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Energy Forever - 3 Spiritual Energy

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An artificial energy crisis.

We are allowing an energy crisis to be created by default, by our stupidity, by our refusal to acknowledge the real world. This tragedy is knowable.  

While we are facing the undeniable dead-end of resource depletion on everyone of the default-energy fronts where we just into the Earth and use what we find, we staunchly refuse to look at the greatest resource we can possibly have that is greater than anything we dream about. 

It is only by the foolish refusal to look at the real world that we have locked ourselves into s dead-end game where our energy resources are coming to an end no matter how we slice the pies up. 

With this dead-end being committed to behind the near universal denial of the power of our humanity, the end of the human future literally does stand before us, because we refuse to step up to higher ground. Nevertheless the development of our power to access the cosmic electric energy streams, remains standing before us. It is our future. We remain doomed only by our smallness in thinking, and only for as long as we cling to it.

The cosmic solution that we seek and need, is knowable too. The solution stares us in the face. Our scientific sense as human beings enables us to see what lies outside the scope of the default visual senses. With the eye of the mind we can see vast streams of energy surrounding us, even in the small, here on earth. We see evidence of it every time a lightning bolt strikes, and a tornado revs up, and a hurricane develops. These are all phenomena powered on earth by cosmic electricity that we can give ourselves access to.

It has been long believed that lightning and tornadoes are the result of thermal convection. But the closer one looks, the more it becomes apparent that these amazingly powerful phenomena, like the hurricanes, result from much more powerful forces of a magnitude that is typical of the electric force to achieve. 

Thermal convection provides the interface for the current-flow from the ionosphere into the clouds, but the power that unfolds in the giant storms is of a greater magnitude than simply warm air rising.

Hurricanes are essentially twisters on a larger scale, which require larger resources to get going. The hurricanes appear in two bands, north and south of the equator, in the tropical zones. The hurricane bands are most active in areas where the electrojets in the ionosphere are located overhead. Since the electrojets are tilted with the tilt of the Earth's magnetic 'pole,' the electro-jet that crosses South America is tilted too far south to be in range for the tropical air currents to start hurricanes. Apparently as a consequence, the seas near South America are free of hurricanes.

When the hurricanes are hooked into the ionospheric currents of the electrojets, a connection is established that moves with the hurricanes for long distances.

The strongest storms occur where the node points are the strongest, and appear not at all where the electric currents are out of range, as on both sides of South America. The lack of hurricanes there adds one more proof to the hypothesis that hurricanes are electrically powered.

Our cosmic electric energy utilization.

The sad fact is that we have not even begun the kind of serious energy production on earth that we are capable of. We have played with toys so far.

We have worked our way up the energy-resource ladder. We started with burning wood. When this became too 'small' for our needs in terms of energy density, we began to burn coal, then oil and gas, and soon thereafter we learned to use nuclear fuels. We've advanced up many steps on this ladder. But there remains one last step to take. This is a giant step that promises to change the entire energy spectrum on Earth. The step involves the utilization of cosmic energy resources. Those have no resource depletion limits. They are anti-entropic in nature.

Let's make a comparison. Let's look at the total electric energy production on the Earth, and consider it in cosmic terms. The total world electricity production flux is 2,500 gigawatts. This adds up to a mere five one-thousands of a watt per square meter of the Earth.

Now let us compare this minuscule amount of the manmade electric energy, with the energy of the solar energy that the Earth is receiving , which adds up to 773 watts per square meter. This means that the cosmic energy flux that is radiated from the Sun is 150,000 times larger than our current world production of electric energy. This also means that the cosmic electric energy that powers the Sun itself, is many times greater again. It is this larger cosmic energy flux that is to a lesser degree accessible by humanity on Earth. It is the resource for our future, if we care to have a future.

We gain a glimpse, by the comparison presented here, of the gigantic cosmic energy resources that lay at our feet, which are presently not utilized, and not even being seriously considered to become utilized as an energy resource. We close our eyes instead, to this available energy resource. We close our eyes to it while our future depends on this very resource that we don't want to see.

We have no need, even today while the sun still shines brightly, to depend on radiated thermal energy that is coming from the Sun, which ends to a large degree when the Sun becomes inactive. The sunlight we receive today is a secondary effect of the cosmic electric-energy being utilized by the Sun, which we have the intelligent capability to hook ourselves into directly, instead of standing at the back door as beggars.

This recognition gives us the freedom to step beyond windmill projects and solar panels, which render us as impotent beggars at the back door, which is itself subject to closure. We have the scientific resources as human beings that enable us to utilize the cosmic energy resources directly, which are available to us in the space around the Earth, which are the same resources that are powering the Sun itself and also some rather impressive phenomena on earth. 

