Transcript for scene 15 of the video " Cosmic-Ray Power" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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The ‘universal kiss’ that fulfills the common aims of mankind

The ‘universal kiss’ that fulfills the common aims of mankind towards building a brighter secure future, brighter and more secure than any that has ever been aimed for, with the greatest challenge along to way to be overcome, is a ‘kiss for the precious’ that humanity is. It is a kiss for what is lodged in all human hearts.

The Ice Age Challenge is of a type that will inspire the ‘universal kiss’ that has so far been left out of all equations. For this reason we will succeed, powered by the Universe itself. And so we will succeed in relegating fascism, war, empire, monetarism, looting, and slavery, into the trashcan of history. This will happen as a secondary issue along the way.


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