and which also keeps the world in turmoil with wars and famines, towards the self-destruction of society.

The critical Ice Age recognition is therefore kept out of sight, on this basis, ridiculed and denied. Obviously it was understood by the elite that whenever the Ice Age recognition came to the surface, it would have to be squashed by all means possible. This resulted in the big project in the 1970s with which the Manmade Global Warming doctrine was launched. The growing scientific concern at the time, about the coming Ice Age, that had surfaced at the time, was quickly pushed back out of sight with the Manmade Global Warming doctrine, and was kept out of sight, successfully, to the present day.

What forces cause an Ice Age? How does the Sun change? What dynamics are at play? What is society encouraged NOT to see?

An answer began to develop with the discovery of a natural principle in electrodynamics that enables the recognition of the Sun as a sphere of plasma that responds to electric-force principles, instead of being a sphere of atomic gas that is ruled by gravity, because a sphere of atomic gas of the size of the Sun, or even larger spheres, cannot actually exist. Such spheres would far exceed the gas compression limit.

And if a gas sphere of the size of the Sun could magically exist, it would be a thousand times heavier than it is known to be. But as it is, all the known parameters about the Sun, none of which fit a gas sphere, match the characteristics of a plasma Sun.

A Plasma Sun is an extremely variable star, by its very operating principle. It is not its own master, but merely responds to changing external conditions. And it responds quickly. Some of its responses, now that the solar system is getting weaker, cause enormously large effects on the Earth, such as flooding, drought, blizzards, freezing, and so on.

 Since the Sun is externally powered, with plasma interaction on its surface, the obvious question is: How is this possible?

A number of theories were developed. One of these is the Electric Sun theory. The theory seems reasonable, except for a fundamental impossibility. The Electric Sun theory has electrons flowing into the sun that generate heat and light in an electric-arc type interaction. But this isn't possible on a continuous basis. The electrons flowing into the Sun would pile up and clog the reaction process. A sink effect is needed, like an open faucet. The open faucet enables the water to flow, it enables the dynamics of flow. Every dynamic flow process requires both a source and a sink. The Electric Sun theory doesn't incorporate the critical continuous sink effect. But the Plasma Sun does.

The Plasma Sun, in comparison, is powered by inflowing streams of plasma that are bound up on the surface of the Sun into atomic elements that are electrically neutral and flow away with the 'wind.' The atomic synthesis provides the sink effect. The plasma that flows into the atomic synthesis no longer exists in the electrically organized plasma environment as if it had exited the universe. In this manner the Plasma Sun 'consumes' plasma. The atomic synthesis is the open faucet, in this comparison. Its plasma consumption enables interstellar plasma streams, both to form, and to flow.

By being electrically neutral, the created atoms are no longer a part of the landscape of electric forces. They are free to flow into space, typically with the solar 'wind,' and they do so massively. All the planets in the solar system were created in this manner over time. The plasma-consuming sink effect keeps the plasma streams in motion, flowing into the Sun, for ever and ever.

The Plasma Sun is a sphere of plasma that is largely hollow inside.

In extremely large spheres of plasma, gravity begins to play a role, which affects the dynamics of the plasma that is always in motion. Plasma is made up of protons and electrons, which carry a positive and negative electric charge respectively. Particles of opposite charge attract one another with the electric force, and those of like charge repel one another. By this electric principle the negative electrons are drawn to the positive protons with the electric force that is one of the strongest forces in the universe. But before the electron can latch itself onto a proton, an even stronger force repels the electron again, only to be attracted anew.

With the electrons being a thousand times smaller than the protons, the electrons become drawn into an endless swarming dance around the protons. The swarming effect also enables the protons to be more densely packed to each other. However, in very large spheres of plasma where gravity also plays a role, the lighter electrons tend to swarm away from the center of gravity, towards the surface. The migration of the swarming electrons towards the surface, enables the protons at the core to repel each other more strongly.

The end result is that a plasma sphere has the least mass density at its center, and the greatest mass density at its surface, which is the very opposite characteristic of a gas sphere. Enormously large plasma structures can thereby form, which in the extreme become largely hollow shells. A sun needs to have an extremely large surface area, in order to be able to emit large volumes of radiated energy. In addition, a plasma sphere also has an extremely high electron density at its surface. The density is so great that it attracts interstellar plasma to it and strongly reacts with it. It is in principle impossible for a large plasma sphere not to be a sun.

