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Black Holes, Part 12, Black Holes in Science

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Black Holes in Science: Dangerous Effects of Dreaming.

What we have explored so far, means that we have come a long way away from the historic flat-Earth doctrine, and from the doctrine of the epicycles, and even from the doctrines that gravity and mass alone express the laws of cosmic phenomena.

We have built ourselves up, scientifically, with the profound recognition of the plasma universe that is now dawning, which all the discovered evidence relates to for cosmic phenomena that have been observed in the past, but which had been shrouded with exotic dream-like perceptions.

The train of progress, sadly has become snared to a halt by the still lingering doctrine that all cosmic phenomena must be related to mass, gravity, and gravitational interaction alone.

The continuing trap, which is a mental trap, still forces the exclusion of 99.999% of the mass of the universe that exists as plasma, from almost all science considerations in cosmology, as if plasma didn't exist.

The resulting trap is so rich with inventions of exotic epicycles theories that it has kept the eyes and minds of much of humanity closed for far too long to what is actually happening.

While the breakout from the entrapment of cosmology appears to have begun, it remains still largely at the beginning stage.


The progress that is happening, is happening dangerously slowly.

The constricting trap of boxed-in science is dangerous, because it continues to bock society's recognition of the start of the next Ice Age in the 2050s and the resulting immense consequences. We cannot afford this danger.

Unless the science stranglehold is overcome soon and fast, most of humanity is destined to perish when the world-ship planet Earth sinks back into its normal Ice Age glaciation epoch without lifeboats for humanity having been built and standing ready in the form of large-scale infrastructures created in the tropics, where life is able to continue for the next 90,000-years of the coming harsh glacial times under a dimmer and cooler Sun.


We need the breakout from the stranglehold of science to accelerate, to enable us to start the building of the needed infrastructures for relocating all of us from outside the tropics into the tropics, before the coming Ice Age begins.

If we wait, before we react, till the regions outside the tropics become uninhabitable, we will have waited to long.

The Ice Age transition will not wait for us. It will happen faster than we can react to it.

But why would we wait? The building of the Ice Age infrastructures is so large a task that the process of building the needed projects, all by itself, promises to usher in a new industrial revolution with an economic, political, and cultural uplift that ushers in the greatest renaissance ever experienced, and ever imagined. That's what we see today on the horizon. But will we reach for it?

The question of will we reach for it, cannot be answered until the science stranglehold is broken that keeps us locked into dreaming.

In the modern convoluted dreaming much of humanity dreams of the world as an unsinkable ship. People dream that the current interglacial warm period will never end.

Humanity is presently dreaming like little children do, of fairy tales, pirate adventures and sky castles, and hope in their dreaming that they will never grow up to having to face reality.

But maybe a few of the pioneers have already come to the conclusion that they want to grow up, and are ponderous of how this might be accomplished.

Indeed, how can anyone grow up when the box of science is so empty that 99.999% of the universe is left outside of the box of science consideration, when the most fascist empire in the world sits on the lid that makes it almost impossible for one to pry the lid open?

I want to grow up, some may realize, because I want to see the world how it really is. I find the world too dark inside the closed box. I find it so dark there that I can no longer see myself as a human being. I want to break out of the box.

Inside the dark box of constricted science, the whole of humanity is politically defined as a cancer on the Earth that is destroying the planet. In this box of dense mental pollution everyone has his soul ripped out and the future denied.

Society as become smothered in the box, with evermore doctrines that are self-evident lies, but which have forced society to become fascist murderers of one another.

Society is now murdering upwards to 100 million people a year with the biofuels scam. This adds up to an infinite crime.

The crime demands the mass-burning of high value food, at a volume that would normally nourish 400 million people. The world is lulled into a dangerous dreaming on this path, towards loosing itself and with it its future.

The age of fascist dreaming of the type of the biofuels scam should have ended long before the present stage.

With the dense indifference that we now see, we, society as a whole, are enabling the greatest holocaust of all times against us, willingly, without a whimper, without even raising an eyebrow, and without the slightest remorse.

Hitler would envy us for our advanced achievement in relentless self-mass-murdering, and would bestow on us the great Nazi gold medal for excellence in fascism.

What kind of people have we become? We even lie about the Sun, and lie so shamelessly that we blind ourselves against the dynamics of the coming Ice Age, so that our hands remain tied into impotence at the time of the greatest challenge to civilization, with ourselves tied up so tightly that we cannot find it within us prepare our world, our home, for the deep glaciation that awaits un the near future.

The evidence for it is all around us. The plasma universe is full of it. The evidence tells us that the next Big Ice Age will begin in the 2050s or sooner. It tells us, we better get prepared.

