Text and images transcript of the video Black Holes, Part 2, Manmade Global Warming by Rolf Witzsche 

Black Holes, Part 2, Manmade Global Warming

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The manmade global warming doctrine is a politically motivated dream that is fast becoming history on the path of advancing discoveries. The global-warming club sees its membership shrinking. The doctrine lacks the necessary foundation in truth for it to hold its standing among an increasingly alert society.

Carbon-14 measurements that reflect solar activity intensity, show with dramatic clarity that the global warming of the Earth from the 1700s onward, was not caused by humanity, but was caused by the massive up-ramping in solar activity that the measured historic Carbon-14 evidence tells us of. This single discovery opens up a whole new dimension in climate science, and vast new potential freedoms for humanity.

With the solar up-ramping being not manmade, because nothing that we can do on Earth affects the Sun, the vilification of humanity as a climate villain has nothing to stand on.

This single discovery has the power to uplift the future of humanity and end all manmade-global-warming related holocausts.

Actually, the Manmade Global Warming doctrine never had wide popular support in the scientific community that media parades. Tens of thousands of concerned scientists from the scientific community around the world have protested again and again against the climate doctrine's false assumptions. They have protested in the form of a wide range of organized efforts and petition projects, aimed at ending the deadly global warming politics for which science has been abused, which have marred the face of science.

This means that the actual consensus in the sciences is monumentally in opposition against the manmade global-warming doctrine,

and against the politics that drive the doctrine as a war against humanity.

Because the solar activity has diminished again from 1998 onwards, which has ended the 200-years warming period, the political song has been changed to Manmade Climate Change. But this song is fading too, with the Earth getting continuously colder. The membership of the Manmade Global Warming club has begun to shr nk.

Truthful science invariably has its day,

as reality gradually asserts its imperative.

But is the process happening fast enough?

Dreaming Global warming.

As we grow up, both in body and spirit, and in alertness, advanced discoveries tend to uplift what we call our culture, even justice. The tallest principles tend to take a bit longer to discover, but we tend to get there. This is also evident in the sciences where great potentials exist for amazing discoveries, which invariably affect even politics.

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