But the process doesn't stop at this stage. When large volumes of plasma flow in cosmic space, the magnetic fields that the movement of electric particles create, pinch the moving plasma streams together into ever-tighter concentrations. The pinch effect, of course increases the magnetic concentration likewise, which in turn increases the pinching effect evermore.

Here things become interesting.

Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory had conducted a series of high-energy discharge experiments, in order to discover what physical shapes result when the magnetic pinching effect becomes so extreme that the plasma particles literally flow into each other from all sides, with nowhere to go.

In such cases different physical principles come into play that force the plasma and its magnetic field to fold backwards into a dome-like structure where the plasma becomes super-concentrated until the pressure becomes intense enough to break out of the confinement into a thin stream that forms a ring-like structure of 56 rotating filaments of hyper-dense plasma.

In the experiment, the super-intense magnetic field, also generated a toroidal structure around the thin stream. The energy dissipation that results, enables the now weakened plasma stream, in the experiment, to expand again in the reverse of the process.

In a few cases in cosmic space, toroidial structures are visible. We see an example in the form of a halo around the equator of Jupiter. The rings extend away from the planet along the planet's ecliptic.

The toroidial structure also appears to have been seen faintly apparent around the Sun, as is shown here; though the image may be an artist's impression.

In the case of the Sun, it is the heliospheric current sheet that extends outward from it, like Jupiter's rings. The current sheet flowing from the Sun, extends for 15 billion kilometers, all the way to the edge of the heliosphere.

Close to the plasma stream, the heliospheric current sheet is aligned with the equator of the Sun, in the place of the toroidial ring, and further out, it becomes aligned with the ecliptic of the solar system.


In the case of the Sun, the Sun itself would likely be located within the hyper concentrated plasma stream that extends between the complimentary magnetic structures, as was replicated in laboratory experiments.

The plasma researcher David LaPoint termed the dynamically self-forming magnetic structures in large plasma streams, the Primer Fields.

In space, the Primer Fields form dynamically and concentrate plasma around a sun.

In order to explore the magnetic fields' characteristic in the small, David LaPoint manufactured himself a set of permanent magnets of the shape that the natural dynamics form.

With the replicas, he was able to replicate in principle the powering of a Sun, and explore features related to the process, all with a table-top experiment.

The features that were discovered with the two diverse types of laboratory experiments, by LaPoint and Peratt, have been subsequently discovered by NASA in space, both on the stellar scale, and also in its very large form on the galactic scale, that is shown here.

The evidence that large plasma-stream structures do exist in cosmic space, with plasma being focused onto our Sun, has been brought home by NASA's Ulysses satellite that had orbited the Sun in a polar orbit for 16 years.

The Ulysses satellite had measured a sharply delineated void within the sphere of the out-flowing solar wind and also magnetic fields. NASA has measured the void over the polar regions of the Sun, in both hemispheres, consistently, at every orbit, precisely where highly concentrated plasma is flowing unto the Sun according to the experimental models.

The verification in cosmic space, of the plasma stream that drives plasma unto the Sun, is, all by itself, worth all the efforts that went into planning, building, and operating the amazingly successful Ulysses science project that extended over 30 years from start to finish.

To 'see' the invisible

Ulysses, had made the invisible, 'visible.'

Plasma is not visible in space.

The protons in plasma are 100,000 times smaller than the smallest atoms, and the electrons are a thousand times smaller than that. But plasma can be 'seen' by its effects, such as by the void in the out-flowing solar wind that Ulysses 'saw' over the Sun's poles.

As I said before, another 'visible' example of plasma streams flowing in cosmic space, has been 'seen' above and below our galaxy. In this case the plasma structures were 'visible' in x-ray and gamma-ray light.

NASA saw two large confinement dome structures existing above and below the galactic disk. The structures are large. They extend for 25,000 light years in each direction.

With their shape being that of a confinement dome, their presence illustrates that our entire galaxy is but a node-point structure between intergalactic plasma streams that power the galaxies and everything within them.

In this case, the galactic node point would be between extremely long plasma streams with electric resonance features within the streams, measured in tens of millions of years.

In a hypothetical case for our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, one intergalactic plasma stream might connect with the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light years distant, with a resonance cycle of 31 million years. The other stream might connect with Galaxy M83, 12.5 million light years distant, with a 150 million years resonance.

