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Black Holes, Part 8, Super-massive Holes

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Even the theorized super-massive black holes that are deemed to be located at the center of a galaxy, which have been recognized by the patterns of stars orbiting around them, are nothing more than large-scale plasma events. No neutron-star magic in needed to cause the effects that have bee observed.

The existence of a super-massive black hole has been deduced from the orbits of stars around a center that is not visible. A super massive black hole is deemed to exist there that contains 4-million times the mass of our Sun. Is this too, sheer fantasy? No it is isn't. It's a plasma effect.

The observed orbits are real. The pattern shown here has been extrapolated from partial observation over a lengthy period of time. It the pattern is consistent with a large central mass as the gravitational center for the orbits.

 But what causes the effect that has been discovered when super-massive neutron stars are not a physical possibility?

The answer is that the observed effect of a large central mass is simply caused by a highly concentrated stream of plasma occurring on the massive galactic scale.

Wouldn't one expect to see large concentration of plasma flowing through the center of a galaxy, as shown here in the pioneering Alfven Model, and to flow from this center into the spiral arms to power the galaxy's many billions of stars?

As researchers have discovered, plasma streams can be magnetically compressed by their electric motion, into densely concentrated streams.

Since plasma can be far-more compressed magnetically than atomic matter can be compressed, it is not unreasonable to assume that a galactic plasma stream that is a mere 100 times as wide as our Sun is, can potential carry a stream of mass that's 4 million times larger than the total mass of the Sun. Such a plasma stream would actually be a relatively small stream in cosmic terms.

Far greater plasma densities can be achieved on the galactic scale than we dare to imagine, where the galaxy itself is but a node point on the axis of int rgalactic plasma streams.

The plasma concentration is so massive at the galactic center, that the confinement domes at the galactic node point, where plasma is concentrated, extend for 25,000 light years above and below the galactic disk.

 The existence of these large confinement domes over the center of our galaxy has only recently been discovered.

This means that what we see, both measured in space and replicated in the laboratory, proves evermore the existence of the Plasma Universe and its principles for operation, for which the imagined super-massive black holes are simply not required.

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