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Followed up with the Income Tax Act

The Assassination of McKinley in 1901 paved the way to the gradual sinking of America. So it was that as soon as the ink was dry on the Federal Reserve Act, the act was followed up with the Income Tax Act that provided the means to pay for the Federal Reserve's ‘profits.’ And as one might expect, it was Woodrow Wilson who signed the Act into law, who was later also the man who brought the USA into World War I in defense of empire, nicely arranged on the basis of lies and deceptions.

Emboldened by its victory in America, the masters of empire prepared the stage for World War I to begin that exploded in the very next year after the Federal Reserve Act had become law. A decade and a half down the road, the USA lay bankrupted on its knees, entering the worst depression in its history, a kind of economic ice age began as it were.

Today, the Federal Reserve still operates, and the depression it has enabled cuts now deeper than ever. Two world wars have passed, and a cold war that still lingers on to some degree, and the Titanic, as a process, still sails on.


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