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Tritium doesn't exist naturally at all

For tritium, the fuel situation is worse. Tritium doesn't exist naturally at all. It needs to be bred from lithium-6 in nuclear fission reactors, in an extremely slow process. Also the numbers don't add up for this process to make sense. It takes 1 tritium atom to produce 1 neutron in a fusion reactor, while it takes 1 neutron, irradiating lithium-6, to produce 1 tritium atom for the new fuel. This means that no net energy gain is actually produced in this process. Also, lithium-6 is quite rare. A mere 7.5% of natural lithium is lithium-6. Attempts are made to breed the needed tritium directly in the fusion reactor itself, from lithium-7, but if one considers the shielding required for the project to be workable, a reasonable success is near impossible. Nor will it ever be possible to capture all the fusion-released neutrons for self-sustained breeding to be realized.


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