All plasma streams have built-in resonance cycles, like the strings of a piano. In both cases the cycle times depend on the length and the density of the resonating structure. For long intergalactic plasma streams that span across millions of light years, plasma resonance times in the range of tens of millions of years, are well within the range of what one would expect.

But how can we make this type of theoretical plasma structure visible?

We have made it visible by measuring the heavy-oxygen ratio in sea shells from deep-sea sediments going back in time 500 million years. The heavy-oxygen ratio vary with climate temperatures, so that the measurements can be used to reconstruct the historic climate on the Earth. Now look what we find there. We find there two very-long climate cycles overlaid on each other, a 31 million years cycle, and a 150 million years cycle. That's how we can 'see' the resonances of the intergalactic plasma streams.

And note what else we find. We find that our galaxy is presently at the weakest point it has been in 440 million years. That's how we can 'see' why the Earth is presently locked into an Ice Age epoch, and has been so for a few million years, with the glaciation getting evermore severe. The ice ages began roughly 2 million years ago, on the long galactic down slope of the last 100 million years.

And as I said, the ice ages have become progressively more severe over time.

The result was that during the last half-a-million years there was so little plasma density available for the Sun, that its plasma-concentrating magnetic fields could only form during the peak of the interstellar resonance in the plasma streams that connect up our solar system with our solar system..

We know from ice core records from Antarctica that the peak times, during which the magnetic fields form that boost the Sun to its currently high-intensity state, cover only 15% of the interstellar resonance cycle, so that for the remaining 85% of the roughly 100,000-year resonance cycle for our solar system, the magnetic fields cannot form for the lack of sufficient plasma density in the system.

During those weak times when the primer fields do not form, the plasma flows less focused. It loosely flows around the Sun. Without dense plasma around it, the Sun goes into 'hibernation.' The hibernation causes large-scale glaciation on the Earth.

As I said before, the ice cores tell us that during the previous glaciation period, the global cooling had exceeded the cooling of the Little Ice Age period 40-fold. This is big.

This deep cooling reflects a 70% weaker Sun, with 70% less energy being radiated. The deep reduction in solar energy being radiated corresponds to a temperature reduction on the surface of the Sun from the present 5,800 degrees Kelvin to about 4,000 degrees.

Stellar mapping tells us that the vast majority of the stars in the galaxy operate in the 4,000 degrees range and slightly below it, which appears to be a kind of default level in our galaxy at the present time, as the majority of the stars in the galaxy fall into this category. Our Sun is located slightly above the edge of this category.

It is not unreasonable to assume that our Sun, as a rather mediocre star that falls into the low end of the brighter category, can fall out this category into the lower, default category. We appear to be near the transition point right now, for this fallout of the Sun, into the lower category, to happen.

We have seen the interglacial climate diminishing significantly already, from the interglacial optimum onward.

By everything that we see happening in escalating climate anomalies, we appear to be in the final phase towards the turn-off point.

And that's where the problem for humanity begins.

No one in general society is even faintly aware of the vast scope of the Ice Age consequences. The big climate anomalies that now affect evermore countries and regions with evermore cold, snow, flooding, storms, and droughts, appear on the surface as forebodings of another Little Ice Age coming up. In real terms they are merely escalating fringe effects that are too small to stand out on the larger scene.

We still live in an interglacial climate with a few ripple effects happening within the interglacial environment that are only significant in relationship to the interglacial climate that we have been taught to regard as 'eternal,' rather than fragile; that we cling to as absolute, globally as a society, even while our precarious interglacial climate is already collapsing.

When the phase shift happens that takes us out of the interglacial environment, everything that we have experienced, even the worst anomaly, no longer applies. We will then live in a different world with a 70% weaker Sun, and 80% less precipitation. The new environment spells mass-death for humanity by starvation, without fail, because no one can live without food, and food cannot be grown under glacial conditions when much of the Earth becomes largely an Ice Planet.

If we have not built us a new world by the time the phase shift happens, with technological infrastructures that the Ice Age cannot touch, the whole of humanity might become extinct, as it nearly became once before, and potentially many times before that.

We are the 8th human species and the only survivor through the long string of Ice Ages in our past. We are also the only species of humanity that developed itself into a 7 billion world population, which now faces the task for the first time in human history, to maintain itself at the current level, technologically, through the next Ice Age that in previous times had enabled only a few million to live, existing in isolated pockets where 'natural' living remained possible.

