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Science of the Decalogue 1

(01 The Decalogue is the Law of Moses )

The Decalogue is the Law of Moses. According to legends, it was received by Moses from God during the end-phase of the Israelites deliverance from their subjection to slavery in Egypt some 3,500 years ago. 

While the existence of Moses, and of the Exodus, as described in legends in several biblical books are disputed by archaeologists, Egyptologists, experts of biblical criticism, archaeological evidence, and historical evidence, and so on, citing logical inconsistencies, the great Law of Moses that came out of these legends stands nevertheless undisputed to the very day as one of the greatest, longest enduring, and most influential laws of all times.

If one looks closely, it comes to light as a work of scientific genius.

(02 The Decalogue is a structure of 10 commandments )

As the name states, the Decalogue is a structure of 10 commandments. In the scientific sense, however, it comes to light as a two-part structure. One part presents a single, active commandment, a supreme divine imperative. This opening element is followed by a string of 9 directives that are passive in nature. The directive list things that one shouldn't do. 

Ironically, the 9 passive directives - which bid us not to do this, and not to do that - are generally regarded to be the law, while the first commandment, the real imperative, is deemed to be just an introduction. This is not surprising, because in later biblical books about this law, a string of severe penalties were assigned for infractions of the passive aspects, in many cases demanding the death penalty. This penal-type concept eventually lead to such absurdities as to render God, a penal institution, demanding society to murder one another in the name of God, as has been done for centuries.

(03 The structure of the Decalogue )

If one looks closer, however, the structure of the Decalogue is much more beautiful than that. It begins with one statement of law, followed by nine statements of divine promise of what civilization will be like when its one singe, active, imperative, the First Commandment of the law, is being fulfilled. In the case of the 5 last commandments, the promise of the law is, when the law is fulfilled, society shall not see any murders in its civilization, and theft, adultery, untruthfulness, and the greed for possessions. 

Thus, in respect to the imperative of the law, if one were to ask how does one know when the active commandment is fulfilled, then the logical answer to this question would be, we would see the promise realized that is embedded in the nine elements that we then no longer see happening. The answer is, that the law can only be fulfilled in this manner. It is never fulfilled by fear of punishment, or willpower, or sacrifice, or blind obedience. These are all passive.

(04 God is the Universe )

Let's look at the first column for example. When the number 1 imperative is fulfilled; that is, when it becomes understood that God is the Universe, with man included as a leading-edge element of the unfolding creative flow, then it becomes impossible for one to commit murder, or to allow it to be committed, or even to contemplate it. 

In this context the two elements are opposites. They are mutually exclusive. But there is more than that involved here. The setup invites one to discover and embrace the active principle that makes it impossible for the passive imperative to be violated, which in this context becomes merely a type of checkpoint on the road of spiritual development.

For example, if it becomes understood that God is Life, the substance of all life and living, then the understood principle makes it imperative that the directive not to commit murder be honoured, and not only be merely honoured, but that the value that the the principle brings to light, be celebrated. In this case, it invites an active celebration of the value of life. This takes us far beyond what a passive compliance with morality can achieve. It brings light to civilization.

This has far-reaching implications. For example, when the # 1 imperative is fulfilled, whereby the imperative becomes an active celebration of life, then the entire system of empire that has murdered humanity for millennia, invariably becomes history. 

(05 World empire, is a murderer by design )

Every empire that ever was, has enforced its existence by murdering society in countless ways to maintain its domination, such as by creating conditions for starvation. 

Even now, in modern time, the greatest empire in history that now claims to be the world empire, is a murderer by design. It demands universal murder on a gigantic scale. It demands the rapid depopulation of the Earth from the present 7 billion people, to less than 1 billion. That's a stated policy. The goal of the policy is to re-establish a feudal landscape, the most-stable landscape for an oligarchic system to exist in. The goal is to get back to that. That's officially stated. 

