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Black Holes, Part 6, Gravity Waves

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Dreaming of Gravitational Waves

It has recently been theorized that the movement of massive objects in space, such as stars, create disturbances in the plenum of space time that 'ripple' across the universe with the speed of light and become detectable across vast distances. The effect is theorized to be caused by the force of gravity affecting the plenum of space. The effect has been termed, the gravity wave.

The recently detected pattern of a burst of gravity waves has been theorized to be the result of two massive black holes, on the order of 30 solar masses each, bound in gravitational orbits in the manner of a binary star system.

The theory has it that that the massive gravity of the orbiting black holes creates roving ripples in the plenum of space.

The theory further stipulates that the orbits decay rapidly, with which the black holes spiral towards each other evermore closely.

It is theorized that the black holes merge, and their disturbance of the plenum of space, merge likewise.

When the sequence ends, there will be but one black hole remaining at the original center of gravity.

According to the detected gravitational waves, the entire sequence unfolds in half a second.

It is further theorized that by the violent collision immense magnetic fields will form that throw out jet streams of matter that emit a gigantic shower of gamma radiation.

After the merger ends, the plenum of space becomes quiet again and the wave recede into the distance. That's the theory.

The resulting gravitational waves have been measured simultaneously at two different locations. The method for observation is illustrated in figure 1 and 2. A light beam is split into two separate paths, shown in red and blue, which are recombined and calibrated to precisely match, shown in figure 1. In figure 2, the yellow gravitational wave changes the propagation time for the red light-path slightly. The resulting phase shift becomes a measurement for the gravitational wave.

The light path for the instrument at Hanford is 4km long. The f intest disturbance becomes detectable on this bases. The event that has been observed is believed to have occurred roughly a billion light years distant. But was the disturbance really caused gravitational gyrations?

The theorized gamma-ray burst, which occurred simultaneous with the disturbance waves, suggests that the collision theory is true. But let's take a closer look. Can the collision of two spheres of neutrons, with the neutrons being electrically neutral, generate immense magnetic fields, which can only form with flowing electric currents that neutrons cannot facilitate? Here the theory brakes down, as it defies the most basic laws of physics.

Likewise, it is impossible for colliding neutrons to emit gamma-ray light, which is electromagnetic radiation that can only be emitted from atomic elements.

We are looking at a dream landscape here.

And what about the theory of the collision itself? Is it really possible for two objects, each 30 times the mass of the Sun, spaced 350 km apart in an orbit, to spiral towards each other and then merge, all in the timeframe of half a second?

The assumption that this happens violates all known principles of gravity-held orbital dynamics.

We are looking at another dream-landscape here?

In the real world, when a space satellite is placed into an orbit, it remains in that orbit indefinitely, except for its kinetic energy loss by cosmic friction, which causes the orbit to diminish minutely over a long period of time measured in years. To compensate for the lost kinetic energy caused by cosmic friction, valuable spacecraft are occasionally re-boosted.

But for two objects of 30 solar masses each, to spiral into each other in half a second would require a gargantuan loss of kinetic energy on a scale that is physically impossible.

The numerous paradoxes that are inherent in the Black-Holes merger theory, impel the need to look for a different cause that is actually physically possible for what has been observed.

Such a cause can be readily found in plasma physics where all the large-scale events are happening.

It has been noted in high-energy experiments, that highly concentrated plasma streams form a ring 56 self-aligned filaments. The 56 filaments subsequently combine into a ring of 28 filaments.

The ring structure of the plasma streams, as has been noted, is also visible in space under the requisite circumstances.

It has also been noted in experiments that the the rings of filaments further combine from 28 into 14, then into 7, and 3. The sequence suggests that eventually the streams combine into one.

It stands to reason that separate plasma streams, such as the long interplanetary streams, or even the intergalactic streams, can combine into one.

Since plasma streams, in whatever form they appear, are electromagnetically self-aligned and self-rotating structures, it stands to reason that merging plasma streams become likewise rotating twisters that by their mutually attracting nature combine into one. This means that plasma twisters are typically fast moving events of short duration.

This means that the gravitational-wave observation were not cased by the impossible phenomenon of spiralling compact object, but may have been caused instead by large-scale twisting plasma events, in space. Twisting plasma streams can create the rotating pattern shown here, with the black hole positions marking their cross section. Such rotating pattern would be natural for actions forced by the electromagnetic force that is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity.

In this case the gravitational wave theory would stands as an item of proof in support of the plasma universe theory, since nothing but plasma flowing in space can produce the massive effects that are theorized from the evidence, and have been erroneously attributed to black holes that are physically not possible, including their spiralling merger that is not possible either.

But why would we need to even go as far as to theorize merging plasma streams, though these are actually possible, when far simpler solutions exist to produce the theorized phenomenon of gravitational waves?

What about star collisions? Wouldn't that cause some ripples, like stars merging by collision? Single star systems appear to be the minority in our galaxy. It is suggested that most star system incorporate 2, or 3 stars, even up to 5 stars in a some rare cases. The existence of multiple-star systems seems to prove that even plasma powered stars can merge and capture each other gravitationally, thereby creating systems of multiple stars orbiting their common gravitational center..

 It is also possible, though much more rarely, for two stars to approach each other dead center and not miss, but collide and merge into a single, larger star. A collision of two stars like our Sun, at a closing speed of 500 km per second according to the typical motion of stars in the galaxy, would take roughly one second to be accomplished. The plasma stars wouldn't explode by collision. The collision would cause some major shock effects in the plasma within and around them as they combine, which would likely cause the same type of gyrating disturbance that the gravitational wave observatories have seen.

It is sad to see that science has locked itself into a box of dreams where the weakest force of the universe that diminishes with the square of the distance, is deemed to govern everything, and is even able to cause rippling waves in the plenum of space that can be detected across a distance of a billion light years.

In addition the strongest force of the universe, the electromagnetic force that is exerted by 99.999% of the mass of the universe, is deemed not exist as cosmic plasma itself is deemed not to exist.

Thus, science literally hides the truth it already knows, by claiming that reality itself doesn't exist.

And so, science hides from the greatest challenge of all times, the Ice Age Challenge that is already unfolding as a natural effect of the dynamics of the plasma universe.

However, the ignorance that is presently claimed so vehemently is not inherent in the nature of our humanity. The ignorance can be laid aside.

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