Ironically, it is here, at the most critical juncture in our entire history, that we, as the most advanced species that ever existed on this planet, have put ourselves to sleep mentally, riding the fast train to oblivion by not responding to the Ice Age Challenge, as if it didn't exist.

We have 'seen' in Beryllium records that the climate on Earth, including the Ice Ages, are caused by the Sun.

We have seen the Sun getting weaker over the last 5000 years of the interglacial climate.

We have seen the solar warming events diminishing rapidly.

And we have seen the solar minimum events diminishing almost geometrically.

In addition we now see the solar cycles diminishing too, and their 'heart beat' slowing down.

We even see the solar-wind pressure collapsing now, at the astonishing rate of 30% per solar cycle, and likewise the solar magnetic field.

We now see the solar weakening progressing so fast that from 2013 onward, the Sun lost its northern polar magnetic field completely.

We have watched all of these events unfolding. We know that they are real, because we have measured them all, and still we close our eyes to them as if none of that had happened. We understand the dynamics of what we have measured, and their obvious consequences.

And we can project the consequences into the future to determine the potential phase shift timing, which may be as close as the 2050s, and still we staunchly refuse to stir our stumps to get the spate into the ground to assure our future existence.

We have made enormous scientific efforts to collect the data that enables us determine the phase-shift timing into the future.

We also know from the acquired data that this future that is potentially as near as 30 years from now, will unfold on an uninhabitable planet that we cannot survive unless we built us the technological infrastructures that enable our continued existence.

We know from the acquired data that the near future is a death-trap without the technological infrastructures for continuing human living, because the natural landscape under glaciation conditions yields nothing - as a world without food.

But even as we know all this, we remain stuck in our beloved easy chair, with an iron-fist-type commitment to remain stuck, do nothing, with the very thought banished that would built us a new world in which continued human living is possible, as if human life isn't worth the needed effort to maintain it, and our promise to our children of a bright future is as empty as we ourselves have become as a human society.

That's where we stand today. We have trapped ourselves into an empty small-minded world of utter impotence, content to be living with our eyes and ears closed, and our humanity banished, lest it would wake us up to embrace the world and humanity as a precious gem.


Getting out of this trap

which is a trap of many layers. A prominent layer is false science!

We've been taught to regard the Sun as its own master, - as an unchanging heat-engine - while the opposite is the case. In real terms the solar model that humanity is taught to hail like a God, is so full of holes that it puts the makers of Swiss Cheese to shame.

But why should we remain stuck in this imprisoning box created a hundred years ago by small-minded men who were trapped in defending a dying political system?

Society has grown up too far in those hundred years, as to cling to such archaic science tales like the fabled dark energy that blocks light, whereby, so it is said, the sunspots appear dark at the umbra.

Let the magic tales go. Close the book of magic.

Also close the book on the famous magic tale of the universe having exploded out of nothing in the span of a millisecond. The real universe is much more understandable than that.

The real universe is a plasma universe that is universally self-creating and self-developing, which synthesizes its own atomic elements, and does so constantly. The Big-Bang magic isn't needed.

The Big-Bang foundation, the measured red-shift that supposedly proves that the universe is exploding, is a deception, since the red shift phenomenon is merely the result of energy depletion in photons on their path across millions of light years of space and across large fields of plasma on the way.

When we break out from the frame of magic in science, to what is actually real, a new world comes into view with the sobering awaking.

The Plasma-Sun theory is the only solar theory that is actually physically possible and supports all known solar events and features. The theory is simple. It works, and its key features have been replicated in numerous laboratory experiments.

The Gas-Fusion-Sun concept, in contrast, doesn't have a workable foundation. Far from it. It is a doctrine built on magic that one is required to accept on faith, such as the electron degeneracy magic that is deemed to make a gas sun physically plausible. Even the fabled nuclear-fusion-energy production in the solar core is magic, which every laboratory experiment has proved to be not possible, and has also proved that nuclear fusion is an energy-consuming process.

The Plasma-Sun theory doesn't have these problems. It brings the solar system into the universe as an integral element of it. No magic is required. Every known principle supports it. And most important of all, it takes the Ice Age dynamics out of the box of magic and makes it measurable and understandable and predictable.

The doctrine of the gas-sun magic is the most deadly doctrine ever created. It is deadly by its doctrine of the constant Sun. The constant Sun myth blocks the Ice Age recognition. It prevents humanity from building itself the needed technological new world that the Ice Age cannot touch.