For this policy, 100 million people are murdered every year with the biofuels project that burns food at a rate that had previously nourished 200 to 400 million people. In a starving world, this means mass-murder on a gigantic scale. That's the obvious objective, because the biofuels process is not a net energy producer, or only marginally so at best. And it nearly doubles the CO2 output that it claims to reduce, which renders it a lie. But it is efficient in producing genocide and destroying the humanity of society. 

(06 The ruling oligarchs or priests )

In ancient times the ruling oligarchs or priests required society to actively participate in the murdering of people from their community who had violated the priestly rules. It required a community to throw stones at a victim until the victim would die of the injuries they inflicted. 

(07 Burn food while facing a starving world )

This dehumanizing effect on society is demanded again with the biofuels process as society is demanded to burn food while facing a starving world. 

(08 Celebrating the value of life )

Yes, we are miles off the mark of celebrating the value of life. Every time we go to the gas pump to buy gasoline diluted with food, we step into this vale. We loose bit by bit the essence of our own humanity. We have a choice to resist it and buy undiluted gasoline. The people in the poor countries don't have this choice. There, vast tracts of land that once produced food for human living, are bought up by the West to produce products for biofuels to meet the rich country's quotas. At the gas pump we are literally required to throw stones at victims in far-off lands who we never knew, whom we condemn to die by the millions by our collective actions, aiding the crime that murders potentially 100 million people a year with hunger. Our modern collective crime pales Hitler's holocaust. 

So, one may ask, is the Decalogue too extreme then when it urges us to celebrate life as a precious aspect of the divine nature, the light of civilization? Hardly! The Decalogue is too soft. It is our ignoring it, that has become extreme, extreme in consequences.

(09 The Decalogue presents critical details )

When one looks closer, the entire lower row of the Decalogue presents critical details that are related to the nature of the oligarchic system that maintains itself by controlling, dominating, impoverishing, and destroying the platform of civilization. Each aspect of it is debilitating in the larger context, and is thereby inherently murderous in nature. This combines the entire lower row functionally into one.

(10 Acknowledging an infinite God )

In the same manner the elements on the top row are related. They expand in detail on the challenge that is inherent in acknowledging the nature of an infinite God and man's dynamic being with it. 

For example, pertaining to # 2, when it is acknowledged that God is All in all, it becomes impossible to seek out other gods, such as money, status, power, prestige, fame, and so on.

For # 3, the recognition that God is manifest in life, and at its leading edge in man, it makes it impossible to seek out dead objects that have no value and power in civilization.

For # 4, the recognition that God is infinite Mind, closes the door on small-minded thinking and attitudes that add up to so many tragic denials of God in whom we have our being. Small-minded thinking is one of the poison pills that becomes tragically debilitating in this environment.

For # 5, the recognition that God is the Soul and Substance of all good, inspires a sense of awe for the magnitude and quality of good.

The recognitions are for our benefits, because in them we begin to see and value our own nature reflected. If we fail in these regards, we fail ourselves at the most fundamental level that we would built on. Of course, if we fail in any of these regards, we do so, because there is something spiritually lacking in our understanding of God in whom our being is anchored in all respects.

(11 Checkpoints in understanding God )

Now let's add some more definitions to the 9 key elements that serve as checkpoints for our attainments in understanding God and ourselves with it.

Let's focus on the lower row again. If we fail to develop the active principles that meet various passive demands, then empire rules supreme and wrecks everything, instead of divine Principle being expressed in civilization as the ruling and creative power. 

Without the divine light in the heart, darkness rules, empire rules. The darkness breaks civilization, it even breaks the bonds between people that love has forged, as the imperial philosopher Thomas Hobbes had demanded. The darkness that denies the divine Spirit and so on, as the image of man, breaks economics, science, and makes war. 