The power that powers the hurricanes doesn't flow from the Sun to us as thermal energy. Hurricanes and tornadoes are electrically powered. They are a tiny part of the evidence that our world, together with the Sun, is afloat in a vast sea of cosmic electric-energy - a resource that can never be exhausted.

Our humanist energy.

While we are running out of many types of 'energy' on this planet, as we consume their resources, we need to recognize that not all of the energies that we require to exist as a society, are found in the physical domain. 

Civilization is primarily a construct of humanist energy that reflects the power of a substance that is spiritual. This means that we cannot be running out of energy in the sphere of our humanity, reflected culturally, economically, and financially.

Our humanity is not consumable. It cannot be used up. But it needs to be nurtured, especially in the dark places. Where there is no beauty, it can be again. Where there is no love, it can triumph again.

If a loss in civilization and culture occurs, it doesn't mean that what was once precious has been used up. It only means that we have closed our eyes to our own light.

If the loss of our humanist energy occurs in the financial landscape of civilization, the consequences of keeping our eyes closed come to light with ominous forebodings and shadows fast falling around covering the landscape with a consuming darkness.  

The loss of attention to society's humanist energy was powerfully illustrated by the 2013 financial bail-in process on the island of Cyprus, with which the economy of Cypress was recently devastated as if an atomic bomb had hit. 

The bail-in process is a form of legal confiscation of a large portion of society's assets that people assume they own in the form of bank deposits. It was that way once when honour and humanity were held high, but it is no more. It is now an illusion. Every bank deposit is play money now that rides the roulette wheels on financial derivatives casino. The winnings are kept by the banks. If the banks loose, your money is gone with the wind. It is a kind of bank heist by the banks. Your assets simply get 'bailed in' to pay for the banks losses. What you thought you had exists no more, unless you bought insurance for your bank deposits and the insurance is sound. That's how the game is played.

In Cyprus the grand theft was implemented against people's accounts exceeding the insured limit of 100,000 Euros. The rest was deemed fair game and was largely confiscated on orders of the rulers of the European Union to save the gambling banks owned by the rulers of the game. 

The bail-in scheme, to pay the gambling debts of the bankers on orders from on high, now stands before society as the universal template for the future. It marks a turning point towards the end of civilization and of the productive and creative development of humanity. It also marks the self-surrender of society's humanity. It marks the end of human values, of society standing up for itself by protecting one another.

The great bank heist by the banks, applied in Cyprus, was launched officially from the highest ranks in Europe, from the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the IMF, all ganging up against the people. 

The wonderfully 'profitable' game for the masters of it, was designed from the start to serve as a template to be applied to the rest of Europe, the USA, and the entire West. 

Since the bail-in laws have already been passed in the legislatures of most of the nations in the West, the template of the great legal bank heist in Cyprus, by the banks themselves, is now enshrined in law throughout the entire western world. So be prepared! It's coming soon to the banks near you.

The grand theft that is now legal is designed as a method for paying off the banks derivatives gambling losses. The bail-in of the depositors' assets is deemed necessary as a means to keep 'systemically important financial institutions,' which means all the big gambling banks, from going bankrupt from their gambling losses, whereby the gambling casino itself is protected so that the gamblers never loose. This is what society is agreeing with in the shadow of its waning interest in its self-protection and self-development. That's what gambling fundamentally is, isn't it?

The now legalized wide-open thievery may seem so insane that many say it will never happen. The reality is that it has already happened in Cyprus. But even years before it happened in Cyprus, the laws had already been out in place for the grand thievery to be implemented throughout the Western world at a moment's notice. 

One member of the US Congress protested, saying that this wild scheme will never pass in the house of Congress. He had to be reminded that it has already passed, and that he himself voted it up in passing the Dodd- Frank bill. Unless the grand-theft laws are rescinded, the grand-theft bail-in heist may soon be featured at the banks near you. This is how deeply our society lost its humanity, its humanist energy, its power to protect and advance itself.

The bail-in process is an extension of the bailout process. With the bailout process up to 50 trillion dollars have already been stolen from society by way of the government 'printing' more money. The increased issuing of currency hyperinflates the currency. This means that the greater the volume is with which currency is issued, the less the currency is functionally worth. Society's assets are radically shrunk by this thievery. It is a hidden kind of theft that is applied with the bailout process. However, since the bailout process is slow and cumbersome, the bail-in process has been added to steal another 11 trillion dollars from society in a more streamlined fashion. In its cultivated small-minded self-centered focus society utters not as much a whimper, much less the kind of powerful protest that a human society is capable of.

The cultivated smallness in society appears to be intentional. It is self-evident that even the greatest grand thievery will not solve any of the underlying ailments of the world economies, or even the ailments of the banks. The evidence stands glaringly before us in the ratio of society's assets in the banks in comparison with the size of the financial-derivatives casino-scams that the banks are running, to which the depositors' assets are applied to cover the losses. 

