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Uranium supply for 300 years

A large nuclear power station with a net electrical capacity of 1,300 MW requires about 210,000 kg of raw uranium per year as input for the fuel production. At the current rate of uranium consumption the reserves in presently operating mines will be exhausted in 20 years. Presently unused economic reserves can extend the uranium supply for another 80 years. It is assumed that as yet undiscovered resources may exist that could extend the supply for another 300 years, and it is further assumed that presently uneconomic ores might extend the supply for possibly as along as 1,500 years. In theory, the uranium supply can never be depleted. The rocks of the Earth, even sea water contain trace amounts of uranium. But for all practical purposes, such as for large-scale power production, uranium is a finite resource that will likely be depleted for practical applications in a hundred years.


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