Tragically, we see a lot of this today. The fact that we see these tragedies, means that our perception of God is too small, too limited, too incomplete, and in many cases is completely wrong altogether. This also means that when we see the green pest ruling the lower scene, we have work to do on the # 1 issue. The pesky green elements, therefore, cannot really be cleared up individually. They can only be cleared collectively at the # 1 level. If we fail anywhere on the green level, we've got work to do at the #1 level.

For example, we have tried for 50 years to eradicate nuclear war. We have failed. We have failed, because we have failed to recognize the universal divine nature of the human being, and to build on this recognition. We have denied it, instead of cultivating it and developing its essence.

The top row, from 2 to 5 is likewise full of tragic denials. These are the prime denials of the nature of God, which become reflected below in the corresponding denial of the nature of man.

(12 Vertical interrelationship scientifically intentional )

It appears that the vertical interrelationship between the two rows is scientifically intentional. 

For example, in column 3, if we become entangled with dead processes, processes that do not support life, such as the accumulation of 'gold,' or free-trade looting, or financial looting instead of developing an economy with our creative and productive powers by which the divine Spirit fulfills the human needs, then we see no option open to us for a richer life, than to steal what we need. Thereby we break the principle of economics. The 'we' is individual as much as it is collective.

The entire casino orgy of financial derivatives gambling falls into this category, which has become a monster-song with a whopping 1,500 trillion dollars now riding the dice in the financial markets casino. This volume pales the entire world's economic product many times ten-fold. When the gambling orgy is measured in the quadrillions, the game is huge. A small tremor can wreck entire nations with economic collapse. It has done this. It has wrecked Cyprus and many countries of the Euro zone. This game has essentially brought the entire world economy to the breaking point. 

The world has moved so far on this road, away from anything that is rational and human, and divine, that the trumpet is sounded ever-louder for nuclear war and for depopulation instead of rebuilding the creative spirit of humanity. 

From the deep darkness of an empty heart that is devoid of the reflection of divine Soul, envy flows in broad streams, envy that inspires stealing. In this increasing flow of emptiness, the soldiers of this void reach out to war, and wage war. The war here is waged evermore to destroy the good that has been built, and has been created. Nuclear war serves this purpose well, and no other purpose, because it leaves nothing in its wake but a scorched Earth in which no one can live.

It is here, where we find two groups of directives attached to the Decalogue that serve as a warning. One of these urges society to keep the sabbath day holy, and to honour one's father and mother. 

(13 The sabbath day gives one a break from the routine )

The warning is attached to # 5. The two parts of this directive in element 5, are one in essence. The sabbath day gives one a break from the routine of labour with the focus on spiritual and cultural development. To honour ones father and mother goes in line with promoting this critical development. The honouring here, is an honouring of the developed wisdom that years of caring for a family tends to inspire. 

(14 Spiritual development can raise the soul )

What else than spiritual development can raise the soul towards the infinite and block the cultivated madness that allows war and preparations for nuclear war. The world has the destructive force of 500,000 Hiroshimas deployed against itself. This is evidence of a gross lack of spiritual development. The warning that the Decalogue fields is justified thereby. In fact, the warning is largely understated.

(15 President Kennedy was murdered )

Seconds after this photo was taken, President Kennedy was murdered. When the picture was taken the world scene was optimistic and set on a course of universal economic development. Seconds later the President was destroyed by a bullet beyond recovery. In the space of these seconds the world was changed in a manner that it has not recovered from. The conflict that the President had ordered to withdraw from, was escalated into the Vietnam War that raged for a decade. The moon landing mission was terminated. The economy severely damaged. World development was turned into escalating destruction. 

In a nuclear war the world is changed as fast as the Kennedy tragedy unfolded. One moment the world is whole, a moment later it is irreparably doomed. President Kennedy's heart stopped thirty minutes after the trigger was pulled. It takes slightly longer to 'achieve' the same for much of humanity, for which the weapons are actively deployed. This is what we face today because the spiritual development has been lacking to prevent their deployment. That's the warning of the Decalogue. Is anyone listening?