However, when we step away from the dark-magic-science, into the landscape of real science, the Ice Age is not scary at all, but comes to light as a bugle call to humanity to become alive as human beings and to experience its dormant potential in the process of creating itself a new world with greater security, grander prosperity, and with cultural advances that give the terms "renaissance" and "happiness" a new meaning, and give the very concept of a future, a golden shine.

So, who is afraid of the Ice Age? Not I.

Who wants to live as dead men walking, as humanity presently does? Not I.

Who wants to live choked with debt and rent slavery, and food prices that are reaching for the sky? Not I.

I am not afraid of human development and its resulting freedom for humanity to live evermore, with songs of joy on its lips for the achievements wrought. I would like to think that there are probably billions of people who would love to be part of the Ice Age Renaissance world that lays before us, who would gladly become involved in creating it, if the opportunity for it existed.

With this kind of future on the horizon, who in society would choose to offer their life to the war-criers to die in the ditches of a destroyed world? I like to think that those are few and far between who opt to waste their life that way, in comparison with those who opt to come to life as human being by experiencing the grandeur that the Ice Age World-Development has to offer.

Just imagine being a part of the project of producing 6,000 new cities for a million people each, on land's that do not yet exist, produced in automated industrial processes, fabricated with high-quality material that exists in infinite abundance, process ready on the ground, processed with energy technologies that have been sitting on the shelf since the 1950s, and with fuel resources that may never be depleted. We lack nothing but the love for one-another as human beings to make the grand potential that we have, a reality.

I think, this is the route that we will choose when we manage to awake us up from the dream-world of false science magic, false politics, and false ideologies, to what we are and can yet become.

The time to get started is now. We have 30 years grace to get the job done. The goal is to make the grade, and to earn us a Double A-plus on the report card when the Ice Age exam is called 30 years from now. Our success will determine whether we will live and have a future, or not. Much hangs in the balance here.

The power of the universe is aiding us

The weakening environment for the Sun enables larger volumes of Solar Cosmic-ray Flux to be emitted, which doesn't get trapped in the less-dense sphere of plasma around it. The resulting increase in cosmic-ray events is felt on Earth, including by us in a beneficial way.

Cosmic rays are not continuous rays, like rays of light, but are single events of fast moving electrically charged particles, primarily protons. These particles are 100,000 times smaller than the atoms of our bodies. Atoms are constructs of plasma particles that are bound together into structures that comprise largely empty space. Cosmic-ray particles 'see' our biology as empty space and flow right through us without colliding with anything.

However, their movement through our body leaves in the wake electric currents by magnetic induction.

The electric currents appear to be beneficial for our complex neurological system that operates electrically to a large degree.

The evidence is surprising. History tells us that the greatest cultural advances in civilization were wrought during times of cold climates, which are typically times of larger volumes of cosmic-ray events occurring.

Inversely, the times of warm periods, which were lean times of cosmic-ray flux, where the times of the horrors of war.

I am not saying with this that the destiny of humanity is out of its hands. I am merely suggesting that a cognitively starving society, has a lesser chance to develop itself, than a well nourished society.

I am bringing this point up to illustrate that we actually do have a good chance that the needed 6,000 new cities, afloat in the tropics will be built, as we are on the fast track to ever-increasing volumes of cosmic-ray flux impacting the Earth, and us with it.

With the solar system getting weaker at a rate of 30% per decade, we are way past the cosmic-ray starvation level in which the big wars happened.

The age of the wars appears to be over. While the masters of empire are still rolling their war drums furiously, nothing will likely come of it. The period. of cognitive starvation has ended. A growing sense of peace and humanity is unfolding, faintly as this may be.

And still, another aspect of the Ice Age dynamics comes into view in the long historic sweep, when we open a window back to the last Ice Age and beyond. Aspects can be found there that are immediately relevant to the Ice Age Challenge of our modern time. The resulting view takes us far back into a history that is largely unknown.

But that's another story for another major exploration, and a necessary one, as the indifference in society in modern time goes very deep, is iron strong, standing in opposition to the greatest challenge in the history of humanity, which is the Ice Age Challenge to society to raise itself out of the easy chair and create itself a new renaissance world with technological infrastructures that the Ice Age glaciation cannot touch, and which has the potential to far supersede the present stage, with greater freedom, abundance, peace, security, beauty, and happiness.

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