The ratio is enormous. With just a few trillion dollars in assets, the banks operate a casino that carries gambling contracts in the range of 1,500 to 1,700 trillions of dollars in notional values. Since the banks control the game, they rarely ever loose. They rake in fantastic fees from the gambling orgies. These the banks consume as profits and pay out to the thieves.

However, if the banks loose, and this applies to nearly all financial institutions in the modern world, it only takes a few cases from the enormous bulk of risky gambles, for the banks to gamble away all the assets that they have, which are typically their depositors assets. In order to save the banks from going under, the taxpayers were coerced to step up to the plate and bail the banks out, as an 'emergency' measure to keep the system afloat. 

In the modern age of the bail-in game has been added, with which the thievery from society has been streamlined. The process has become so highly automated that the 'death of civilization' can be inflicted in the space of a single day. Naturally, the bail-in automation can't solve the underlying problem, because it is simply impossible for all the money in the world to pay off the gambling losses in the horrifically giant financial-derivatives casino that has become a monster that dwarves everything. Yes, the monster will kill you. The killing spree serves the depopulation game. The depopulation target is to shrink the human society on this planet from the present seven billion to about one billion, all nicely mired in poverty as in the 'golden age' of feudalism. The wholesale confiscation of society's bank deposits with the bail-in game, will invariably kill people in large numbers. When the financial interchange that enables economic actions, stops, then everything stops. The fuel supply stops. Transportation stops. The food supply stops. And without food, people don't live long. The bail-in process is by design a process of genocide. That's what the evidence indicates.

The deadly 'colour' of the bail-in game may not appear on the surface. It remains carefully hidden until the day it is unleashed.

In the case of an ice berg, less than 10% of its volume is visible on the surface. In the case of the derivatives gambling orgy almost nothing is visible on the surface. Like the infamous Titanic was sunk by colliding it with the invisible ice below the surface, so society is set up to be sunk by its impending collision with the derivatives-gambling orgy that becomes dramatically 'visible' only when the ship sinks.

While the sinking of civilization, and mankind with it, has been prepared to happen, with or without the ice age ahead, there exists no need for society to follow the prepared course. Our human energy, which is not a naturally depletable resource, has been blocked artificially. It has been taken down by political means. It lays useless on the ground. It has become so lifeless that the entire Western world bows to the kings of empire and the glitter of its money that has no value in the spiritual heavens for the fulfillment of the common aims of mankind, which is built on productivity, creativity, cooperation, good will, care, science, and love. 

Every homeless person, unemployed, and desperately in want, stands before us as an indictment of our humanity, and an indictment of us for having allowed the most precious we have, to diminish. Society has been dragged into a war against itself.

For example, in the service of real estate speculation, rent gouging, and so on, the pricing of homes has taken on such catastrophic proportions that the resulting depressed living conditions in the society at large depress the value of the greatest asset a society has, which is itself. This insanity opens the flood gates to ever greater forms of hell.

Everything that has been produced on this Earth has been created by human beings in intelligent, productive processes. If we trash the human landscape with poverty, manifest in slum living, unemployment, and harassment instead of care, and so on, we deplete the spiritual strength of the human being by the tragic process of neglect: by neglecting the intelligence that powers agriculture, industries, scientific discoveries, creative cultures, music, literature, health care, education, and so on. 

To whatever degree we allow poverty to develop in society, we foster a society that is destroying itself and is on the path of becoming a terminal society. When the precious is lost, little but a shell remains. 

Poverty, thus isn't a characteristic of the just the poor people and the down-trodden. Poverty is a symptom of a dying society; a society that is dying at the heart. It is a measure of the lack of quality in human relationships, and the lack of power in society to assure its survival. 

The polarization of wealth is a typical syndrome on the face of a dying civilization. The polarization of wealth is the product of the ever-widening circles of thievery that is the hallmark of the oligarchic system of private imperial monetarism that is collapsing civilization.

The bail-in process and its tragedy is not an isolated phenomenon then, or a new invention of our times as were. It is instead merely another further-aggravated symptom of the same disease in society that has been left to fester for far too long, instead of it being healed. Naturally the tragedies that flow from this relentless process of empire become increasingly worse.

There was a time in the past, when a protection had been developed against the thievery and rampages of empire, which had culminated in 1648 in the Treaty of Westphalia that ended the scourge of the Thirty Years War. This protection has been removed in many places. It is said that we are now in the Post Westphalian era.

In the USA, in 1933, the Glass Steagall Act had effectively curbed the wanton speculation in the banking world. It had protected the nation's currency and economic development for 60 years. It had protected society quite effectively against the worst forms of the speculative thievery. 

