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We are the children of the ice ages

In this sense we are the children of the ice ages of the Pleistocene Epoch, the children of a systemic progression that we are contributing to with our own unfolding dynamics. This development epoch will likely increase for another three million years and level out till about ten million years from now. No fiction writer has yet imagined the deep-reaching and powerful fundamental uplift this promises to bring about.

The people who came out the last Ice Age, who saw the beginning of this uplift had built the great pyramids in Egypt, which researchers suggest may have been built as early as 12,800 years ago, contrary to official perception. They are the product of people of extremely advanced skills in geometry, astronomy, and mathematics that became lost during the interglacial cosmic-ray ‘famine.’ The pyramids that the Egyptians had built 4,500 years ago didn’t come anywhere close to matching the quality and design that is inherent in the great Giza pyramids.

Today, society marvels at the ancient’s achievements to the point that many people suggest that the pyramids couldn’t have possibly been built by human beings in primitive times more than 4,000 years ago, so that many suggest that the pyramids had been built by people from outer space. For the same reason doubts are now spreading that suggest that humanity has never set foot on the moon either, that the entire Apollo project was mere theatrics, as they insist that this couldn’t have possibly been done, because such a feat, as they insist, is impossible to do.


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