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High-comic-flux epoch spanned the entire range of human history

It is interesting to note in this respect, by going back deeply into geologic history, that the tremendous development of the living processes on earth that eventually, a long way down the line, culminated into the dawn of humanity, did not begin in leaps and bounds until the epoch of the modern deep ice ages had began, named the Pleistocene Epoch, that gave the cognitive and biological development a tremendous boost.

The only comparable deep cooling that appears to have occurred during the last half billion years, occurred around 450 million years ago when the proliferation of life and its complexity on our planet unfolded in leaps and bounds. This interesting linkage between the past and Ďmoderní times seems to suggest that we, humanity, might not have come into existence if it hadnít been for the increased cosmic-ray electric energy that became prevalent only during the modern Ice Age cycles, and not before. The modern high-comic-flux epoch spanned the entire range of human history, in what appears to have been an increasing fashion. It appears to have progressively powered our human development and enabled the development of the amazing complexity of our neurological system and its profound cognitive, even scientific, capabilities.

In this sense we are a product of a profound systemic progression, and an active element of it with a near boundless potential. The long-term astrophysical cycles also indicate that the ongoing systemic progression will become increasingly more intense as the successive Ice Ages will become increasing colder for the next three million years ahead as the two very-long dynamic cycles reach their combined low point.


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