Then, in 1999, in order to get this protection against thievery removed, the financial oligarchy had put up a $350 million slush fund to bribe the lawmakers and parties to repeal the Glass Steagall financial protection act. 

With this massive kind of bribery corrupting the small group of lawmakers that number just over 500 people, and the political parties that control them, the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act promptly happened as ordered, and with it the protection of society was repealed. 

Society hasn't mustered the humanist strength to date to get its self-protection re-instated, which, if it was voted up again would block the bail-in process that promises to have nuclear-war type consequences for society. This impotence in society, to protect itself, is not natural. It has been carefully cultivated over many years.

The 'nuclear' consequences that will ensue in due course are evidently intended under the long-promoted depopulation program that aims to eliminate much of the world population, from the seven billion people living today, to about one billion. This plan is well under way. It will succeed unless society rebuilds it humanist energy and claims its humanity back.

This is a type of the deadly face, of the poverty in modern society in terms of its lost humanist power. It is the face of a wilful regression that renders society increasingly unqualified for survival. The disease in society that fosters its giving up its humanist power, is deadly. It is chronic and terminal. The threat of nuclear war is merely a facet of this disease become acute, which now threatens to extinct humanity altogether.

Fortunately, the humanist energy is not built on a finite resource that can be depleted, like the resources for oil, gas, and nuclear power are being depleted. Humanist energy is built on an anti-entropic resource that becomes more abundant the more it is developed. 

The most advanced science of Christianity, Christian Science, defines the human energy resource as our divine resource, expressed in such profound spiritual qualities as intelligence, love, truthfulness, honesty, creativity, productivity, honour, generosity, joy, and so on. 

Take love, for example. We cannot see it, weigh it, measure it, but we have learned from experience that when it is withdrawn from the human landscape civilization disintegrates. Wars are created that way, and are started for this purpose. 

Inversely, when the divine spiritual qualities that are reflected in our humanity are developed and used as a foundation to build on, a great renaissance unfolds in civilization. Every renaissance in history was built on this platform and became a showcase for the spiritual power of humanity and the rich potentials of its culture.

On this front, the divine, spiritual nature of humanity is our infinite resource for empowering the grandest renaissance of all times. It has been our resource for ages past and will be that again for times and times to come. 

The small-minded sense and supposed beastliness of mankind is a lie. Famines, and fascism, and all of the empire wars against humanity, are lies, lies against humanity, lies rooted in society's degraded self-perception that became a people's self-denial of its native humanist energy and power.

We have seen a number of great achievements in history in which humanity began to heal itself of the disease of oligarchy, empire, wealth, poverty, monetarism, and fascism, and its quiescence to them.

Since the human energy in society for its self-revival is not naturally depletable, the apparent loss of it during the ancient and modern dark ages is a purely artificial effect that can be reversed. And why shouldn't a similar reversal process start now, and start on the entire front. The process of humanist re-inflation always begins in the present.

The development of our humanist energy-resource is an absolutely necessary pre-condition for the development of the astrophysical electric energy resources that we require for the survival of civilization. 

The technologies that enable us to access the interface to the cosmic energy-streams up to 100 Km above the surface of the Earth, are not beyond our reach. Just as hurricanes and tornadoes are routinely powered by the grand cosmic resources, the economies of humanity can be powered so likewise. Of course the required infrastructures need to be developed and built. But those too are not beyond our reach either once we develop our spiritual humanist power more fully that enables us to step up to the task. 

In this context, the world's future energy development is a function of society's humanist development. The two happen together as an integrated process, or they don't happen at all.

If we do not begin this process soon, and develop our humanist power on all fronts, in order to be able to 'fly' at ever higher levels on the wide front of our humanity, we won't have the humanist power created within us to develop the boundless cosmic electric-energy resources that are within reach, but which we need as an infrastructure to be able to fly through the long night of the ice age cycles under an inactive Sun. 

Of course we can also choose to do nothing and remain glued to the easy chair as all the previous human society apparently have done who have failed to protect their existence and stopped moving forward.

We, the homosapiens #8 - the only surviving and the shortest lived of all the the human species, at barely 200,000 years of age - are roughly the eighth major human species. The previous seven have all become extinct, possibly as the result of the many Ice Ages.

Homo erectus #4 had existed for 1.5 million years, but it too became extinct. But now, for the first time in geologic history, we, as the first species ever, have developed the capacity to steal the sting off the Ice Age and bypass the tragedy that other species may have suffered as the result of it. Our challenge, this time around, is to make it through the next ice age with a seven to 10 billion population and come out richer at the end. We can do this with the power of developed cosmic resources on hand and not miss a beat as we move forward. 

Shouldn't we act then, to protect the little we have still left of our humanity, and enrich it as never before, and build on it with our eyes focused on the infinite future that is due to us as the most advanced species of life on the Earth?

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