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The ‘fog’ of mass consensus

Gang violence is one of the methods used to set aside sanity. Some call it a holiday from sanity. The ganging together enables crimes to be committed that individuals would be prohibited against by their inner humanity. The process of ganging up makes crimes appear legitimate by the ‘fog’ of mass consensus. Rape is an example. It enables individuals to rape, who would never dream of doing so by themselves. When in addition artful advertising, like the one shown here for the 18th Street Gang, gives the gang process an air of legitimacy, then crime itself becomes legitimized thereby in the eyes of the beholder.

The crime becomes deemed OK when it is committed as a ‘coalition of the willing’ who have become free from the constitution of their humanity and the principle of civilization. Nevertheless, the resulting, often indefensible, force amassed by the gang-coalition process does not render the crime for which it is applied any less a crime. In fact it renders the crime more despicable.


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