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A tremendous worldwide population expansion

Astrophysical evidence gleamed from ice-core samples on Greenland suggests that the impact of increased cosmic-ray flux had a much more dramatic impact on humanity’s scientific development than society is presently allowed to imagine.

In times of the historic cold climates that would correspond with increased cosmic-ray flux, a powerful platform for scientific development has apparently been enabled that lead to advanced discoveries of efficient principles for agriculture and the building of more powerful technologies.

During these successive stages of cultural uplift the discoveries were increased and the resulting technologies improved to past a point at which the created scientific and technological power had enabled in society a breakout from the chokehold that ignorance has had on the power of human living.

The evidence suggests that science aided by cosmic-ray conditioning has created a shock front that developed through successive increases in cognitive power. The resulting shock front then suddenly began pushing against empire and its war on humanity. The humanist breakout that resulted caused a tremendous worldwide population expansion from the breakout onward that nothing could restrain any longer nor anything will ever put back into the bottle again. The shock wave created a phase shift.

For six hundred years, since the breakout began, the oligarchy of empire has struggled to hold its ground against the shock front that started ripping through the fabric of fascism, perpetual war, and perpetual stealing that empire depends on. This ripping action still continues. Nor can the now increasing shock-front be resisted. Resistance is futile. The power of the shock front is increasing with the now increasing cosmic nurturing of humanity that has already begun. In the shadow of this increasingly powerful shock front the entire strategic landscape of the world that none of us can likely fully fathom as no historic precedent exist that we could use as a reference point. We are in a boundary zone to an unprecedented world.

Thus, while the shock front keeps on growing and empire keeps crying in its death agony, demanding the depopulation of the world, screaming with grotesque choruses of lies and convoluted lyrics and imaginary apocalyptic tales, their cries and threats and promises of doom for the world are cries into the wind without avail. Against the now increasing shock front resistance truly is futile to the extreme, both for empire and for society. A new wind is blowing.


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