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Gravitational-wave observation not cased by

This means that the gravitational-wave observation were not cased by the impossible phenomenon of spiralling compact object, but may have been caused instead by large-scale twisting plasma events, in space. Twisting plasma streams can create the rotating pattern shown here, with the black hole positions marking their cross section. Such rotating pattern would be natural for actions forced by the electromagnetic force that is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity.

In this case the gravitational wave theory would stands as an item of proof in support of the plasma universe theory, since nothing but plasma flowing in space can produce the massive effects that are theorized from the evidence, and have been erroneously attributed to black holes that are physically not possible, including their spiralling merger that is not possible either.

But why would we need to even go as far as to theorize merging plasma streams, though these are actually possible, when far simpler solutions exist to produce the theorized phenomenon of gravitational waves?


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