(16 The oligarchic system to block the Principle of Universal Love )

The same type of interrelationship can also be recognized between the two other columns.

Element seven is a cherished one in the oligarchic system. It is designed to block the Principle of Universal Love. Thus, the 17th Century imperial philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, on whom empires were built, demanded that love be kept out of the realm of business, government, state, including everything, except the smallest private domain where it can be tolerated by the masters of empire. He rendered it a capital crime to 'pollute' the works of empires and state with universal love.

In scientific terms, the severe circumcision of love that cuts away over 90% of its power in civilization and throws it away as trash, is a gross adulteration of the nature of divine Love that uplifts and enriches all.

It has been said that when love was banished altogether, civilization would collapse. We are close to that. The massive burning of food, and the policy for the depopulation of the planet to less than 1 billion people, are gross examples of how close we have drifted to the point of collapse of civilization. When love is choked out off the heart we can be sure that God, the All in all Love, the foundation for civilization, has been banished from consciousness.

In the column that combines elements 4 and 9, the masters of empire subject truth to the same 'banishment,' which thereby breaks the power of science. Truth has become displaced with lies, secrecy, slander, deception, coercion, and so on, which essentially banishes God, Mind, from the human universe. In this cultivated small-minded environment, the Ice Age Challenge that now stands before us, cannot be recognized, much less be met. Because of this failure, the infrastructures for continued agriculture will not be built, whereby the whole of humanity may become lost. 

The decapitation of science by cultivated smallness in scientific perception is not easily dealt with, as the tragedy of the Global Warming hoax illustrates. It may have been for this reason that another warning has been attached to the Decalogue.

(17 Disabled science blocks us from meeting the Ice Age Challenge )

The warning has been attached to element # 4. The warning states that if we mess up on this count, the consequences will be suffered by our children to the 4th generation. This appears to be a harsh warning, though justified by the evidence that it seems to take that long to cleanse the landscape of science of disabling concepts, shallow pursuits, and related indoctrinations. In real terms the warning is too soft. If disabled science blocks us from meeting the Ice Age Challenge, the consequences will be suffered to the 4,000th generation, because once the Ice Age begins, the resources are lost that enable us to create an ice age renaissance for our boundless freedom in living.

(18 Our self-extinction in Ice Age or nuclear war )

This means that our future, even our future existence, literally depends on the fulfillment of the First Commandment that impels a fuller and richer recognition of the divine Substance and Intelligence, as the one All-in-all that is reflected as man and the universe. Whenever we break science and make war we gain a glimpse of the consequences of loosing ourselves, our divine nature. In the degree that this loosing ourselves is escalated, we approach our self-extinction either in the coming Ice Age or nuclear war. The Decalogue warns us that the dangers of loosing ourselves are getting evermore severe the farther we go down this path. It also points out the path of healing that gets us back 'home' to our humanity where we ought to be, which is imbedded in the First Commandment.

All forms of healing flow from the substance of the First Commandment in which we find ourselves, becoming recognized, understood, and acknowledged. 

(19 Christ Jesus the greatest healer )

Christ Jesus had been the most accomplished man on this platform. He had been the greatest healer on the spiritual platform of our divine humanity, in the history of the world.

As a healer, Christ Jesus saw the human problems as failures in society's self-recognition, as a lacking in its divine recognition. On this platform, by rebuilding the focus on divine Spirit as the 'heart' of man, he healed everything. We can do so likewise. In fact, we are doing this already, and possibly to a much greater degree than we give ourselves credit for. Without it, we wouldn't have a civilization.

(20 The focus on the divine Spirit is the heart of man )

Without this focus we deny ourselves and one-another. Everything that is precious in the world, that is living, creating, building, discovering, caring, loving, protecting, nurturing, elevating, and so on, is wrapped up in the # 1 focus, the focus on the divine Spirit that is the heart of man, the # 1 imperative, the First Commandment. 

