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Cosmic-ray particles

As I said before 'cosmic rays' are not 'rays' in the standard sense, like rays of li ht, but are high-energy electrons and protons in motion at upwards to the speed of light. With the cosmic-ray particles being electrically charged, they typically pass right through our biological systems without damaging anything. However, as they path through the biological system, they generate electric currents by induction that appear to be beneficial for the high-level neurological functioning that governs the complex human biology. They tend to facilitate critical functions that apparently might not occur otherwise.

Our biological and neurological systems, are extremely complex electric systems, which evidently benefit from increased electric activity, especially so when it is extended over long periods of time. Our cognitive, scientific, and what may be called, spiritual powers, appear to be derived from this high-level-type of electric nourishment. The cosmic-ray interaction may have enabled cognitive powers, and then aided the continuing development of them, by which we became a high-level species.


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