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Large coronal mass ejections

Large coronal mass ejections are therefore healthy for a sun. They occur at their largest when the electric environment around a sun becomes weaker, so that a lower equilibrium needs to be established, as in the case of our Sun during an Ice Age transition period. During the weakening phase the Sun will vent, or eject, large portions of its built-up mass in the form of large solar fairs.

While even the most gigantic of these resulting large mass-ejection events are nevertheless ‘small’ events in the larger context of stellar dynamics, they are large enough to cause enormous effects on earth where the electric force builds up with evermore solar flairs hitting the Earth whereby the ejected storms of solar protons cut deep into the ground. As a result enormous electric stress-forces exist in the ground. When a major solar flair adds another shower to this background, may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


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