Get the fur coats out of the closet.

But much of humanity answers, nay.

We are at the stage of a mother saying to her child, 'a storm is coming; the clouds are black; you better wear your watertight hoody going to school.'

We are the child that says, 'nay.'

When the child returns from school, it is trenched to the skin.

In the illustrated case the consequences are minute.

But when society says, nay, to the Ice Age Challenge, the consequences promise to be fatal for most of humanity. That's the fate that follows scientific blindness.

On the present universal stage of self-induced scientific blindness, nearly the whole of humanity says nay in great choruses, and is thereby condemning itself to perish in a wave of starvation that most certainly erupts when the present agriculture across the world fails, and no replacement has been created.

Thus we gamble with the very existence of the whole of humanity, in a wager of saying nay to the truth that the ship is sinkable, and is already sinking.

Saying nay to what we already know, is a wager that we are bound to loose, according to all the evidence before us.

We are presently committed to riding the fast train of indifference to its bitter end, with the song of, nay, on our lips,

speeding towards the greatest change on our planet since civilization began, which leaves nothing the same; by which the most unimaginable becomes reality.

Still, we have the option open to get off the train. But we don't do it. We say, nay, nay, nay, and for what? We thus say nay to having a future, and which reveals a deep lack of universal love for one another and for our our humanity, the humanity that we all share. We say, nay, to that.

We are committed on the train of indifference to the kind of extreme fascism for which Hitler would surely award us in our modern age, his most supreme star, to honour a people committed to murder their future.

Hitler would praise us for our commitment to sweeping the Ice Age Challenge under the rug, for us singing the song of, nay, that denies us the liberty of responding to the heart of our humanity.

Is there no one standing in the hustings, committed to protect human existence in the face of the greatest challenge in the history of civilization? There may be a few, no doubt. The numbers are small. On this path humanity is lost and its future with it. Will the path be reversed? Will we find sufficient support for one-another inspired by love, creating security? This remains an open question.

The constricting box of science that the world hails, offers no support. It is so empty of anything real that we dream screwed-up dreams in which magic rules and black fantasy develops into devastating ideals that destroy the most precious we have, which is our humanity and one-another.

Indeed, how can the box of science not be empty, when, wherever we look, we see 99.999% of the universe banned from consideration, simply because it is plasma and plasma is deemed too complex for us little people to wrap our mind around and comprehend, even though the entire universe is organized by it and is powered by it.

How can we liberate us from the constricted box that's rich with narrow-minded arrogance and lies about the universe that some segments of the scientific community had once refused to swallow, but which many now hail?

Society hails the box of learned ignorance and hides within it from the greatest challenge in the history of all time - the Ice Age Challenge - a challenge by the universe, a challenge to wake up and build ourselves a new platform for continued living on the now fast-transforming Earth where nothing will remain the same as it is today, in 30 years, for which the transition has already begun.

The World Ship is already sinking.

The solar atmosphere is getting weaker.

The sunspot cycles are diminishing.

The solar wind pressure is diminishing.

The coronal holes are getting bigger.

Solar cosmic ray flux is increasing.

Cloudiness is increasing.

The Earth is getting colder.

Droughts are increasing.

The northern magnetic pole deflection is diminishing.

The Ice Age transition is a single cosmic event with many effects. It's time to wake up.

This means that we need to ask us, how long we intent to wait till we take the lid off the constricting box of science and banish the ass of empire that sits on the lid as Mozart suggested in Figaro?


Growing up is life-critical. If we remain asleep in the constricting box and meet the Ice Age challenge unprepared, we will all die in our sleep. But I don't think this will happen, because being awake is wonderful. It is natural for humanity to be awake and live with open eyes.

I really do want to grow up, a child may say. But how can I grow up, when maturity means ignorance, as society doesn't allow itself to see the real world, and to see itself as human beings?

Do I want to grow up to a world of science that is blinded with epicycles where nothing is real, and a world of politics were stealing and murdering is legal, and were wars shred the human soul, economics create poverty, and religion closes the mind?


Society has the power to grow up, and to begin to shower one another with love instead of with lies and bullets, and with poverty, and bombs. I realize that we all have this power. We are the leaders on this front of the human adventure.

Today the field may be largely empty. Tomorrow we may stop the dreaming and start to build us the greatest renaissance of all times in which the worst Ice Age can have no sting.

Let me tell you a secret, then. Let me tell you 'my' secret! I have discovered that when I dare to stop dreaming, I'm shocked to realize that dreaming is far from being wonderful, that it makes the world too small and blocks the really big wonders that only begin when the dreaming ends. Is this a step in growing up?

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