The quality of our civilization, even whether we will continue to have one in the future, depends on the value we place on the # 1 factor, the factor of the First Commandment.

Christ Jesus is said to have emphasised this point when he was asked by a lawyer of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, 'Master, which is the great commandment in the law?' He is reported to have answered, 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.' And he added that this includes the imperative, 'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.' And he added further, that on these two imperatives, which in essence he defined as one, 'hang all the law and the prophets.'

(21 Famous 'Lord's Prayer' focused on the divine Substance )

What he said was evidently not a speech of empty words. He gave to us his famous 'Lord's Prayer' that is focused totally on the divine Substance being the substance of humanity and civilization. He presented the prayer in 4 groups of two elements that are progressive in nature. The first in each group presents an understanding, which is immediately followed by an acknowledgement.

The phrase, 'Our Father which art in heaven,' reflects an understanding, which is acknowledged as, 'Hallowed be Thy name.'

The same applies to the 6 remaining elements. I won't get into more details here.

(22 Video Science of the Lord's Prayer )

I have explored the details of this structure in a separate video with the title, Science of the Lord's Prayer.

(23 The 8 elements of the Lord's Prayer )

I am merely aiming to illustrate here that the structure of the 8 elements of the Lord's Prayer is logically reflected in the essence of the 4 last columns of the Decalogue. 

(24 The Lord's Prayer may have been built onto the Decalogue )

You may agree that the 4 columns of the Lord's Prayer, match in essence the four columns of the Decalogue. You may also agree that the focus of both structures is to gain a fuller and richer apprehension of the nature of God, and of man as a leading-edge expression of God.  

It may well be that the resulting coincidence is intentional, so that the Lord's Prayer may have been built onto the Decalogue, as both structures are scientific instruments for gaining universal freedom - the freedom found in the universal fullness of God.

(25 Decalogue builds up our power to be free from limitation )

Thus the Decalogue was evidently not designed as a platform 'against' something to limit human freedom, but was instead designed as a positive imperative that builds and expands human freedom. Like the Lord's Prayer, the Decalogue builds up our power to be free from limitation, and from small-minded pursuits that are tragically limiting.

Thus the Decalogue stands as a scientific platform to build the type of freedom on, in which the oligarchic system of empire that humanity is presently imprisoned in, to a large degree, falls by the wayside.

This appears to be the prime function that the Decalogue is designed to fulfill, because the system of empire and oligarchy, be it to small degrees or large degrees, individually or collectively, is the counter-pole to the divine reality, like darkness is the absence of light.

With this reasoning we get back to the point that the Decalogue presents a single imperative with nine promises attached that are falsely seen as directives, which are but statements of conditions that we will find when the active imperative is honoured. 

In other words, when the law is fulfilled, one shall not find murder anywhere in the land, and thievery, deception, lies, and so on. The Decalogue also makes plain that its promises remain unfulfilled to the degree to which there is something spiritually lacking in fulfilling the # 1 law, the prime law, the only law, the law that everything depends on, the law which inspires us to understand the power and the greatness and the good that we embody as human beings. It inspires us to acknowledge that murdering is contrary to the nature of man, and stealing, lying, and confiscating.

(26 Financial bail-in confiscates society's bank deposits )

For example, the planned financial bail-in process that confiscates society's bank deposits to pay for the bank's gambling losses, is, like any form of war, totally contrary to the nature of humanity and civilization. Civilization is a system of building, creating, growing, and developing, that reflects the divine qualities. Empire is the opposite system, to the system of civilization. It is devoid of humanity. Oligarchy is a system of confiscating, and of destroying what cannot be confiscated. It is fascism that denies civilization and everything that reflects the divine qualities and characteristics that are manifest throughout the universe.The Decalogue thereby establishes not only the principle of monotheism, meaning the allness of God, Spirit, but with it, it also establishes the only possible foundation that is able to support a civilization of human beings living on this planet.

This may have been understood in ancient times for which the Decalogue was created in the first place.

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